Sunday, July 09, 2006

Texas CD-22: Tom Delay to Run Again

Democrats are demanding that Tom Delay run in November! Yep, you heard right. They actually want to keep him on the ballot because that will ensure a Democrat victory that would have otherwise have been impossible. The Texas GOP is rightfully claiming that Delay now lives in Virginia and is therefore disqualified from running which enables them to replace his name on the ballot. He even voted in a Virginia primary, a state with the strictest voter ID laws. So it is incontrovertibly clear that he is a Virginia resident, right? Wrong, said a Texas Judge last week. The District judge claims that because he frequently visits Texas and has a house there too, well that means he must be a resident of Texas! Just another example of where the rats cannot win at the ballot box and must seek Judicial intervention to win.

Well, Time Magazine is reporting that Tom Delay, in "red meat conservative" fashion, is planning to rigorously campaign and win back the seat. As for the future, he can resign immediately after holding office and that will prompt a special election in which the outcome would be certaint. The Dems win in the Courts, while we strike back at the ballot box!!

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