Sunday, July 30, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- IAF bombs terrorist city Qana killing 60, the terror loving world is outraged, demands truce, Rice canceled trip to Lebanon and is staying in Israel to apply more pressure, Rice is backing Israel
- IDF officials suspect Hizbollah sabotage in Qana
- The IAF is suspending air campaign for 48 hours to allow investigation of Qana
- The Lebanese PM thanks Hizbollah for their sacrifice - Olmert agrees to allow Jew hating French troops on the border, might consider surrendering Shaba Farms - Over 140 rockets fired today,a single day record, Kiryat Shemona badly hit with several moderately injured including a journalist, at least 50 more wounded, devastating destruction widespread
- IDF retreats from Bint Jabel, opens new front in the Western sector

- IAF spy drone shot down Friday by a Syrian missile

11:00 PM EST: We have been reporting extensively about the active role of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in their assistance of Hizbollah. Well, there are now some more specifics on their involvement. A London based newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat, has confirmed that Iran was directly involved in the attack on the Israeli naval ship during the first week of the war. They also report that the Guards have helped Hizbollah build underground facilities, including command and control rooms which Iranians are operating jointly with Hizbullah terrorists. Hizbollah's missile unit includes some 200 technicians and experts trained in Iran. Hizbollah has three missile units, each supervised by a staff of 20."

8:30 PM EST: Here is a copy of an official statement from the Saudi government threatening Israel with war. This is certainly not a surprise. The real surprise is that last week the Bush administration approved the sale of 5 billion dollars in sales of military hardware, including Appache's and Abrams tanks!! Congress has 30 days to approve this sale. Everyone is requested to call their Congressman and tell them to stop this madness!

5:30 PM EST: Breaking: Israel has agreed to suspend their air campaign for 48 hours so the UN can conduct an investigation of the Qana bombing. This will also give local residents ample time to flee. I really hope that Israel conducts their own investigation.

All readers know by now that I have been critical of Israel's leftist government and Olmert's lack of a decisive stance to eradicate Hizbollah and all of the 6 major terrorist groups. Well, David Warren has a great column in Real Clear Politics that confirms my fears. Read the whole article here.

4:45 PM EST: Rocket update: A total of 150 rockets were fired today, resulting in 69 injuries and widespread damage. In Kiryat Shemonah alone, 98 apartments were damaged from rockets. Inside Lebanon: The IDF attempted to land helicopters in the Bekka valley but came under fire from the Lebanese army. This is no surprise because we have been reporting from day one that the Lebanese army is helping out Hizbollah. In other news the UN is expected to propose another condemnation of Israel and as always, John Bolton will block it.

In Gaza, armed gunmen stormed a UN compound, injuring two in the process. I never understood why they attack their friends?

Column Update: Here is a must read Jeff Jacoby article about how people forget that Hizbollah is our enemy too and has probably killed more Americans than Israelis. Here is another good read from Human Events titled "True Friends of Israel Cannot let Democrats take Power". Also, Powerline blog has a good roundup of the Jew hating reporting that has emanated from the cesspools of the media over the Qana incident that looks like it might have been a set up by Hizbollah.

2:15 PM: Here are some exclusive pictures from the Sunday Herald Sun that show the subhuman tactics of Hizbollah's civilian warfare. NBC won't want to show these pictures on their nightly broadcasts.

1:55 PM EST: One last thought from the Sunday talk shows. Thomas Freedmen was on with Tim Russert today to trash Israel for "continuing" the war, eventhough it is the terrorists who are continuing the war with their rockets. I will not even attempt with the adjectives to describe Freedman because he is the lowest creature on earth. This terrorists loving, American hating, Jewish traitor was put on the screen unopposed to serve as a spokesperson for the "Jewish community" to side with the enemy. This is a typical tactic of the liberal, anti Semitic media. They will never have on right wing Jews like Mort Klein or Charles Krauthammer. They won't even have on the liberal Alan Dershowitz because he is no longer siding with the enemy. He used to be the hero of the liberal media as long as he was trashing Jews. Now that he has repented slightly, he has been completely thrown off the plantation and never receives an invitation for a talk show.

1:40 PM EST: In Lebanon, another 8 Israeli soldiers were lightly to moderately wounded in fighting with Hizbolla. 4 were wounded when their tank was struck by an anti tank missile while they were attempting to evacuate the first casualties. It seems that the evacuation of casualties has been the hardest aspect to the ground war so far. They have taken many casualties over the past week during such rescue attempts. The details of today's operations are not clear yet. I will report on them when more information evolves.

Meanwhile, France and Britain, with the help of the media are playing into the hands of Hizbollah and are demanding that Israel stop the war eventhough Hizbollah is firing rockets at a record pace. No surprise there.

1:15 PM EST: Breaking: Senior IDF officials are not ruling out the possibility that Hizbollah blew up the building in Qana. They say that it is documented that the IAF strike on Qana occurred a little passed midnight and reports of civilian casualties didn't surface until 7 hours later. This is not surprising at all because Hizbollah wants a PR victory and they new that the liberal press is all too happy to comply with them. This is the essence of the term drive-by media that Rush Limbaugh has so eloquently coined. They report about a story based on the statements of the enemy and then while everyone is engrossed in the excitement of the story they run away to the next thing and refuse to stand by and defend their reporting even after the real facts come out.

11:55 AM: INN is confirming our suspicions that Hizbollah hid dozens of rockets between houses in Qana. Olmert need to get a backbone and stop apologizing. Meanwhile, Andrea Mitchell reported a vicious lie on Meet Depressed about Condi Rice being extremely upset with Israel and demanding an immediate cease fire. This cannot be farther from the truth. Even Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, who is the biggest Arabist in the State Dep't said that they will not push for a premature cease fire. Meanwhile, we won't here about the 59 innocent civilians (women and children) injured by these very rockets that the IDF is trying to take out. They also seem to have placed the Seattle muslim shooting of 6 women on the back burner for today.

11:30 AM EST: The rocket attacks are continuing throughout the north, including in Haifa and Akko. There have now been over 140 rockets fired into Israel since early this morning, the most in any single day. Meanwhile, the liberal drive-by media, in their most anti-Semitic coverage since Joseph Gobbels, has ignored the fact that the rocket attacks are continuing even while these nuckleheads are demanding a one sided Israeli cease fire. All of the Sunday morning outlets from Deface the Nation to Meet the Depressed continue to serve as a mouthpiece for Hizbollah by disseminating their murderous propaganda. They refuse to mention the fact that Hizbollah is setting up roadblocks to prevent the migration of civilians away from the war zone. They decline to report that the Lebanese government are accomplices to the murder by not helping their citizens leave and assist Israel's disarming of Hizbollah. In fact, as we have been reporting, the Lebanese PM has even praised Hizbollah and offered military assistance. Even today, while the verminous media was praising the Lebanese government, the Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Sniora thanked Hizbullah Sunday for its "sacrifices" in its war against Israel. "We thank the chairman of Hizbullah for his efforts," he said, referring to Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah. "I want to thank all those who sacrificed their lives for our independence and sovereignty in Lebanon."

Tim Russert even showed a map of Israeli airstikes throughout Lebanon (published by no other than the Lebanese government) and blamed Israel for attacking the north. He failed to inform his audience that after 25 years of Hizbollah occupation they are obviously spread out all over every inch of that country. I guess this is too much for a liberal Jew hater to understand.

Most of all, these sewer rats fail to mention that their reporting of these events are the very reason why the terrorists use civilians as human shields. They know that the liberals will broadcast their cause around the world and stir up hatred for Israel and Jews. Thus, the liberal media is the root cause for civilian deaths both in Israel and Lebanon. Without their presence in Lebanon, Hizbollah would have no purpose of blocking civilians from leaving.

10:00 AM EST: Rockets are now causing raging fires across the north. Thankfully, it appears that Rice is not giving in to the European Jew haters demand for Israel to stop their defense. She said the usual things about the regret of loss of life, but clearly stopped short of demanding a cease fire.

9:40 AM EST: Seattle update: It turns out that the Seattle Muslim killer, Mian Haq, and his father, both work at the Hanford nuclear reservation, as do many members of the area's Muslim community. Where in the world are the Feds?? What is it going to take for these clowns to realize that fighting terrorists abroad is worthless if you don't deal with the real threat which is the domestic Islamofacist movement? Instead, they employ them at nuclear facilities!

9:25 AM: Condi Rice is currently meeting with Olmert for a second time before returning to Washington tomorrow. I really hope that she will pressure Olmert to wipe out Hizbollah and all of the Syrian terrorists because if she doesn't force the issue, Olmert certainly won't. I certainly hope that she won't give into the world's liberal anti semitism that is now forcing Israel to commit suicide after the bombing of a terrorist rocket launching site in Qana. This facility was clearly filled with terrorists and human shields. Israel has beenhesitantt to go after these sites eventhough they are destroying Israel for every minute that they are not taken out. No other country would have gone through so much trouble and incur such losses just to avoid civilian casualties mixed in with many terrorists.

Its sickening how the liberal vermin media is being used as a lying mouthpiece for the scum of the earth terrorists to stir up anti semitism throughout the world. I have no doubt that the attack on the Jewish Federation in Seattle was stirred up by the vicious lies of the liberal media that drove this Islamonazi to attack a crowd of all women. Where else did this terrorist get his news from that outraged him so much?

Meanwhile, at least some right wing members of Knesset are speaking out. MK Eldad slammed Olmert's consideration of ceding Shaba Farms to the terrorists. He said that this "would be the most shameful concession to date", and that is saying a lot. Also, MK Eitam demanded that the IDF take control of all land south of the Latani, the only sane and rational plan which we have been advocating since day one of this war.

9:00 AM EST: Rockets continue to pound Kiryat Shemona. One person was moderately to seriously injured when a rocket scored a direct hit on his home. Also. a Haaretz reporter was moderately wounded by shrapnel from a katyusha. Over 100 rockets have been fired today and at least 57 were injured.

7:10 AM EST: More than 80 rockets were fired into Israel so far this Sunday. 6 people were injured and 30 were treated for shock in Akko and Kiryat Shemona and there was widespread damage during the morning hours in Israel. In the south, another barrage of kassams hit Sderot, with one scoring a direct hit on a factory. One woman was moderately injured.

In Lebanon, the IDF is now operating in the western secttor of the border after retreating from the center. There was some heavy fighting in the morning hours which resulted in 3 soldiers being wounded, one of them moderately. At least three terrorists were killed, in addition to which IDF troops discovered large weapons caches, a Katyusha rocket launcher, 10 RPG missiles, an artillery cannon, and 18 shells. Fourteen other rockets, explosives, IDF uniforms, and an instruction manual for anti-tank missiles were also discovered. Also, Hizbollah terrorists attempted yet another infiltration of Israel, but were immediately intercepted and killed. Also, another suicide bomber was caught in Samaria before he was able to carry out his mission.

Its in light of all these murderous attacks that I will report on the Qana incident. In the early morning hours of Sunday, the IAF bombed Qana, Lebanon because there have been hundreds of rockets fired from that city. The air strike collapsed a building resulting in about 50-60 deaths. The drive-by media is already all over this by using their key catch phrase of "killing children". Obviously, the whole Jew hating world is jumping up and down to try to end the war. What they don't say is that the IDF issued numerous warnings for everyone to leave the city because it was being used to destroy Israeli towns. It was obviously bad enough even for the ultra leftist Olmert to act. So Hizbollah is playing this cowardly game of claiming the death of many civilians eventhough almost anyone left in such a city is a terrorist.

Condi Rice has cancelled her trip to Lebanon after she was told by their PM to stay out. She has decided to stay in Israel today to work out a defeatest retreat from the war with an all too complient Olmert.

12:30 AM EST: It's now early morning in Israel and once again they are under an intense rocket attack throughout the north. Yesterday, over 100 more rockets were fired, causing extensive damage. Hospitals in Nahariya and Akko were hit, but thankfully they were already evacuated. 6 people were injured in Ma'alot and Tiberias. Update: 25 rockets were fired into Kiryat Shemona in less than an hour on Sunday morning. There was a lot of damage reported but no casualties because the city is evacuated.
Well, a terrorist group of Islamonazis have succeeded in destroying a third of their country and are threatening to go farther and what are we hearing out of Jerusalem?! More bad news! It appears that the ultra leftist traitor PM Olmert has agreed to allow the French to patrol their own border! After meeting with Condi Rice on Saturday, they agreed to propose a cease fire to the UN criminal council that will call for French troops on the border! This is not a parody, they are actually placing the biggest Jew haters in the world on their border to help Hizbollah kill Israelis. This is not even the half of it. Israel might also agree to give up control of the Shaba Farms area of the Golan in return for this "favor" of the international community?! This is the epitome of an Orwellian situation.

So Hizbollah is just getting started and Israel is already talking about surrendering? Wait, it gets even worse. After 7 more soldiers were wounded in Bint Jabel yesterday, the IDF has announced that the operation there is complete and they are now withdrawing! So after taking so many casualties to capture this stronghold they are now retreating and inviting Hizbollah back in? They are no longer demanding the destruction of Hizbollah, just the deployment of French troops to protect them. This is mind boggling! Here is a WND report on an Israeli intelligence official who articulates some of my criticisms of their current policies.

In more bad news, Debka is now reporting that the IDF spy drone that crashed in Lebanon on Friday was shot down by a Syrian air defense missile. The IAF has been bombing some rocket and weaponst truckload in ruete from Damascus once they have crossed into Lebanon. However, Syria continues to successfully transport numerous weapons and supplies without fear of punishment. They evidently shot down the drone because it has been used to target this truckload for destruction. This Syrian attack enabled them to send more supplies over the border without observation. This is what happens when the Israeli cabinet announces that they will not dare attack Syria and beg them not to enter the war eventhough they have been in the war for years by supplying and harboring all 6 major terrorist organizations that kill Israelis. Go Figure!

In other news, a top Islamic Jihad terrorist was killed in Nablus on saturday. The problem is that if Israel refuses to go after their roots in Damascus then these operations are all worthless. Also, remember the Israeli civilian that was killed and burned in Samaria on Friday? Well, that is now confirmed to be the act of Fatah terrorists. This is Abbas's terror group to which Olmert and Rice want to grant a recognized state!
Another Saturday story was that a second UNIFIL post was hit in an IAF strike resulting in two injuries. There is no doubt that they were helping the enemy.

As for the Islamonazi attack on a Jewish Federation in Seattle, I don't have any more information than you already know. I will be covering this more over the next few days. I just have two question. What more needs to happen before the Feds get serious about the threat from the religion of piss within our borders? Will Jewish liberals finally get serious about combating the Islamonazi attacks and stop befriending them instead of attacking Christian conservatives who are their biggest friends?

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