Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Islamofacists in the Heart of America?

Most people associate the presence of the subhuman islamofacist vermin with the caves and deserts of some backwards MiddleEastern country. Well, we must wake up and smell the Arab armpit and realize that there are scores of them in our very midst. We know for a fact that there are members of Islamic communities in this country with ties to Int'l terror groups. The Detroit Free Press reports today on a suspected Hizballah cell in Dearborn, Michigan, a Muslim stronghold:

"Prosecutors have tried to link at least 29 metro Detroit men with
Hizballah over the past three years, according to a review of court records and
interviews with attorneys."

Fortunately, they report on some welcome news of government vigilance. An FBI office in the heart of Dearborn! That's the spirit!!
"The FBI in Detroit says Hizballah has a presence in Michigan, and the
bureau has set up a division to investigate the Shi'ite Muslim group. In recent
cases, federal agents are looking at ties to Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah,
a Shi'ite Muslim cleric in Lebanon who the U.S. government says is a Hizballah
leader. The FBI in Detroit also has divisions that investigate Hamas and Al
Qaeda, but those terrorist groups are not cited as often as Hizballah in local

"We direct a fair amount of resources to investigating" Hizballah, said
Daniel Roberts, special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit office. "We have an
entire squad of agents and police officers who are focused solely on the
Hizballah terrorist organization here in Michigan."
The FBI's Roberts said
anyone with links to Fadlallah is of interest, but he added that the bureau is
not going after everyone who has met the cleric. "It goes deeper than just a
casual meeting," Roberts said in May."

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