Monday, July 10, 2006

Breaking News From Israel

Rockets launched from central Israel.

We have been reporting about the hourly bombardment of rockets fired from the Gaza into southern Israel. Now there are confirmed reports that the Arabs have launched rockets from within the central Israel district of Samaria! The launch failed, but is a profound development in that it is now undeniable that Hamas has rockets inside the West bank. This now places every major Israeli city within range of Kassam rockets. This is clearly the result of Israel's retreat from northern Samaria last summer.
Certainty Mr. Olmert is planning a relentless campaign to retake the holy land and annihilate the terrorists, right?? Well, not in the ultra leftist dream world of PM Olmert. He announced last night that he has no desire to topple the Hamas regime!! Worse yet, he was quoted as saying that the Arab attacks will not deter him from retreating from more strategic land and expelling more Israelis from their homeland!!! Unbelievable! You tell Hamas, "listen, if you keep up these attacks we'll show you! We will throw out terror victims and give their land to you. Take that!" Tell me that liberalism is not a mental disorder?? Olmert declared:
"I haven't changed my basic commitment to the realignment plan," the prime
minister said, adding that he was "absolutely determined to ultimately separate
from the Palestinians."

Fool! You just separated from them in Gaza and they are showing you that they will persue you with tunnels and rockets!

In other news, the liberals have been planning a gay parade in Jerusalem! The good news is that right wing members of Kenneset will be submitting 7 no-confidence motions in Olmert's leftists government. INN has the details here. Click here to sign an online petition against the parade.

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