Friday, July 07, 2006

RMC Exclusive Israel Report (updated)

Last Year, the Israeli leftists under the leadership of Olmert and Sharon sold us the big lie that the deportation/retreat from Gaza will create more stability for Israel. Well, amidst the barrage of rockets that we have been reporting on, a former Jewish resident of Gaza who was deported and sacrificed on the false alter of piece, was injured from one that was launched out of the very community that he once resided in!! Outrageous! INN has the scoop.

Caroline Glick just published her must read supposed column titled How Olmert Justifies failure. Here is a "red meat" excerpt:
"Prime Minister he'd Olmert's secret visit to Sderot Tuesday morning was met
with snorts of disgusted laughter. When the prime minister of Israel treats a
visit to a city in Israel as a military secret on the order of an American
presidential visit to Baghdad, the message he sends is clear: Israel's
withdrawal from Gaza last summer was a national security disaster - and he knows
Olmert said he hid his plan to visit Sderot because he didn't want to
give the Palestinian Authority a special reason to launch rockets against the
city. That statement, like the government's decision to retake the destroyed
communities of Dugit, Elei Sinai and Nisanit in a bid to halt the Palestinian
rocket offensive, is a clear admission that the IDF is incapable of defending
southern Israel from outside the Gaza Strip.
That is, it is a clear
admission that the government lied last year when it said the IDF was in Gaza
just to "protect the settlers." If anything, the Gaza settlers, by providing a
friendly base of operations, protected the IDF. And just as opponents of the
retreat warned, the removal of both endangered Israel's national security.
So now that the consequences of last year's retreat are clear, how is the
Olmert government defending its goal of compounding the failure 20-fold in
Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem?"

There is nobody who has been more on target in their Israel reporting than Ms. Glick. Read the whole column here.
World Net Daily has a comprehensive roundup on the security disasters of Olmert's policies. Here is a great quote from former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon, who was fired by Sharon for declining to support his Gaza retreat:

Yaalon announced, "There is no doubt the [Gaza] disengagement failed. It
brought about the Hamas victory. It emboldened terror groups. It has fuelled the
Palestinian struggle for years. It created a feeling among the Iranians, the
Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida that Israel can be beaten, that Israel is a
society of spider webs.
"When the steps are withdrawal after withdrawal
after withdrawal, we convey weakness. And he who conveys weakness in the Middle
East is like a weak animal in nature: he comes under attack."

Update: Even in light of Israel's inept response, the pro islamofacist State Department is still compaining. Read the full story here. JPost has the quote here:
"But we also urge the Israeli government to ensure that innocent civilians are not harmed, to exercise restraint and to refrain from adversely affecting the Palestinian humanitarian situation."
Kofi Anan throws his Jew hating panties into the ring of condemnation too.
Has there ever been a repressive group that the State Dep. and UN haven't tried to appease?
Saturday Roundup: The Hamas scum call for a "cease fire", but still refuse to return the soldier. Meanwhile they are still preparing suicide bombers, digging tunnels into Israel, and launching rockets on an hourly basis. has the full details plus video footage of the rocket attacks. This is the epitome of a Palestinian cease fire. They need time to resupply their arsenals so they declare a cease fire to attract the sympathies of the world liberals.

Unfortunately, as we have been reporting, Israel has its share of liberals too. INN is reporting that Yossi Beilin, a member of an ultra-leftist party is calling upon Israel to agree to the "cease fire"! Even worse, a former Arab member of Israel's parliament expressed pride in the terrorists bombings and rocket attacks on civilians!!! Why don't they expel the Arab party immediately?? Because liberalism is a mental disorder!! They tolerate the intolerant under the auspices of tolerance.
Sunday Morning Update: Hamas launches more than 20 rockets. Four injuries are reported in Sderot along with structural damage.
Also, Current Arab member of Kenneset admits to having advised the Palestinians to kidnap soldier!! INN has all the details here:
"Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on
the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists
to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers"
For anyone who needed more proof that Israel is overrun by liberal maniacs who tolerate terrorists in their midst here it is!! Here is what Taha told the terrorists:
"We told them more than once that the Palestinians, who are subjected to
murder and ongoing crimes on the part of the Israeli army, have two options: One
is to explode and kill civilians - and these are much easier operations. The
second option is the military option, in the framework of which a military unit
from the resistance [i.e., terrorist infrastructures - ed.] is established in
order to break into a military camp, clash with the soldiers and battle them and
take them and the conquest into captivity."
Meanwhile, two more rockets were fired at Ashkelon. Here are some exclusive photos of the Gaza operation from

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