Monday, July 10, 2006

Editorial: Contrasting the Two Parties

There is actually something that we can learn from the Democrats!! One has to admire their ruthless and unswerving tactics in their pursuit to advance their pacifist and socialist agenda. They are simply uncompromising. Joe Lieberman, who was their former VP nominee and has a solid liberal voting record (8% ACU rating in 05' and 0% in both 03'and 04'), is now being thrown overboard by the party leadership for one dissenting view that doesn't even have any voting ramifications. Most of the party bigwigs are remaining neutral between him and his challenger, Lamont, while some are actively supporting Lamont. Lieberman is definitely not receiving any financial support from the Democratic Senatorial Committee (DNSC).

Conversely, on the other side of the aisle, the Republicans have numerous members who dissent on a variety of issues that have voting ramifications. They constantly work to undermine the party platform. In fact, there are so many dissenters on such a variety of issues that the Republican majority in the Senate has ostensibly been rendered irrelevant. These RINO's come from both blue and red states.

There is one RINO, however, who stands out from the pack. Most of the liberal or moderate Republicans retain at least a few core values that can identify them as Republicans, but not Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. He has voted against every single Republican domestic policy bill to such an extent that he received a 12% rating from the American Conservative Union for 05'. This is the same number that Clinton, Boxer, and Feinstein had received that year! He was the only Republican to vote against Alito. Furthermore, he is so vociferously opposed to the Iraq war that he voted with only 12 Democrats to retreat immediately. Chafee is even pro Palestinian. He publicly declared that he did not vote for the President (a moderate Republican) in 04' and has been recorded as saying that he will not rule out support for censuring Bush! You heard right. He is not only a liberal Republican, but part of the extreme left wing of the Democrat party. He is certainty nothing close to what Lieberman is for the Democrats.

One would therefore expect the Republican leadership to rigorously seek the defeat of this traitor with ten times as much resolve as the Democrats have invested in the defeat of Leiberman. Well, not only is the NRSC abstaining fron supporting the conservative challenger, Steve Laffy. They are actively running campaign ads attacking him! The Republican Senatorial Committee is pumping in thousands of dollars into the reelection of a Feingold style liberal when these funds could be used for the defense of Rick Santorum and other competitive Senate races. Even worse, Laura Bush is actively campaigning for Chafee. That's right! He's the same man who wants to censure her husband.

Is there nobody who they will not accept into the ranks of their party? They tolerate McCain, Graham, Hagel, Collins, Snowe, Specter, DeWine, Voinovich, and many others. But Chafee??!! If the Republicans would hold their members to the same standard as the Democrats do with their members, there would only be ten Senators remaining. They are constantly capitulating to the Democrat minority on issue after issue and adopting their agenda. If only they would adopt the political tactics of the Democrats too, then we would have a conservative majority.

Over the years, I have noticed an ironic and uncanny contrast between the two parties. The Republicans stand for decisive justice and unrelenting pursuit of America's enemies, but engage in endless "pacifism" and compromise in their politics. The Democrats, on the other hand, advocate surrender and pacifism but employ the most aggressive and uncompromising tactics to achieve their political goals. Through all the compromising that the Republicans have done to accept Democrat policies, unfortunately, this is one "policy" that the Republicans have never accepted.


Kathy said...

There is an important difference, Daniel. Chafee is in a blue state. Lieberman is too.

We went after Daschle in a red state and won.

Daniel said...

Yes we definately must go after red state RINO's before bluse staters. However, Chafee is an exception. He is on par with the far left wing of the Democrat party and retains absolutely no Republican identity. He must be thrown out of the party. Even if a Dem wins in RI it will not be a loss. In fact, it is very possible that he can be slightly to the right of Chafee who would censure the President.