Friday, July 07, 2006

Illegal Immigration Roundup

Mexican Presidential Election:
Filipe Calderon was officially declared the winner of the Mexican Presidential election yesterday. Many conservatives are expressing joy at the fact that a "right wing" candidate defeated the socialist candidate Obrador. Ironically, I was rooting for the Commie!

The biggest problem with the border situation is Bush's close relationship with Vincente Fox, the man who openly calls for the obliteration of our southern border and actively sends his troops to help the aliens cross. Thus, as long as a "friend" is in charge of Mexico Bush will refuse to seriously close the border. We all remember when Bush called Fox right before his televised address on the border to inform him "not to worry". My rationale is that had the leftist loon become leader of Mexico, Bush would have be hard pressed to continue his collaboration with the efforts of the Mexican government to flood the border. This guy is simply too anti-American. Bush would be forced to militarize the border. Calderon, on the other hand, is the successor to Fox as the leader of the PAN party, and as we already know, its anything but right wing. My concern is that he will be treated as a legitimate partner who will continue the "friendship" with Bush while demanding open borders. Well, it appears that my fears are legitimate. Wizbang blog reports:

"With regard to the border issue, Calderon also seems interested in working
with President Bush, rather than against him. In a recent campaign stop,
Calderon asserted "How many of you have family in the United States?" Calderón
asks a crowd of thousands Saturday evening. Nearly every hand goes up. "I have a
cousin and brother-in-law there too," admits Calderón. "Our fathers, sons,
sisters ... we need to bring them back here," he says.
But Calderon also
expects the U.S. to help Mexico's infrastructure, saying "I will remain firm in
demanding fair rights for Mexicans in the US," stresses Calderón. "If we build
one kilometer of road here it will be better than 10 kilometers of a fence along
the border."

Calderon has just made it undeniably clear that sometimes it is better to have a socialist neighbor than a fraudulent "right wing" leader.
Update: Less than 24 hours after taking office "right wing" Calderon opposes border wall. Read this Washington Post article for more details.
Saturday News: We have been reporting about Carl Rove's upcoming speech on Tuesday at the racist, anti-American La Raza conference.They are nothing but the Klan with a tan. Well, Clinton took his turn selling out American today. He went on to praise Bush at the conference:

"I'm proud of him for doing it and I thanked him for doing it," he said of
Bush during a "Cafe con Clinton" breakfast speech to the annual conference of
the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights
advocacy group.

When Slick Willy is on Bush's side then you know that something is seriously wrong.

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