Saturday, March 13, 2010

AIPAC, an Arm of the Democrat Party

In light of the recent jihad that the Obama administration has waged against Israeli sovereignty, one would expect to hear sharp condemnation from AIPAC. After all, they claim to be the largest pro Israel lobby in D.C. Well, it turns out that when it comes to responding to the reprehensible comments of Biden, Clinton, and George Mitchell, they are surprisingly speechless. Last week, Biden tore into Israel for building homes in Jerusalem simply because they are Jewish. He had nothing to say about the illegal terrorist construction of homes in Israel, yet he had the gall to criticize Israel at an Israeli university for not surrendering more to Obama's jihadi friends. A few days later, Hilliary Clinton and George Mitchell called Prime Minister Netanyahu and demanded that they cease construction or else.. This comes just a few weeks after Democrat Congressman Brian Baird demanded that Israel open up their border with Gaze so the terrorists can move more freely.

This brings me back to AIPAC. One would expect to see a full condemnation of the Democrats and the Osama administration front and center on their website. Amazingly enough, their top posting on their front page is titled, "Biden: The U.S. has no Better Friend than Israel". Unbelievable! They totally cover up Biden's pro jihadi tirade against Israel that every major international media outlet has reported about extensively. Their next posting announces, "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Speak at Policy Conference 2010". There is no mention of her 45 minute rant to Netanyahu in which she threatened serious consequences. It therefore begs the question; how can the largest "pro Israel" organization remain silent in light of the administration's war on Israel?

The answer is quite simple. AIPAC associates are liberal democrats first, pro democracy and Israel second. They will never utter a critical word against their sacred Democrat friends. Compare the response of AIPAC to the lead article at Human Events and you will see who the true defenders of Israel and freedom across the world are. As the administration cries over the "palestinian" terrorists, while ignoring the plight of the Nigerian Christians being slaughtered by Obama's Muslim brothers, conservatives stand strong. Liberal organizations like AIPAC are political cowards.

By the way, have you heard from the Anti Defamation League in recent days? I guess they only condemn those who promote Israel's sovereignty like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh!