Monday, July 31, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel Under Siege

(This post will be updated throughout the day as we continue our focus on Israel at war)
- Security cabinet gives the go ahead for expanded ground operations
- Basher Assad preparing Syria for war
- Bush reaffirms his backing of Israel, Olmert rejects any cease fire
- IAF targeted a road near Syria to stop weapons smuggling breaking the fake cease fire, a Lebanese soldier was killed
- More ground battles in the central sector of the border
- A synagogue in Sydney was vandalized by Muslims

- Hizbollah has only fired a few mortars so far, no katyushas

10:50 PM EST: On the American front Senator Chuck Hagel (RINO-Neb.) has joined the other two RINO's Warner and Chafee in trashing Israel. He commented on the Senate floor that"the sickening slaughter on both sides must end and it must end now". Hagel went on to criticize Bush for declining to call for a cease fire and endangering "America's image" in the Arab world. He said, "Our relationship with Israel is special and historic, but it need not and cannot be at the expense of our Arab and Muslim relationships. That is an irresponsible and dangerous false choice." All conservatives must question the fact that we have such a RINO squatting on such a red state? Even most Democrats aren't expressing such moral equivalence, at least not in public. This radically open borders, anti-war RINO is up for election in two years and must be shown the door by conservatives.

9:15 PM EST: The big news of the hour is that Olmert's security cabinet finally voted to let the IDF win and expand the ground operation. All members voted for the ground war except for one. This is a clear sign that Bush's Miami speech today was a green light to finally fight terror properly. It appears that Olmert needed the extra kick in the pants. Immediately after the decision, there were reports of airstrikes deep inside of Lebanon. This is what needed to happen and now we are in business. Five brigade-level commands - more than twice the number of forces operating in the area thus far - will operate in southern Lebanon. The IDF also suggested other far-reaching moves to the cabinet last night, including the deployment of reserve force.

It also appears that Syria is getting ready for the coming ground war. Earlier we reported that Syria detonated a bomb close to the Golan border. Debka has some more details: "Syrian president put defense minister Gen. Hassan Turkemeni in charge of military assistance to Hizballah. He also instructed chief of staff Gen. Ali Habib to personally oversee Syrian-Iranian cooperation for military consignments to Hizballah. In his order of the day to the Syrian army, Bashar Assad wrote: I call on all units, divisions, brigades and battalions to redouble their training efforts and maintain a high state of readiness. Remember that every drop of sweat you invest in training will save a drop of blood when the time comes. He added: Threats from the masters of the world (US and Israel) telling us to beware will not divert us from our path.

The IDF has already confirmed that they have killed two terrorists with ties to Syria. Jihad Atayeh, head logistic officer for Hizbullah in southern Lebanon and one of the planners of the cross-border attack in 2000 during which three IDF soldiers were kidnapped; and Nur Shilhav, responsible for coordinating the smuggling of weapons from Syria into Lebanon.

Debka is further reporting that Iranian officials are disappointed with Hizbollah's weak performance in successfully inflicting more casualties on the Israelis. They say that Iran, therefore plans to send Hizbollah longer range missiles with heavier payloads that will possibly be launched from near the Syrian border. This would make it more difficult for the IAF to destroy them without risking a Syrian response. This was supposedly the subject of the meeting between the French and Iranian FM's in Beirut. I haven't seen this report confirmed anywhere else, but if its true then bring it on!

Meanwhile, Hizbollah has renewed the rocket attacks late Monday night after a day of quiet. There were no reported casualties.

4:15 PM EST: The Iranian FM announced today that he plans to meet with his French counterpart in Beirut. Imagine the Nazi Foreign Minister announcing his meeting with another government? How would that reflect upon the other nation?

3:10 PM: As we have been reporting, there have been daily terror attacks inside of Israel. Well today, an Arab terrorist has opened fire on a car in Samaria. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

2:45 PM EST: Israeli media is now reporting that a land mine exploded just over the Israeli Syrian border yesterday. They are all saying that this is another attempt by Hizbollah to drag Syria into the war. I disagree with their premise. We have been reporting for days that Syria is already arming Hizbollah and sending special forces to assist them. Syria and Iran are Hizbollah! They have already attacked Israel numerous times. It is Israel that has yet to admit that they are also at war with Syria.

2:25 PM EST: Bibi Netanyahu was just on with Rush Limbaugh in a rare one on one interview. He spoke with his usual gifted articulation about the need to have moral clarity about this war and not to back down until Hizbollah is destroyed. Rush tried to press him about Olmert's leftist policies on the ground in Lebanon. Bibi skirted the question by saying that he doesn't want to undermine his government in middle of a war, but he added "I hope that we will have the same moral clarity that the Americans have". You have to admire him for declining from criticizing his government while speaking to a foreign media outlet. If only the Democrats would do the same! He went on to say that Americans share with the Israelis a real understanding of the terror threat, but the western Europeans don't have the morality to understand Israel's situation. After the interview, Rush hinted to the fact that it would be better for Netanyahu to be PM over Olmert. He said, "it wouldn't be a bad thing if he would lead that country again".

1:15 PM EST: Olmert delivered another public speech today. He said, "no state would put up with murderous attacks like those we have faced". This is something that I can finally agree with. Update: Olmert has rejected any ceasefire and is warning that there will be no short ending of this war.

Meanwhile, the big news of the day is that although there are many Hamas rockets being fired in the south, no more rockets were launched in the north. The IDF is claiming that although there are still thousands of rockets at large, Hizbollah only has a few remaining launchers. I'm not so optimistic because they have said this before during the past few days. We will see in the coming days if this lull in the rocket attacks was just a strategic move or a sign of weakness and depletion. There are also reports being circulated by Hizbollah that an Israeli naval ship has been struck, but the IDF is denying it. More details to come.

12:15 PM EST: Once again Rush Limbaugh is on the money. He said, "These Hizbollah guys disguised as rescue workers are parading around the dead bodies of children for our". Apparently the only thing more valuable than dead Jewish children to militant Islam is dead Muslim children." He also blasted the Israeli leftists and the administration for talking about this "sustainable cease fire" nonsense. There is no such thing as a cease fire with these people. He expressed his disappointment with Israel for not obliterating Hizbollah and threatening Syria/Iran. He makes it official that Olmert is a liberal lawyer that has been overruling IDF requests to eradicate Hizbollah. But he did praise his recent speech categorically rejecting a cease fire. In regard to the media, "Israel has replaced Bush as the number one target of the drive-by media."

11:15 AM EST: Great news! The UN just postponed debate over the establishment of a multi-national pro terrorist force to quell the violence in Lebanon.

10:30 AM EST: The President just delivered a speech in Miami where he categorically supported Israel's operation and made no mention of Israel bombing Qana at all. He just made a passing reference to the tragedy of civilian casualties. There was absolutely no pressure of an immediate cease fire and unlike Rice he demanded that the captured soldiers be returned. It is therefore blatantly clear that any retreat of the IDF in the coming days will be the result of the lack of leadership in Israel and not from American pressure.

Meanwhile, the IDF has confirmed that the rockets fired at Kiryat Shemona earlier were mortars and not Katyushas. Since the early morning, there have been no more rockets fired into Israel. I seriously fear that they are utilizing Israel's incompetent decision to suspend their aerial campaign to regroup and resupply. In the meantime, they will also receive brownie points for stopping the rockets. This is the true meaning of an Arab "cease fire".

8:30 AM EST: Column Update: Here is a great Washington Times editorial detailing all of the facts that the liberal media has overlooked in regard to the Qana bombing yesterday. Ben Stein has a short and sweet piece in the American Spectator about the weakness of Israel and the west during a time of war. Also, David Horowitz elaborates on this same theme of the lackluster efforts of the west to defeat Islamofacism.

8:15 AM EST: Well, we knew that the ball was in Hizbollah's court. They have rejected Rice's plan for a cease fire. This means that they feel they can get away with more murder before stopping the rockets and resupplying for next time. They also perceive that they can pull off more attacks without facing the prospect of full annihilation, so they want to capitalize on their opportunity. Meanwhile, they have started the rocket attacks on Kiryat Shemona again. However, there is another important aspect to this. The official rejection of the plan was done by the Lebanese government. Their President stated that Hizbollah's victory is our victory. So if the Lebanese government admits that they are at war with Israel then why doesn't Israel declare war on Lebanon itself and make the war less complex?! Because liberalism is a mental disorder!

On the ground in Lebanon: The IDF destroyed the rocket launcher in the village of Taibe that had fired on Kiryat Shemona. It appears that this has become the new front for the ground battles after Bint Jabel. Taibe is one of the three villages where 6 Israeli soldiers were injured, 4 Hizballah killed, in a ground operation to destroy Hizballah firing positions. Aircraft and helicopter cover was also provided Israeli ground forces fighting Hizballah in those three villages. Another contingent of Israeli armored infantry and tanks is heading into the Eastern Sector of south Lebanon along the road from Metullah to al Khiam.

6:40 AM EST: There has been a terror alert in Haifa for the past hour but it has just been lifted. It appears that the police have apprehended the two would be attackers.

Bibi Netanyahu addressed the Knesset and urged the government to continue the destruction of Hizbollah so as not to leave them in tact for more trouble. In his typically clear articulation he spelled out all of the concerns that we have been reporting on. He even turned to the traitorous Arab MK's and said, "When missiles were falling, when an (Israeli) grandmother and her granddaughter were murdered, I didn't hear you". At this point the big question is will Bibi finally stand up and take action to pressure Olmert to stop this suicidal madness, or will he continue to be a fraud by delivering good orations and declining to take any action?

6:15 AM EST: Several Kassams landed in the Negev, resulting in some damage. There were no reports of rocket attacks in the north so far.

The big news overnight was that Cond Rice delivered a speech in the early morning hours Jerusalem time, outlining a plan for a cease fire. She is urging UN action this week but left it kind of ambiguous without any definitive deadline. According to Rice, the deal should include the deployment of an international armed force in southern Lebanon under the control and in conjunction with the Lebanese Armed Forces; the disarmament of terrorist groups; and the deployment of LAF on the Syrian border so as to prevent the transfer of weapons to terrorist groups from that country. She made no metion of the captured soldiers.

It is unclear as to what Israel's plan is for the next few days, but it doesn't look good. If they leave Hizbollah intact without disarming and killing them and without exacting any retribution on Syria and Iran, then this will be considered a tremendous victory for all those parties. This will allow them to regroup so that they can plan even deadlier attacks next time. So far Hizbollah has only shot 4 rockets today which might indicate that they have had enough for now and will use this as an opportunity to regroup. If I were them, I would agree to the "cease fire" and be lauded as a hero in the eyes of the Arab world. They need time to resupply for the next time anyway. The international force, especially if as it seems will consist of French soldiers, will not only refuse to disarm Hizbollah, but will actively collaborate with them against Israel as they have been doing for years (remember the 01' kidnapping?)

The knee-jerk reaction would be to blame Condi for her terrorist appeasement mentality. While this is definitely true, the sole blame for any decline to eradicate the problem rests on the shoulders of Olmert and the other lefties in Israel. It is their country and they are the ones who are requesting Rice to throw in the white flag for them, and not the other way around. We will see how this plays out. I would hope that since Bolton is their point man in the UN, he would stick to his doctrine of, "how can you have a cease fire with a terrorist group that doesn't abide by it". It is also unclear if Israel will also throw in the reprehensible concession of Shabba Farms while they are at it.

12:30 AM EST: Thankfully, Israel is not holding to the aerial cease fire and has just bombed a target in eastern Lebanon. It appears that the target was a road near the border of Syria. The IAF was probably acting on intelligence about another Syrian weapons convoy on its way to Hizbollah. Meanwhile, the Kassam rockets continue to land in the south, as one just hit a dining hall in the western Negev. No casualties were reported.

12:10 AM EST: The big news from yesterday was Israel's agreement to suspend their air campaign for 48 hours following the bombing in Qana yesterday. Imagine offering a one sided cease fire to terrorists after they attacked you and continue to assail you at a record level? Well, that is the agreement that Israel has signed on to. We all understand that the pause in Israeli air strikes come at a convenient moment for Hizballah after those bombardments forced its 220mm rocket deployment which has plagued Haifa to regroup north of the Litani River. It means that Hizballah will be given the chance to move the rockets back into the south as well as bringing fresh fighters in free of air attack.
Meanwhile, the liberal anti American, anti Semitic media is focused on the women and children of Hizbollah that were killed in Lebanon(this might have been done by Hizbollah themselves) but have totally forgotten about the Friday terror attack on our own soil in which an Islamonazi opened fire on 6 Jewish women. As I predicted, the incitement of the liberal media against Jews has sparked more attacks on Jewish sites worldwide. Over night, a gang of Muslims vandalized a synagogue in Sydney, Australia. I'm wondering where these Arabs got their news from that fermented such hatred?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- IAF bombs terrorist city Qana killing 60, the terror loving world is outraged, demands truce, Rice canceled trip to Lebanon and is staying in Israel to apply more pressure, Rice is backing Israel
- IDF officials suspect Hizbollah sabotage in Qana
- The IAF is suspending air campaign for 48 hours to allow investigation of Qana
- The Lebanese PM thanks Hizbollah for their sacrifice - Olmert agrees to allow Jew hating French troops on the border, might consider surrendering Shaba Farms - Over 140 rockets fired today,a single day record, Kiryat Shemona badly hit with several moderately injured including a journalist, at least 50 more wounded, devastating destruction widespread
- IDF retreats from Bint Jabel, opens new front in the Western sector

- IAF spy drone shot down Friday by a Syrian missile

11:00 PM EST: We have been reporting extensively about the active role of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in their assistance of Hizbollah. Well, there are now some more specifics on their involvement. A London based newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat, has confirmed that Iran was directly involved in the attack on the Israeli naval ship during the first week of the war. They also report that the Guards have helped Hizbollah build underground facilities, including command and control rooms which Iranians are operating jointly with Hizbullah terrorists. Hizbollah's missile unit includes some 200 technicians and experts trained in Iran. Hizbollah has three missile units, each supervised by a staff of 20."

8:30 PM EST: Here is a copy of an official statement from the Saudi government threatening Israel with war. This is certainly not a surprise. The real surprise is that last week the Bush administration approved the sale of 5 billion dollars in sales of military hardware, including Appache's and Abrams tanks!! Congress has 30 days to approve this sale. Everyone is requested to call their Congressman and tell them to stop this madness!

5:30 PM EST: Breaking: Israel has agreed to suspend their air campaign for 48 hours so the UN can conduct an investigation of the Qana bombing. This will also give local residents ample time to flee. I really hope that Israel conducts their own investigation.

All readers know by now that I have been critical of Israel's leftist government and Olmert's lack of a decisive stance to eradicate Hizbollah and all of the 6 major terrorist groups. Well, David Warren has a great column in Real Clear Politics that confirms my fears. Read the whole article here.

4:45 PM EST: Rocket update: A total of 150 rockets were fired today, resulting in 69 injuries and widespread damage. In Kiryat Shemonah alone, 98 apartments were damaged from rockets. Inside Lebanon: The IDF attempted to land helicopters in the Bekka valley but came under fire from the Lebanese army. This is no surprise because we have been reporting from day one that the Lebanese army is helping out Hizbollah. In other news the UN is expected to propose another condemnation of Israel and as always, John Bolton will block it.

In Gaza, armed gunmen stormed a UN compound, injuring two in the process. I never understood why they attack their friends?

Column Update: Here is a must read Jeff Jacoby article about how people forget that Hizbollah is our enemy too and has probably killed more Americans than Israelis. Here is another good read from Human Events titled "True Friends of Israel Cannot let Democrats take Power". Also, Powerline blog has a good roundup of the Jew hating reporting that has emanated from the cesspools of the media over the Qana incident that looks like it might have been a set up by Hizbollah.

2:15 PM: Here are some exclusive pictures from the Sunday Herald Sun that show the subhuman tactics of Hizbollah's civilian warfare. NBC won't want to show these pictures on their nightly broadcasts.

1:55 PM EST: One last thought from the Sunday talk shows. Thomas Freedmen was on with Tim Russert today to trash Israel for "continuing" the war, eventhough it is the terrorists who are continuing the war with their rockets. I will not even attempt with the adjectives to describe Freedman because he is the lowest creature on earth. This terrorists loving, American hating, Jewish traitor was put on the screen unopposed to serve as a spokesperson for the "Jewish community" to side with the enemy. This is a typical tactic of the liberal, anti Semitic media. They will never have on right wing Jews like Mort Klein or Charles Krauthammer. They won't even have on the liberal Alan Dershowitz because he is no longer siding with the enemy. He used to be the hero of the liberal media as long as he was trashing Jews. Now that he has repented slightly, he has been completely thrown off the plantation and never receives an invitation for a talk show.

1:40 PM EST: In Lebanon, another 8 Israeli soldiers were lightly to moderately wounded in fighting with Hizbolla. 4 were wounded when their tank was struck by an anti tank missile while they were attempting to evacuate the first casualties. It seems that the evacuation of casualties has been the hardest aspect to the ground war so far. They have taken many casualties over the past week during such rescue attempts. The details of today's operations are not clear yet. I will report on them when more information evolves.

Meanwhile, France and Britain, with the help of the media are playing into the hands of Hizbollah and are demanding that Israel stop the war eventhough Hizbollah is firing rockets at a record pace. No surprise there.

1:15 PM EST: Breaking: Senior IDF officials are not ruling out the possibility that Hizbollah blew up the building in Qana. They say that it is documented that the IAF strike on Qana occurred a little passed midnight and reports of civilian casualties didn't surface until 7 hours later. This is not surprising at all because Hizbollah wants a PR victory and they new that the liberal press is all too happy to comply with them. This is the essence of the term drive-by media that Rush Limbaugh has so eloquently coined. They report about a story based on the statements of the enemy and then while everyone is engrossed in the excitement of the story they run away to the next thing and refuse to stand by and defend their reporting even after the real facts come out.

11:55 AM: INN is confirming our suspicions that Hizbollah hid dozens of rockets between houses in Qana. Olmert need to get a backbone and stop apologizing. Meanwhile, Andrea Mitchell reported a vicious lie on Meet Depressed about Condi Rice being extremely upset with Israel and demanding an immediate cease fire. This cannot be farther from the truth. Even Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, who is the biggest Arabist in the State Dep't said that they will not push for a premature cease fire. Meanwhile, we won't here about the 59 innocent civilians (women and children) injured by these very rockets that the IDF is trying to take out. They also seem to have placed the Seattle muslim shooting of 6 women on the back burner for today.

11:30 AM EST: The rocket attacks are continuing throughout the north, including in Haifa and Akko. There have now been over 140 rockets fired into Israel since early this morning, the most in any single day. Meanwhile, the liberal drive-by media, in their most anti-Semitic coverage since Joseph Gobbels, has ignored the fact that the rocket attacks are continuing even while these nuckleheads are demanding a one sided Israeli cease fire. All of the Sunday morning outlets from Deface the Nation to Meet the Depressed continue to serve as a mouthpiece for Hizbollah by disseminating their murderous propaganda. They refuse to mention the fact that Hizbollah is setting up roadblocks to prevent the migration of civilians away from the war zone. They decline to report that the Lebanese government are accomplices to the murder by not helping their citizens leave and assist Israel's disarming of Hizbollah. In fact, as we have been reporting, the Lebanese PM has even praised Hizbollah and offered military assistance. Even today, while the verminous media was praising the Lebanese government, the Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Sniora thanked Hizbullah Sunday for its "sacrifices" in its war against Israel. "We thank the chairman of Hizbullah for his efforts," he said, referring to Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah. "I want to thank all those who sacrificed their lives for our independence and sovereignty in Lebanon."

Tim Russert even showed a map of Israeli airstikes throughout Lebanon (published by no other than the Lebanese government) and blamed Israel for attacking the north. He failed to inform his audience that after 25 years of Hizbollah occupation they are obviously spread out all over every inch of that country. I guess this is too much for a liberal Jew hater to understand.

Most of all, these sewer rats fail to mention that their reporting of these events are the very reason why the terrorists use civilians as human shields. They know that the liberals will broadcast their cause around the world and stir up hatred for Israel and Jews. Thus, the liberal media is the root cause for civilian deaths both in Israel and Lebanon. Without their presence in Lebanon, Hizbollah would have no purpose of blocking civilians from leaving.

10:00 AM EST: Rockets are now causing raging fires across the north. Thankfully, it appears that Rice is not giving in to the European Jew haters demand for Israel to stop their defense. She said the usual things about the regret of loss of life, but clearly stopped short of demanding a cease fire.

9:40 AM EST: Seattle update: It turns out that the Seattle Muslim killer, Mian Haq, and his father, both work at the Hanford nuclear reservation, as do many members of the area's Muslim community. Where in the world are the Feds?? What is it going to take for these clowns to realize that fighting terrorists abroad is worthless if you don't deal with the real threat which is the domestic Islamofacist movement? Instead, they employ them at nuclear facilities!

9:25 AM: Condi Rice is currently meeting with Olmert for a second time before returning to Washington tomorrow. I really hope that she will pressure Olmert to wipe out Hizbollah and all of the Syrian terrorists because if she doesn't force the issue, Olmert certainly won't. I certainly hope that she won't give into the world's liberal anti semitism that is now forcing Israel to commit suicide after the bombing of a terrorist rocket launching site in Qana. This facility was clearly filled with terrorists and human shields. Israel has beenhesitantt to go after these sites eventhough they are destroying Israel for every minute that they are not taken out. No other country would have gone through so much trouble and incur such losses just to avoid civilian casualties mixed in with many terrorists.

Its sickening how the liberal vermin media is being used as a lying mouthpiece for the scum of the earth terrorists to stir up anti semitism throughout the world. I have no doubt that the attack on the Jewish Federation in Seattle was stirred up by the vicious lies of the liberal media that drove this Islamonazi to attack a crowd of all women. Where else did this terrorist get his news from that outraged him so much?

Meanwhile, at least some right wing members of Knesset are speaking out. MK Eldad slammed Olmert's consideration of ceding Shaba Farms to the terrorists. He said that this "would be the most shameful concession to date", and that is saying a lot. Also, MK Eitam demanded that the IDF take control of all land south of the Latani, the only sane and rational plan which we have been advocating since day one of this war.

9:00 AM EST: Rockets continue to pound Kiryat Shemona. One person was moderately to seriously injured when a rocket scored a direct hit on his home. Also. a Haaretz reporter was moderately wounded by shrapnel from a katyusha. Over 100 rockets have been fired today and at least 57 were injured.

7:10 AM EST: More than 80 rockets were fired into Israel so far this Sunday. 6 people were injured and 30 were treated for shock in Akko and Kiryat Shemona and there was widespread damage during the morning hours in Israel. In the south, another barrage of kassams hit Sderot, with one scoring a direct hit on a factory. One woman was moderately injured.

In Lebanon, the IDF is now operating in the western secttor of the border after retreating from the center. There was some heavy fighting in the morning hours which resulted in 3 soldiers being wounded, one of them moderately. At least three terrorists were killed, in addition to which IDF troops discovered large weapons caches, a Katyusha rocket launcher, 10 RPG missiles, an artillery cannon, and 18 shells. Fourteen other rockets, explosives, IDF uniforms, and an instruction manual for anti-tank missiles were also discovered. Also, Hizbollah terrorists attempted yet another infiltration of Israel, but were immediately intercepted and killed. Also, another suicide bomber was caught in Samaria before he was able to carry out his mission.

Its in light of all these murderous attacks that I will report on the Qana incident. In the early morning hours of Sunday, the IAF bombed Qana, Lebanon because there have been hundreds of rockets fired from that city. The air strike collapsed a building resulting in about 50-60 deaths. The drive-by media is already all over this by using their key catch phrase of "killing children". Obviously, the whole Jew hating world is jumping up and down to try to end the war. What they don't say is that the IDF issued numerous warnings for everyone to leave the city because it was being used to destroy Israeli towns. It was obviously bad enough even for the ultra leftist Olmert to act. So Hizbollah is playing this cowardly game of claiming the death of many civilians eventhough almost anyone left in such a city is a terrorist.

Condi Rice has cancelled her trip to Lebanon after she was told by their PM to stay out. She has decided to stay in Israel today to work out a defeatest retreat from the war with an all too complient Olmert.

12:30 AM EST: It's now early morning in Israel and once again they are under an intense rocket attack throughout the north. Yesterday, over 100 more rockets were fired, causing extensive damage. Hospitals in Nahariya and Akko were hit, but thankfully they were already evacuated. 6 people were injured in Ma'alot and Tiberias. Update: 25 rockets were fired into Kiryat Shemona in less than an hour on Sunday morning. There was a lot of damage reported but no casualties because the city is evacuated.
Well, a terrorist group of Islamonazis have succeeded in destroying a third of their country and are threatening to go farther and what are we hearing out of Jerusalem?! More bad news! It appears that the ultra leftist traitor PM Olmert has agreed to allow the French to patrol their own border! After meeting with Condi Rice on Saturday, they agreed to propose a cease fire to the UN criminal council that will call for French troops on the border! This is not a parody, they are actually placing the biggest Jew haters in the world on their border to help Hizbollah kill Israelis. This is not even the half of it. Israel might also agree to give up control of the Shaba Farms area of the Golan in return for this "favor" of the international community?! This is the epitome of an Orwellian situation.

So Hizbollah is just getting started and Israel is already talking about surrendering? Wait, it gets even worse. After 7 more soldiers were wounded in Bint Jabel yesterday, the IDF has announced that the operation there is complete and they are now withdrawing! So after taking so many casualties to capture this stronghold they are now retreating and inviting Hizbollah back in? They are no longer demanding the destruction of Hizbollah, just the deployment of French troops to protect them. This is mind boggling! Here is a WND report on an Israeli intelligence official who articulates some of my criticisms of their current policies.

In more bad news, Debka is now reporting that the IDF spy drone that crashed in Lebanon on Friday was shot down by a Syrian air defense missile. The IAF has been bombing some rocket and weaponst truckload in ruete from Damascus once they have crossed into Lebanon. However, Syria continues to successfully transport numerous weapons and supplies without fear of punishment. They evidently shot down the drone because it has been used to target this truckload for destruction. This Syrian attack enabled them to send more supplies over the border without observation. This is what happens when the Israeli cabinet announces that they will not dare attack Syria and beg them not to enter the war eventhough they have been in the war for years by supplying and harboring all 6 major terrorist organizations that kill Israelis. Go Figure!

In other news, a top Islamic Jihad terrorist was killed in Nablus on saturday. The problem is that if Israel refuses to go after their roots in Damascus then these operations are all worthless. Also, remember the Israeli civilian that was killed and burned in Samaria on Friday? Well, that is now confirmed to be the act of Fatah terrorists. This is Abbas's terror group to which Olmert and Rice want to grant a recognized state!
Another Saturday story was that a second UNIFIL post was hit in an IAF strike resulting in two injuries. There is no doubt that they were helping the enemy.

As for the Islamonazi attack on a Jewish Federation in Seattle, I don't have any more information than you already know. I will be covering this more over the next few days. I just have two question. What more needs to happen before the Feds get serious about the threat from the religion of piss within our borders? Will Jewish liberals finally get serious about combating the Islamonazi attacks and stop befriending them instead of attacking Christian conservatives who are their biggest friends?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- 15 Hizbollah terrorists killed in Bint Jabel
- More than 130 terrorist targets were struck in Lebanon over night
- The name of the murdered resident of Shomron has been released
- A kindergarten in Ashkelon was struck by a kassam, two children injured
- More rockets continue to destroy infrastructure in the north, over 100 fired today, fires are raging, long range Fajir 5 rockets landed near Afulah
- 3 soldiers hurt in rocket attacks
- Nasarallah is believed to have met with Assad in Damascus along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad chief's, others believe he is in the Iranian embassy in Beirut

4:45 PM EST: Things have been kind of slow the past few hours. The big news story is that the IDF has killed 15 terrorists in Bint Jabel. There were no IDF casualties to speak of.

2:00 PM EST: Fighting has resumed in Bint Jabel after several days of relative quiet. 3 terrorists were killed and no IDF casualties were reported.

Also, Joseph Farah, editor of WND has just published his weekly column on Israel. Its a good read. Another great column is Victor Davis Hanson's piece listing all of the eupahmisms, catch phrases, and distorting diction that the media uses in regard to Israel.

1:10 PM EST: The rockets are continuing unabated. One rocket scored a direct hit on a local hospital in Nahariya, but no patients were present because everyone was trasported to an underground facility at the beginning of the war. Another rocket destroyed a house in Ma'alot, injuring 6 and causing shock to ten more residents.

On the diplomatic front, Bush and Blair just held a joint press conference about the war. I didn't get the impression that anything new was really said besides for their endorsement of some multinational force in Lebanon and the dispatching of Sec. Rice to Israel for the second time. They were very ambiguous about the timing of the proposed international force, so I will save my judgment for now. We all know how effective these forces have been in the past in helping Israel's enemies. The problem is that the leftist Israeli government themselves have endorsed this ridiculous idea so I am hard pressed to criticism Bush for his endorsement.

11:45 AM EST: Warren Christopher just came out of the woodworks to go and condemn Israel in an op-ed in today's Washington Compost. I think that completes the cycle of Clinton former cabinet members trashing Israel.

Also, there was extensive damage in Ma'alot when a rockst struck a house and injured two. Another one damaged a school.

11:30 AM: We reported earlier on Kuwaiti and other sources that believe that Nasarallah is in Damascus with Assad. The Washington Times has an article speculating on the whereabouts of Nasarallah and cites the possibility of him hiding out at the Iranian embassy in Beirut. Whether this is true or not, I have always felt that we need to crack down on espionage activities at foreign embassies.

11:10 AM EST: 3 soldiers were moderately injured by rocket attacks in the north. In regard to the long range attack on Afulah several hours ago, police have now confirmed that they were Iranian Fajir-5's that were filled with 100 kg of explosives. These things have a 120-130 km range. Miraculously, they landed in open fields, sparking massive fires but resulted in no casualties.

10:30 AM: There is one seriously wounded in the latest rocket attack on Safed, 9 others were lightly injured.

Must Read Column Update: Ralph Peters and Caroline Glick have great columns out today on the Israeli war. They have some good critique on the Israeli government's decision to overrule the IDF's request for more troops and firepower to fight an effective ground war.

10:15 AM EST: Rockets continue to rain down on Nahariya, Haifa, and Tiberious, causing extensive damage. It appears that there are fewer casualties the past two days because most people have evacuated. Meanwhile, the IAF just destroyed the rocket launchers that fired the long range missiles at Afulah an hour ago. Update: A top Hizbollah terrorist was killed in that air strike.

9:10 AM EST: There is now an intense rocket barrage under way all across the Galilee. 5 long range rockets landed near Afulah, the southern most city that they have been firing on. These rockets have a much larger payload. There have been over 60 rockets fired today in the north and about 10 in the south.

9:00 AM EST: Yesterday, there were reports that Hassan Nasarallah might have crossed over into Lebanon to meet with Assad. Debkafile reports that there seems to be more evidence of this. Iran's state news agency confirmed Nasrallah's presence in the Syrian capital for consultations. DEBKAfile's military sources note that Nasrallah crossed over despite the heavy Israeli air bombardment of Lebanese-Syrian border regions. The war conference was attended also by Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzouk as well as the Palestinian Jihad Islami chief Abdallah Ramadan Shelah. The Palestinian terrorist leaders were invited in their capacity as commanders of the second front against Israel in Gaza. Debka also reports that Nasarallah might have received the green light from Tehran to launch his Zelzal-2 rockets that have a 250 km range and can hit Tel Aviv. He is believed to have dozens of these rockets with 600 kilogram payloads. They are being hidden in buildings with strengthened floors and walls to carry their weight, their roofs removed and replaced with makeshift coverings such as branches and twigs. These coverings are dense enough to block the missiles from the view of Israeli aircraft but are easily removable to enable the rapid launch of the Zelzal from inside the building where it is stored.

For the life of me, I don't understand why Israel has never targeted all these leaders that are based in Damascus eventhough their locations have been known on and off for years. They have been planning the murder of Israelis for years in clcollaborationtion with Assad and Israel refuses to issue Assad ultimatumatum?!

8:45 AM EST: Two people were lightly to moderately wounded when four rockets fired by Hizbullah from south Lebanon Friday hit a residential neighborhood in Kiryat Shmona at around 14:30 p.m. Four vehicles caught fire and a number of people suffered shock. Additionally, rockets landed in open areas near Carmiel, Maalot and Rosh Pina, incurring no casualties. Following the rocket strikes a number of fires ignited which fire fighting crews were working to extinguish. Another rocket struck a house right near a wedding ceremony, but nobody was hurt. Despite the widespread damage, there really are a lot of miracles taking place.

In Lebanon, IDF officials now estimate that at least 200 Hizbollah terrorists were killed since the beginning of the war. This is more news that isn't reported on in the mainstream media.

8:30 AM EST: In Lebanon, it appears that the IDF has scaled back ground operations for now, but has intensified it's air campaign. More than 130 targets were struck over night in Lebanon which was the most to date. The IAF destroyed a Hizbullah base in the Bekaa Valley where long-range rockets were stored, 57 Hezbollah structures, six missile launching sites and six communication facilities.
Inside Israel, the rockets continue to fall in the north. There have been few casualties today, but there were widespread reports of damage and raging fires. The big news was that a kindergarten was struck by a kassam in the south, near Ashkelon. Two children were injured and evacuated to a local hospital, while several others were treated for shock. The IDF has been conducting major operations in the south for the past two days, but have failed to stop the rocket attacks. 9 more kassams were fired within several hours of their pullout. They have now pulled out of Gaza once again without accomplishing their mission. Go figure.
Yesterday, we reported on the media blackout of the third front in the war, namely, the West Bank. The body of the kidnapped Israel was found burt and the name of the victim was confirmed. There was also a terrorist shooting attack in Jerusalem that injured two policemen.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Another Israeli civilian kidnapped and murdered in Samaria
- Iran has resupplied Hizbollah with 3,000 more rockets through Syria
- Al Zawhiri came out with another tape referencing the Israel-Hizbollah/Hamas war
- Olmert's cabinet is opposed to a real ground war, but call up 3 more reserve divisions
-Over 100 rockets and mortars fired today, extensive damage and 70 injuries reported, Kiryat Shemona suffered the brunt of it
- Terrorist shot dead after opening fire on two policemen in Jerusalem

8:20 PM: Yesterday, we reported on the unbelievable hypocrisy of the Democrats claiming that Iraqi PM Maliki is anti Israel while they supported every anti Israel cause and figure including Arafat. Well, its important to point out that their all time hero Bill Clinton, slammed Israel's disproportionate response to terror. Do I need to say any more?

8:00 PM EST: Some good news: The IAF just destroyed the missile command center in Tyre that has been wreaking havoc on Haifa. The problem is that they have many more of them and are constantly being resupplied through Syria. Until Syria is given an ultimatum to stop their supplies, the rockets will continue.

Other good news is that Israel has ruled out allowing the UN to send troops to southern Lebanon. The problem is that NATO is almost as bad.

5:00 PM: More Israeli Arab treachery! The Mayor of Carmiel, which has been bombarded by rockets the las two weeks announced today that he has proof that local Arabs are informing Hizbollah where the rockets are landing. This is more proof that the Israeli Arabs are just as murderous as the Palestinian ones even as they benefit from the welfare of the State. They must be deported if Israel plans to survive as a country.

In other news, it has been confirmed that Hizbollah has fired mortars at Israeli border towns in addition to the rockets.

On the UN front: Here is a video of UN ambulances picking up terrorists in Gaza. Just one more examples of the fact that not only are they a bunch of appeasers but they are part of the terrorist problem itself.

4:40 PM EST: Big News: Terror Attack: Israeli security forces found a burnt body of an Israeli civilian in the trunk of a car near an Arab village in Samaria. They were acting on intelligence that an Israeli was apparently kidnapped and murdered. This is a growing trend in Israel today and it further shows a joint cooperation between Hizbollah and Palestinian terrorists.

In the north, Kiryat Shemona has been pounded with dozens of rockets today. There was tremendous damage incurred and a school was destroyed after sustaining a direct hit about an hour ago.

1:50 PM: Yet another potential suicide bomber was caught in Gaza. This is the fifth foiled attempt in the past two weeks. Also, an Arab terrorist opened fire at a Jerusalem checkpoint. Two police were wounded in the gunfight and the terrorist was killed. This just goes to show that Israel is under a constant threat from many directions.

1:10 PM EST: The intense barrage on Kiryat Shemona continues into the evening. Meanwhile WND is reporting that Iran has supplied Hizbollah with 3,000 more rockets which is more than the amount that they already fired. This is not a surprise, the only surprise today is Israel's lack of will to go after Syria who is helping Iran's resupply efforts.

12:30 PM: After rejecting the idea of a full scale invasion, Olmert's cabinet voted to call up an additional 3 reserve divisions to be prepared for a future battle. At least they agreed to do this much. Also, rockets continue to fall throughout the day resuting in several shrapnel injuries but no major casualties. Kiryat Shemona continues to receive a lot of damage from the impacting rockets.

10:20 AM EST: CBN is reporting that the IDF captured a treasure trove of intelligence in a bunker in Bint Jabel last night. They found many weapons and computer data that might be helpful towards defeating Hizbollah. They are also reporting that 6 Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen were killed there yesterday.

9:40 AM: A massive round of katyushas just struck Kiryat Shemona causing extensive damage. A factory was directly hit, sparking a large fire. Several people were lightly injured. 5 more were injured in attacks on Carmiel.

9:10 AM EST: Rockets are still raining on the Galilee with another reported injury. With this in mind, it has now been finalized by the cabinet not to call up more reserves and send in more fire power. They said no to the IDF commanders! The rockets are continuing to destroy a third of the country, displace their citizens, and disrupt their economy, but Olmert says no to the war! How are the rockets going to stop? They also declared that they have no intentions to deal with Syria even while they are resupplying Hizbollah with rockets! What does this tell Syria and Iran about Israel's will to fight? It tells them that they can rape their country with rockets, Iranian ground troops, kidnappings, and border raids, and Israel will not deal with them! Again, Olmert must go! Here is a roundup of comments by those that oppose Olmert's leftist stance.

8:20 AM: A Kuwaiti Newspaper is reporting that Nasarallah plans to secretly meet with Assad in Damascus. i would think and hope that if this were true the IDF would go after him and Assad.

8:00 AM EST: More rockets have struck the Galilee, damaging several home in Nahariya. There were no reported casualties. Meanwhile the IAF has destroyed two more rocket launchers. The unbelievable news of the morning is that the ultra leftist cabinet of Olmert has expressed it's opposition to a full ground war!! So basically they will continue to operate in southern Lebanon with few soldiers and little firepower, along with a half hearted, undefined mission. This will continue to lead to mass casualties and do absolutely nothing to end the siege of northern Israel. The right wing members of the Knesset need to come out of their slumber and start voicing their opposition to Olmert.
In other news, Al Quieda's 2nd in command, Al Zawhari has come out with another tape. He said the usual stuff while showing that he is up on the current events in Israel. He said that he realizes who is supplying Israel and they will be punished for it. The funny thing is that the British FM seemed to say similar things about America's shipment of arms to Israel.

6:00 AM EST: Inside Israel, the miracles continue. About 30 rockets were fired into the Galilee this morning but there were no serious injuries. There was some damage and fires that were blazing as a result of the impaction.
There has been nothing new on the ground after a quiet morning in southern Lebanon. Olmert is scheduled to meet with his security cabinet today to decide whether to expand the ground operation and call up more troops. I hope they finally realize that this is their only option at this point.

12:10 AM EST: There is some news on the diplomatic front. The UN, headed by the terrorist depicted above, has quickly drafted a resolution of condemnation of Israel's alleged deliberate strike on the UNIFIL post. Needless to say, John Bolton shot it down immediately. It is now clear that Hizbollah was firing out of the UN post and there is no doubt that they were helping Hizbollah. As always, there is a total media blackout on this issue. In other news, some British officials are complaining that the US is using their bases in the UK to send weapons to Israel. I'm wondering if they are concerned about all of the European weapons that have made their way to Syria over the years?
On the ground in Lebanon, many people are wondering how the terrorists managed to ambush the soldiers and inflict many casualties. Well, it now appears that the answer is the usual culprit of a war between the West and the Islamofacists. They hid fighters and weapons in a mosque along with several civilian houses that they were using as human shields. It is incontrovertibly clear at this point that the only way for them to root out the terrorists is to stop fighting a PC war and start bombing any and every last thing that shoots at them, regardless of where it is emanating from.
In other news regarding the battle in Bint Jabeal, several troops were injured while trying to rescue others, and the evacuation took more than six hours. Helicopter rescue pilots endured enemy fire, and several soldiers carried stretchers more than one mile because they were scared to land the Blackhawks to close to the battlefield for fear of enemy fire.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Anan accuses Israel of deliberately targeting the UNIFIL post, Israel vociferously denies it
- Heavy fighting continues in Bint Jabel, 30 IDF wounded in ambush, 9 KIA, an additional 6 were wounded in Maroun al Ras
- IDF captures major water source in the east
- Rocket attacks on the north continue, over 120 fired, several injuries reported, widespread damage incurred
- IDF reenters northern Gaza
- The Lebanese PM declares his support for Hizbollah

10:10 PM: The only big news over night in Israel was that the IAF bombed another Lebanese army barracks and struck some radio and TV stations. I'm glad that they are taking the Lebanese army to task. They are collaborating with Hizbollah, and frankly, many of them are active members.

7:00 PM EST: The would be suicide bomber has been arrested in Samaria, after a counter terror operation by IDF special forces.

6:40 PM EST: Debkafile provides some insight into what went wrong today at Bint Jabel: "The initial investigation of what went wrong in the Bin Jubeil battle that ended Wednesday night showed that the Israeli force did not take control of the small town of 20,000, as reported, but left the northern approaches open and unguarded. A Hizballah reconnaissance team discovered the gap and deduced that the Israeli force had decided not to advance further north to the Litani River. The Hizballah force waiting at Banduriya to block that advance was turned around and re-entered Bint Jubeil to mount a counter-attack on the scattered IDF positions. Reinforcements from the surrounding villages boosted the Shiite force to 500 men armed with Sagger anti-tank missiles and mortars."

They also report that there are some army chiefs that are complaining about a lack of a clear objective on the part of the gov't and therefore a lack of a green light to bring in more soldiers and firepower. I don't know if you can take everything that Debka says at face value, but this definately appears to be what is happening. Only the coming days will show what that real story is.

5:20 PM EST: We have been reporting about two battle today that resulted an IDF casualties; one in Bint Jabel in the early morning which resulted in 8 KIA's and 30 wounded, and another later in the day at Maroun al Ras that resulted in several wounded. It has now been cleared for publication that there was an officer killed in Maroun al Ras along with 2 seriously wounded. This brings the total KIA for today to 9.

4:00 PM: And the terror elsewhere in Israel continues. One man was wounded in a shooting attack in Samaria and a Hebron resident was attacked by stone throwing arabs.

2:30 PM EST: With the record number of rockets in the north lets not forget about the south. An Israeli was lightly wounded by a Kassam fired out of Gaza in the Negev. There have been numerous Kassams that were launched today from Gaza, most of them falling in open fields. Also, China presses UN council to condemn IDF attack on peacekeepers (Reuters). Surprised?

2:15 PM: We reported earlier about a hightened terror alert for a suicide bomber. Well, IDF special forces are now surrounding the house in Samaria that they believe the bomber is holed up in. There really have been a lot of miracles today. Over 120 rockets were fired with no fatalities and now a potential suicide bomber is caught before he can kill. The hand of the Lord is definately at work.

1:35 PM EST: It has now been cleared for publication that 8 soldiers, 3 of them officers, were killed in the heavy fighting in Bint Jabil earlier this morning, along with 30 more wounded. Earlier we reported that Israel National Radio had broadcast that as many as 13 or 14 were killed, so it is still unclear if there were more casualties. Also, the IAF just destroyed the Hizbollah southern HQ in Tyre.

Inside Israel: The Mayor of the border Town of Kiryat Shemona is calling for a complete evacuation of the city. Kiryat Shemona has been hit by hundreds of rockets and sustained enormous damage. There have been over 120 rockets fired into Israel today causing a lot of damage and injuries. Miraculously, there have been no fatalities so far.

12:20 Pm: The Iraqi PM just delivered a speech before a joint session of Congress. The big news was that Senators Boxer and Schumer boycotted the speech because of his previous anti-Israel remarks. While I certainly have disdain for the Iraqi PM's remarks, I must say that this is the biggest chutzpah I have ever witnessed in my life. These very liberal vermin that created this whole perilous situation for Israel through the Oslo Holocaust are now concerned about Israel? These very scum that embraced Arafat and seek to appease all of Israel's enemies are now concerned about the remarks of a weak Arab leader that is just saying what he need to say to remain in power?? These same pieces of human debris that spoke before the most prominent anti Semitic, anti Israel, liberal blog convention (Daily Kos) are now concerned about Jews? The unbelievably profound irony is that they speak before anti war crowds that chant "no war for Israel".

Also, keep in mind that these are the same sewer rats that have a high regard for the UN which seeks the destruction of Israel! They even mounted an unprecedented filibuster of John Bolton because of his support for Israel, and they are now defenders of Israel??!! If this speech was good enough for Senators Santorum and Brownback who support Israel's existence in it's entirety, including Gaza, Judea, and Samaria, then its good enough for me. I guess the Democrats hate Bush so much that they will even give up their hate for Israel in order to make him look bad! Maybe they should walk out every time fellow Democrat Senator Chris Dodd speaks due to his anti Israel positions.

12:10 PM EST: There were 6 more soldiers wounded by an anti-tank missile near Maroun al Ras. Remember that this was the city that was thought to have been under control several days ago. It appears that they are trying to fight a hit and run war instead of a head on confrontation. It is clear that the only way to deal with this is to stop worrying about collateral damage and carpet bomb the border area with airstrikes and artillery. Anyone near the border at this point is obviously a terrorist.

11:15 AM EST: The Lebanese PM Emil Lahoud announced support for Hizbollah today in an interview with the German newspaper Der Speigel. He was reported as saying, "I support the Hizbullah because they liberated our land". I really hope that Condi Rice and Olmert are listening.

Column Update: Here is a must read John Hawkins piece in Human Events that details the over obsession with civilian casualties and explains that this problem has endangered Israel for years. I would say that this is what Israel is dealing with right now and causing them unnecessary casualties.

10:30 AM: Latest Military Report: While there has been a lot of focus on the battle in Bint Jabel and the heavy casualties incurred, there have been other major developments on the ground. It appears that the IDF has seized a major water source that they had once controlled. Keep in mind that Israel is always in deperate need of water, so this is very significant. Debkafile reports, "Perhaps the most important gain from the crisis is Israel's recovery of control over its main sources of water, the Wazani springs in the divided Ghajar village. This was achieved in the early hours of the IDF push in the east. Israel will not cede this asset in a hurry."

They also report that although most of the fighting is taking place in south central Lebanon, there is some fighting in the eastern sector as well: "The main battle in this sector is now centering on the Majidya base in Khiam, source of Hizballah rocket attacks on Kiryat Shemona and the Galilee panhandle communities Majidya was once a Lebanese army training facility for new recruits under Israeli military instructors. It was demolished when Israel pulled out of south Lebanon in May 2000. Aside from the Hizballah concentration in Majidya, its men are fairly thin on the ground in the Eastern Sector."

In regard to the local civilian response to the IDF they say," the mixed village population on the Israeli units path of advance, Druzes, Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, provides a useful shield for Hizballah fighters. They take full advantage of the directives to Israeli ground forces not to touch Druze and Christian villages. By long Lebanese tradition, the Druzes shut their village doors to Shiites, while the Christians accommodate them because they don't know how long Israeli forces will be around to protect them against the Hizballah." Remember that in 2000, Israel suddenly retreated from Lebanon and left the Christian army undefended. Many of them were slaughtered in the aftermath, so you can't blame them for fearing another retreat by the IDF.

10:15 AM EST: More rockets struck Carmiel causing major damage to electric power lines. Also, there is a terror alert in Samaria right now after there were reports of a possible suicide bomber on the lose. Police are setting up roadblocks and traffic is getting tied up.

9:25 AM EST: A rocket struck a building in Kiryat Shemona near a bomb shelter, 17 people were injured from smoke inhalation in the shelter. 55 Israelis were injured today so far.

9:10 AM EST: There are more Kassams being launched by Hamas in Gaza. Meanwhile, there is a major operation under way in northern Gaza, 15 Hamas terrorists were killed 40 wounded. Now is the time to annihilate Hamas while the pro terrorist media is up north helping out Hizbollah. Unfortunately, Olmert has indicated that he doesn't wish to obliterate these Islamonazis.

8:20 AM EST: The entire Galilee is under an intense barrage of rockets right now. There is widespread damage, but no serious injuries reported since earlier this morning. Hizbollah terrorists are now saying that the coastal city of Netanya, 100 km south of the border, will be their next target.

In Bint Jabel, the number of casualties has climbed to over 25. Israel National Radio is reporting that 14 of them might have been killed, but this is still unconfirmed. No fatalities reported yet, but there are 3 that are seriously wounded. There appeared to have been a cowardly ambush on the part of the terrorists after blending in with the civilian population in Bint Jabel. An intense face to face battle ensued and continued throughout the morning with missiles and explosives hurled at the soldiers. I will report more on the battle as the details become available. It appears that the battle is over and all the terrorists have been killed. There were dozens of Hizbollah bodies spread out on the battlefield. I really believe that they need more troops on the ground and must end this practice of fighting a PC war. Anyone left in these southern towns are terrorists that are fighting as guerrillas. Israel is taking many civilian and military casualties because they are scared of killing the enemy civilians. You cannot win a war that way.

6:30 AM: Over 40 rockets were fire so far. In Lebanon, it appears that the IDF has been successful in evacuating the casualties.

6:15 AM EST: Update on the fighting in Bint Jabel. It is being reported that a group of Hibollah terrorists have ambushed some IDF soldiers with RPG's and other explosives resulting in 13 wounded. They are having trouble evacuating the casualties due to the intensity of the fire fight. They are trying to use guerilla tactics of blending in with the civilian population even after the IDF already captures a city.

Meanwhile, rockets have been falling in Haifa, Safed, and all of northern Israel throughout the morning there. There were 5 moderately and lightly injured in Haifa, one injured in Safed when a rocket destroyed his house. There was damage reported elsewhere, the only major casualty was in Krayot where someone is reported to be in serious condition after his car was struck. There have also been several rockets fired in the south from Gaza this morning. The IDF has responded by reentering northern Gaza on the ground, and taking over some local rooftops to try and stop the rocket fire. About 10 terrorists were killed overnight in Gaza. The new operation there is being called "Samson's Pilliars".

12:45 AM: It is now early morning Israel time and there is heavy fighting again in Bint Jabel. There are reports of casualties, their condition is unknown. Yesterday, we reported that the IDF captured the city but there remained pockets of resistance that were blending into the population and fighting more of a guerilla conflict than a head on confrontation.

12:30 AM EST: Every reader knows by now that I don't hide my disdain for the current Secretary of State Condi Rice. Her vociferous advocating of a Palestinian Hamas terror state in the midst of the war on terror, along with other appeasement policies in regard to Iran, have really rattled my nerves as a "red meat conservative". Well, it looks like other major conservatives are now calling for her removal. Here is an article from Insight Magazine that reports about major conservatives such as Richard Perle, Newt Gingrich, and top aids to Cheney and Rumsfeld calling for Bush to remove Miss Rice from the State Dep't. Newt explained his position, "We are sending signals today that no matter how much you provoke us, no matter how viciously you describe things in public, no matter how many things you're doing with missiles and nuclear weapons, the most you'll get out of us is talk. Also, "Condi was sent to rein in the State Department, a senior congressional staffer said, "instead she was reined in".

The article goes on to say, "the critics said Miss Rice has adopted the approach of Mr. Burns and the State Department bureaucracy that most if not all problems in the Middle East can be eased by applying pressure on Israel. They said even as Hezbollah was raining rockets on Israeli cities and communities, Miss Rice was on the phone nearly every day demanding that the Israeli government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert exercise restraint." This article has confirmed my fears about the Clintonian foreign policy of Miss Rice.

12:10 AM EST: On the Diplomatic front, the big news yesterday was that 4 UNIFIL "observers" were killed by an IAF bomb. Not surprisingly, Kofi Anan came out swinging and accused Israel of deliberately destroying the UN post. The Israeli Ambassador vociferously denied it and said that Anan's accusations were shocking. As we have been reporting, UNIFIL has been helping Hizbollah against Israel for years, and I have no doubt that they are still helping them even during the war. Here is a press release from the UN website that indicates that they have been rebuilding roads in Hizbollah controlled areas.
Also, North Korea has assailed Bush's strong support for Israel. This confirms what many of us believe that NK is aligned with Iran and is involved with arms sales to rough nations.

Inside Israel, the rockets have started earlier than the last few days. 5 rockets landed in Tiberias ans Safed, but no injuries were reported.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel At War

(Note: this post will continuously be updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Number 3 Hizbollah terrorist, Abu Jaffar was killed
- A 15 year old Druze girl was killed by a rocket,many more injured in attack on Druze village
- Over 100 rockets land in the north,scores injured in Haifa and other towns, one man died of heart attack, widespread damage incurred
- Half of all northern residents in Israel have fled south
- The IDF now controls Bint Jabel, 100 terrorists are still holed up in a marketplace, more terrorist hiding in surrounding villages
-More Iranian weapons were found in Bint Jabel, several soldiers were wounded in today's fighting

- Sec. Rice met with Abbas to voice support for a "Palestinian" State!

8:20 PM EST: It is well known that Haifa has been on the front lines of this war, enduring numerous rocket attacks. It is less known however, that Haifa has been on the front lines of liberal appeasement for years. Haifa is one of the most liberal areas of Israel. Well, unfortunately, Haifa citizens are learning the hard way that the right wing in Israel has been correct for all these years. Here are excerpts of a letter written by a Haifa resident begging for forgiveness from Jewish refugees of Gaza for supporting their deportation. He wrote, "During five years you coped with bombs, and I didn't care. Even when you came to visit me in my house, to explain, to convince, to share your feelings with me, I refused to listen to you. People from Gush Katif and the Shomron! Forgive me! Forgive us for not understanding you." Very profound indeed.

6:55 PM EST: Arch terrorist Hassan Nasarallah came out with another blabber dissertation on his terrorist TV network that Israel doesn't want to shut down for some reason. He threatened to start shooting longer range missiles into deeper parts of Israel. This just underscores the need for the IDF to put some speed on their operation. These long range missiles are also more devastating on impaction than regular Katyushas. Today was already a terrible day for Israeli civilians. Here are some pictures of the devastation in Haifa.

5:45 PM: Big news: Number 3 Hizbollah terrorist, Abu Jaffar was killed. Also, a local Hizbollah commander was killed in Bint Jabel. Debka is reporting that in Bint Jubeil, Israeli forces killed Khalil Amin Shivli, 44, commander of the Central Sector in South Lebanon, with four lieutenants Tuesday. He is the most senior Hizballah officer to die in the Lebanon war. His function paralleled a regional brigade commander of the Israeli army.

5:20 PM EST: 4 UN "observers" were killed in an IAF airstike when a UNIFIL base was hit by a bomb. Get ready for the the Europeans to slip the dogs of war.

4:45 PM EST: There are reports that Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon plan to join the fight alongside Hizbollah. Fatah's Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, chaired by Mahmoud Abbas (who Condi Rice has met with today) announced that they have thousands of fighters who are ready to join the war. There are many "experts" that always say that Sunni and Shiite terrorists hate each other and will not work together, nor will secular and religous ones unite either. Well, Fatah and Hamas are religous Sunnis, Hizbollah is religous Shiite, and they are all based in secular Sunni Syria and backed by religous Shiites in Iran. Go figure!

4:20 PM: Congressman JD Hayworth (R- Arizona), the ultimate red meat conservative, was on the Hannity show today. He ridiculed those that support anything but complete one sided support for Israel with his usual articulate and take no prisoners approach. Only someone who understands the full dangers of our open borders like JD can fully appreciate the dangers that Israel is facing. He also completely assailed the incomprehensible idea of land for peace. I hope that "Palestinian state" Condi Rice was listening.

3:40 PM EST: 3 Israeli soldiers were wounded by mortar fire in Bint Jabel during the night. Also, on the West Bank front, the IDF has surrounded the PA compound to arrest some terrorists that are holed up there.

3:10 PM: 20 more wounded in Nahariya over the past hour. There are now reports that half of all northern residents have fled south. These are people who's lives have been completely disrupted and have not worked in 10 days.

2:45 PM EST: More rockets fell on Haifa, Nahariya, and the Galilee resulting in more damage. No casualties were reported. Meanwhile, Christian residents of Muslim towns in Israel are reporting that the Muslim residents are celebrating the attacks on Israel over loudspeakers. This is one more reason why these vermin need to be deported from Israel. Instead, the leftist government gives them representation in the Knesset!

2:10 PM EST: Another round of rockets hit a building in Ma'alot, one person was injured and several were treated for shock. In Lebanon, the IDF is encountering more terrorists near Maroun al Ras. 5 terrorists were killed including the regional commander. Aslo, remember those two Lebanese who were captured the first day of the ground invasion? Well, the Israelis just released them, claiming that they weren't associated with Hizbollah. I hope this is true, but Israel has had a bad habit in the past of freeing major terrorists.

1:15 PM EST: Meanwhile, the terror inside of Israel continues. A man was shot in the cheek in Hebron by someone who Condi Rice wishes to create a state for.

12:40 PM EST: Here is an update on the condition of Israelis in the north that you won't see in the drive by media. Debkafile reports, "As the third week of the war begins, conditions in the shelters where about a million Israeli civilians are confined are deteriorating. People living in terror of the next rocket and unable to work are running out of food, money and medicines. Airlessness is unbearable in the hot summer days. In some shelters, the individual must make do with half a meter of space on a mattress. After 13 days of warfare, 85,000 business in northern Israel face ruin. Half a million trees and much of the wild vegetation have been destroyed. "

Condi Rice Update: Rice has just met with arch terrorist Mahmoud Abbas. She announced that she expects two states to exist side by side. So lets get this straight. She meets with Arafat's top deputy and demands the creation of a Palestinian terror state in the midst of a war that was triggered by these very Clintonian suicidal policies of concessions and appeasement that she is advocating once again! She is actually calling for a Hamas state! Also, keep in mind that Abbas, besides for being out of power and irrelevant is just as much of a terrorist as Hamas. He is the head of Fatah which fields the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, which is based in Syria. So this guy who was the top aid of Hitler in a headscarf and who has ties ti Syrian terrorists is able to have a cordial audience with an American Sec. of State?! And by the way, nobody has ever explained to me how it is geographically possible to create two states (in an area the size of New Jerzey) without breaking one in half? Only one of them can be contiguous.

12:25 PM EST: Rockets have been falling all day in Israel. There has been some more damage in the latest attacks but miraculously there have been no more casualties. A rocket landed 100 yards from the Akko City Hall while the Mayor was convening an emergency meeting. The hand of the Lord is really at work here. Thousands of people are currently holding a prayer rally at the Western Wall.

In Lebanon, the IAF resumed its bombing campaign of the Dahiya part of Beirut after a two day break. 10 buildings were destroyed during the latest raid.

On the ground, the JPost is reporting that Brigadier General of Division 91 Commander Gal Hirsch revealed on Tuesday that troops operating in Bint Jbeil discovered war rooms with eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran, being used by Hizbullah against Israel. They also found large cache of weapons and communications devices. Meanwhile, several IDF soldiers from a tank unit were wounded when troops encountered resistance in Maroun al-Ras, a Hizbullah stronghold the IDF believed it had under its control. Troops were attempting to evacuate the wounded under fire. The number of casualties was unclear as was the nature of the wounds.

10:35 AM EST: Column Update: Here is a great National Review column that explains as we have been reporting, that not only are the UN forces in Lebanon ineffective, they are part of the problem.

10:10 AM EST: Rockets continue to devastate northern Israel. Meanwhile our soldiers in Iraq have been sending letters of encouragement to the IDF soldiers through a website specially set up for this purpose. More than 400 messages from outside Israel have been sent to IDF soldiers, including several from the Americans. "Take care of the Hizbullah; we will take care of Iran," wrote one U.S. soldier. Another wrote, "From Iraq, we wish good tidings for you brave IDF soldiers. The American army is 100 percent for Israel."

8:45 AM: Debkafile has now published their exclusive report on Bint Jabel: They report "Hizballah is reported by IDF sources to have lost 100-120 Hizballah fighters.
Israel's immediate military mission now is to capture or subdue Bint Jabel's five satellite villages, where 300 Hizballah fighters are sheltering: Ain Ebel, Hannine, Deble, Yaroun and Rmaich, the latter two very close to the Lebanese-Israeli border. " They are also reporting that the terrorists are planning to resort to guerillala tactics instead of a head on confrontation after suffering many casualties. Also, there are reports of many local residents, probably Christians, being very helpful to the IDF in providing real time intelligence.

However, this wont stop with Bint Jabel and it's suburbs. Hizbollah had six years to prepare for this and have spread out their forces throughout Lebanon, even in the most northern areas. This is allowing them to continue their intense rocket barrages. Unfortunately, it appears that the IDF is fighting a very slow PC war that is obsessed with civilian casualties while disregarding their own civilian casualties.

The report concludes, "Whichever direction Israel's high command chooses for the next stage of the war will necessitate proceeding at a slow pace, whether because of an insufficiency of men on the ground, the risks of troop and civilian casualties or the complexity of their missions. The snail's pace of the IDF's advance means that HizballahÂ’s rocket offensive against northern Israel cannot be completely disabled in the near term, and that Hassan Nasrallah and his overlords in Tehran and Syria have enough time to come up with fresh initiatives while topping up HizballahÂ’s resources as they are depleted.

There is no doubt that this is a result of the indecisiveness of the politicians and top military brass and not of the rank and file military officials. Keep in mind that anyone who is currently in a top military position, is by definitin an incompetent person. This is because Sharon fired everyone who opposed his Gaza retreat and filled those positions with those that supported it. And these guys are running the war that they helped create??!

Caroline Glick has written in her column today, "Their statements [Olmert an Livni's] expose a consistent watering down of the goal of the IDF's mission in Lebanon - from destroying Hizbullah as a fighting force to weakening it as a fighting force and "paving the way for a diplomatic settlement" that will apparently include Hizbullah. " It is clear that they need to send in massive amounts of ground troops and completely destroy every last Hizbollah fighter. Israel's citizens and economy cannot last this way.

8:35 AM EST: Condi Rice met with PM Olmert today. There doesn't appear to be anything new coming from her. She continues to support Israel, and if anything its the Israeli gov't that is preassuring Rice to send in an international anti semitic force to "patrol" the border. This leftist government is unbelievable! Also, there were thousands of Palestinians protesting against Rice in Ramallah today. I don't understand how Rice continues to love these people that hate her guts?

8:20 AM EST: Rockets continue to fall. In Lebanon, IDF officials are saying that they now control Bint Jabel with several pockets of resistance remaining. There are 100 terrorists still holed up in a marketplace. Over 40 terrorists were killed in the battle for Bint Jabel. They have been using the typical tactics of hiding amongst civilians and shooting out of hospitals.

8:00 AM EST: Breaking: A 15 year old girl was killed by a rocket in a Druze village near Carmiel in the Galilee, several others seriously injured. There are also reports that a rocket struck the village Mosque and wounded several more people. Keep in mind that unlike the other Arabs living in Israel, most of the Druze are very patriotic and serve in the Army. Also, one man died of a heart attack in Haifa during the massive rocket barrage. Update: 48 people were injured so far today from over 60 rockets fired. There is a tremendous amount of damage with many houses and buildings suffering direct hits, along with widespread fires raging across the Galilee.

6:30 AM EST: Inside Israel, the rockets have resumed this morning with the terrorists firing at least 35 of them. There has been a major attack in Haifa. Dozens were injured when a barrage of 16 rockets scored direct hits on a resurant, apartment building, and a bus. Some of them are seriously or moderately injured. One person was hurt in Ma'alot as well. More rockets landed in Nahariya causing widespread damage and electrical failures. There was another direct hit on a home in Amioz in the south by a Kassam rocket, one person was moderately injured. Miraculously, there were no fatalities yet.
In Lebanon, the IDF is now in control of the outskirts of Bint Jabel and have imposed a full seizure on the city. 4 Soldiers were lightly wounded in a gun battle this morning. In Tyre, the IAF destroyed 16 rocket launchers in addition to many weapons caches. Unfortunately, this has not impeded their ability to wreak havoc on Israel's northern cities.

12:15 AM EST: Its early in the morning Israel time and things are quiet so far, so here are some updates from yesterday's news. The IDF is investigating whether yesterday's helicopter crash that killed the two pilots was a result of a malfunction or friendly fire from IDF artillery. Also, tomorrow the Knesset plans to convene a meeting to decide whether to officially call this conflict a "war". Olmert's leftist Kadima party is opposed to it, while others on the right and the Haifa Mayor want a clear declaration of war. Go figure.
Column Update: Here is a must read column in the JPost by John Hagee, President of the new Christian Zionist group Christians United for Israel. He details the future goals of his organization in protecting Israel through legislation in Congress.

Major News: PM Olmert announced today that the Islamonazi attacks have not detered him from his plans to surrender the heart of the country to the terrorists and deport 100,000 Jews, eventhough it is clear that the Gaza and Lebanon retreat were the cause of this!!! Worst of all, he said this in front of a crowd of refugees that he threw out of Gaza. Handing over Judea and Samaria will exacerbate their strategic peril 100 fold. The only explanation is that liberalism is a sick mental disoreder. Olmert must be thrown out immediately! How can one who plans to deport more Jews and create a violent terror state be trusted with the responsibility of fighting the very enemy that he seeks to appease??!