Tuesday, July 11, 2006

House Leadership against Repealing Bilingual Ballots?

Later this week, the House plans to vote on the renewal of the Voter Rights Act (VRA) which is slated to sunset next year. Among several outdated provisions (such as unfair laws in the deep south) House conservatives led by Steve King (R-Iowa) plan to submit an amendment to the VRA that will repeal the unAmerican practice of bilingual ballots. He claims that the bill already has at least 167 supporters. However, here is the catch. This amendment needs the support of the House leadership in order to bring it to a vote in the first place. Unfortunately, many leaders including Majority Leader Boehner and Judicial Committee Chairman Sensenbrenner voted down a similar amendment two weeks ago. This is unbelievable! If conservatives oppose it then there is no hope of it passing! The decision is expected tomorrow. I will keep ya'al posted. A full roundup can be seen at Tim Chapman's blog and Human Events.

This is a red meat issue! Foreign language ballots divide our country, increase the risk of voter error and fraud and burden taxpayers currently mandated by the federal government.

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