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Israel At war: Day 5 of Exclusive Coverage

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Rockets land in Afula, 30 miles, 5o km into Israel
-8 Israelis killed in Haifa during latest rocket attacks, scores more injured

-Israel is now destroying rocket launchers, targeting Hizbollah leadership with bunker buster bombs
-Terrorists attempted to infiltrate the northern border again, were shot dead
- IDF infantry division mobilized to north
-25% of Hizbollah's capabilities hit
- IAF struck a Lebanese army base in the north killing 9

11:00PM EST: There is another rocket barrage under way in the western Galilee. No casualties reported.

9:15PM EST: Unbelievable! Israeli leftists are protesting the war in Tel Aviv even as they are threatened by rockets. I'm wondering if Cindy Sheehan flew in.

8:45 PM EST: Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman was on the O' Riley Factor and finally said what needed to be said. Here is the quote: “It may not be politically correct to say that all Muslims are Terrorists, but it is true that all Terrorists are Muslims.” Also, the G8 came out with a statement that ostensibly backs Israel. Even more surprising was a statement issued by the French FM saying, "Israel must defend itself". Why the sudden turnaround in PR?? There is no doubt that Bush has something to do with it. I would love to know what he told them privately at the summit.

7:45PM EST: IAF warplines just struck a Lebanese army base killing nine of the enemy and wounding 39 more. It is now clear that the conventional Lebanese forces are working with Hizbollah.

Update: The Lebanese Foundation for Peace, a pro Israel Christian Arab group is reporting on their website that the captured Israeli soldiers are being held at the Iranian embassy in Beirut. This is totaly unconfirmed.

In the south, the IDF bombed the Hamas foreign ministry. I don't understand this. They bombed it already a few days ago? This is another example of the lack of clarity in regard to Israeli operations on both fronts. We are constantly hearing about the same 5 targets being destroyed. There is obviously a lot more information that we are not privyed to. This is important to keep in mind during any war.

5:30PM EST:Breaking: Rockets land in Afula, and Nazareth in Lower Galilee. This is the farthest south they have ever reached. Afula is over 30 miles south of the border and 45 km southeast of Haifa. 15 soldiers treated for smoke inhalation after rocket barrage in Jezreel valley. Others were treated for shock.

3:30 PM EST: JPost is repoting:
"About 25 percent of Hizbullah's capabilities have been hit, a high-ranking IDF officer estimated on Sunday night at the end of the fifth day of Operation Just Reward.
According to the officer, the group's chain of command is still functioning. He estimated that the Lebanese group would not be annihilated when the dust settles, only severely damaged.
The officer predicted that the operation would end in the middle of next week." I'm wondering why they don't plan to annihilate them. I hope that he is bluffing.

2:00 PM EST: Southern front update: More Kassams launched at Ashkelon and Sderot. It really is a miracle that they keep missing. Unfortunately that has not been the case up north.

1:20 PM EST: It's getting dark in Israel as most residents are getting ready to spend the night under threat of attack. This includes Israel's largest city, Tel Aviv. We are talking about 2 million people being threatened. Also, INN is reporting that the IDF has issued a warning to journalists not to broadcast the location of the impact of the rockets. They assert that this helps the terrorists further facilitate their attacks. Click here to view a live video of the Haifa massacre.

1:00 PM EST: 140 foreign students were evacuated from Haifa and moved to Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In other news, the World Press Federation criticised Israel's attack on the Al Manar terrorist TV station. Israel is threatening to pull out of the federation if they decline to retract their comments.

Update: Hizbollah terrorists just attempted to infiltrate an IDF post at the northern border. They were killed in a heavy exchange of gunfire. Also, more rockets were fired at Tzevat, no damage reported.

12:00 PM EST: Arch terrorist Nassan Nasarallah just delivered a televised speech. He claims that he is winning and will continue to surprise Israel with more inovative attacks. He said that they have rockets that are capable of landing farther south than Haifa. I will say that terrorists usualy don't lie. This has already been confirmed by IDF officials.

11:15 AM EST: Pakistan condemns Israel, pledges support for Lebanon. Mubarak just announced that "Israel cannot be victorious against Lebanon". Sounds like Baghdad Bob! On the southern front there was some good news. Two PELP terrorists were sent to Allah.

10:30 AM EST: The JPost has the following report on Israeli strikes in Lebanon: "A senior IAF officer revealed to the Post on Sunday afternoon that the IDF was using bunker-buster bombs to strike at senior Hizbullah officials in hiding throughout Beirut and Lebanon. According to the officer, several of the bunker hideouts were hidden under civilian parking lots.
The officer also said that the air force had encountered some resistance, including the firing of anti-aircraft shells at IAF aircraft."

In other developments, Hizbollah chief Nasarallah plans to give a speech shortly to prove that he is still alive. Also, an Israeli man was wounded by Arab rock throwers somewhere in Israel.

Update: More rockets pounding small villages.

9:30 AM EST: Israel is beginning to mobilize a reserve division in the north in preparation of a possible ground incursion. I would imagine that an actual invasion is still not imminent.

In other news, Haaretz is reporting that Sweeden is beginning to evacuate it's citizens. Also, Israel's Shin Bet Commander (FBI equivalent) has announced that Gilad Shalit, the captured Israeli soldier in Gaza, is still alive.

8:45 AM: Rockets just landed in the Golan hights for the first time thankfully resulting in no casualties. In other news, Saudi Arabia is donating 50 million dollars to Lebanon. Go figure. Also, Condi Rice is making her rounds on the Sunday talk shows.

8:20: The IDF has refused to comment on the status of Nasarallah. I'm not sure what the deal is. Also, in Hevron a Palestinian attempeted to stab a soldier but was apprehended before he was able to hurt anyone. On the Lebanon front: the Italian PM has submitted Israel's two demands for a cease fire to the Lebanese government. They are demanding the expulsion of Hizbollah from southern Lebanon and the retirn of the soldiers. Frankly, they should also demand that Damascus expells every terrorist base from their country. That is the root of the problem. Also, the head of the Druze faction in the government, Walid Jamblatt, has sided with Israel and blamed Syria for the escalation and the highjacking of their country. Israeli officials are claiming that the rockets that struck Haifa were different in that they were Syrian made. The IAF is thankfully, finally destroying many rocket warehouses along with their launching crews. Civilians in the south were warned ahead of time to vacate those locations.

7:20: Syria just issued a warning that if Israel attacks them, the response would be"serious and unrestrained". They definately don't have any power to back up that statement unless they are reffering to Iranian intervention.

7:00AM: Sirens are wailing in Haifa indicating more incoming rockets. No injuries reported so far. Also, the bodies of the 3 missing sailors were found. Devoloping... Meanwhile it looks like Israel is finally going after the rockets. Haaretz is reporting that they took out 10 sites including a moblie missile battery.

The number of dead in the earlier attack on Haifa was modified and is now 8 with one in very critical condition. There is a draconian situation in the north. All cities north of Tel Aviv are on alert. Many southern cities are absorbing the evacuees. Medical teams are reproting a shortage in blood and are calling for a blood drive. Also, Al Manar is back on the air! I just don't understand it. An Al Jazeera film crew was arrested in haifa for filming israeli oil refineries so the terrorists can see where to strike. This is vintage Al Jazeera and I'm happy that Israel is cracking down on the terrorist news network.

4:00: Haaretz is reporting that Al Manar TV was finally put out of bussines. Lets hope it stays that way. Also, developing... more rockets are hitting Haifa and other smaller towns. Injuries reported.....IAF is shelling southern Lebanon and Beirut with air strikes that are being described as loud and intense. Details on what is actually happening north of the border and what exactly is being hit are very murky.

Also, the IDF just confirmed that the rockets launched on Haifa were not Katyushas. They were fajR's that have a 40 km range with more explosives. They are allegedly going after those launching sites. I hope its true.
3:45: Another attack underway. Also, INN is reporting that the location of the attack in haifa that caused 9 fatalities was a train maintenance depot.
3:30: 5 reported to be in critical condition from the haifa attack besides for the 9 that were killed. Olmert just issued this statement before his cabinet: "This was a hard morning for all of us. Hard hits in Haifa have been added to the murderous assault in other areas of Israel. This is Hizbullah's criminal war against the nation and its residents. Israel cannot and will not accept such a thing. We have no intention to bend under these threats. They will fail. There will be no time limit. This is a daily struggle and we must respond with calm and decisiveness." More excerpts here.
Well, lets see him put his money where his mouth is because until now he has been doing nothing but bending before the enemies. Deporting your own citizens from their land would be classified as "bending".
Meanwhile: Hizbollah's Al Manar TV is broadcasting pictures of the Haifa attack and trying to convey a victorious message. I still don't understand how they are still on the air.
BREAKING: IDF just confirmed that the Lebanese army fired at Israeli planes on Friday. This proves that they are not innocent captives of Hizbollah. They are joining in too.
3:00 AM: Haifa and surrounding areas still under attack! 4 more just fell on Haifa with more hitting Dovev. I guess the drive by, pro terrorist media is sleeping.
Also, Hizbollah is now threatening to strike petrochemical plants. Why is their TV station still working if it was bombed three times? Meanwhile the Israeli Gov't is telling people south of Haifa to stay alert. That means that they believe that Hizbollah can strike farther south.
2:30AM: There is now a full scale rocket attack under way throughout the northwestern corner of israel including Nahariya and it's suburbs. Casualties reported.
Update: YNet is reporting: 9 killed in Haifa. Scores injured, up to 30. An intense barrage is currently being reported. Haifa residents are being sent to bomb shelters. More rockets strike near an oil refinery. Another one landed in Haifa bay at a strategic military instilation. They must take out those rockets at all costs!!! Why are they bombing the TV station and airport 5 times but refuse to take out the launchers??
Southern Front: Simultaneously, at least 5 kassams were launched from Gaza into Israel resulting in damage but no casualties, thank G-d.
2:20Am: BREAKING: 7 rockets fall of Haifa and surrounding areas. Nahariya is also hit. More than twenty reported injured so far.
1:45AM: IDF still cannot confirm reports that Nasarallah is injured. Haaretz is reporting that Nasrallah is to give an interview later Sunday to prove he's well.

Also, Iranian officials told an Arab news station that they have given Hizbollah 11,500 rockets during the past decade with varying capabilities. He named the Fajaar missile, which has a range of 100 kilometers; the Iran 130, which has a 90-110 km. range; the Shahin, which has a range of up to 150 kms; and a 355 mm. Rocket with a range of up to 150 kms. I have no doubt that this is true. They must take out these rockets even if they risk hitting civilians. Israelis will take heavy casualties if they continue to play into the hands of the cowardly terrorists that place their launchers in urban areas. IDF officials have confirmed that they are hiding large quantities of long range rockets inside of houses with specially designed rooms.
1:15AM: Arab news agencies have just reported that Nasarallah was injured in an airstrike, but a Hizbollah official is denying it. Here is some video from Israel's channel 2. Developing...
Also, Bush has continued to openly support Israel in defiance of the pro terror Europeans.
1:00 AM: WND has been reporting that they are receiving numerous statements from Arab intelligence agencies that Iranian Revolutionary Guard units are operating in southern Lebanon. This is not very surprising, as they have probably been doing so for many years.
Also, WND has confirmed that the small arms fired at IDF barracks in the Golan was in fact coming from Syria. This is not receiving enough coverage but it is very significant.
In other news; the southern front is heating up while the northern fron is relatively "quiet". Rockets are being fired at Sderot every few hours with one landing near a school. Hamas terrorist fired an RPG round at IDF forces several hours ago. The IDF is now striking back with significant force.

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