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Israel At War: Day 8 of Exclusive Coverage

Updated: Wednesday, July 19th

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Another Hizbollah infiltration, special ops thwarted it and killed 2 terrorists
- 2 Israeli Arabs killed in rocket attack on Nazareth, 50 km into Israel, they were children
- IAF warplanes dropped bunker buster bombs on a suspected leadership haven
- There was a heavy gun battle between Israeli special forces and terrorists along the Israel-Lebanon border, two soldiers killed, 9 wounded: Exclusive report below
- More hourly rocket barrages in Haifa, Tiberias, damage and some light injuries reported, one critically injured in Safed attack
, 74 more injured today
-Would be suicide bomber is caught and in police custody
- Many more rockets fired from Gaza, one of them was reported to be a Katyusha

- Hizbollah has extensive tunnel networks, arms, and commandos on Israel's border

11:50 PM: Kassam rocket just struck the center of Sderot in the south, resulting in damage and several shock victims.

11:20 PM EST: On the southern front, the IDF blew up three Hamas tunnles. I'm not sure if they were the ones that are used for weapons smuggling or for infiltrations into Israel. On the northern front, sirens are starting to wail in Haifa as the next day of rocket attacks begins.

6:00 PM EST: Dozens of IAF warplanes struck a Hizbollah bunker in south Beirut with bunker buster bombs. They were acting on intelligence that top Hizbollah leadership was hiding in that location. This was probably discovered by Israeli special forces on the ground in Lebanon. Update: The Hizbollah terrorist TV network has just announced that nobody was killed in the airstrike.

3:10 PM EST: Tom Delay will be on Israel National Radio with Tovia Singer for an exclusive interview tonight at 10 PM EST.

The IDF has dropped leaflets along southern Lebanon asking civilians to evacuate all areas south of the Litani river. Here are some great videos from Israelreporter of cockpit views of the action in Lebanon.

2:50 PM EST: We have been reporting that RINO Senator Lincoln Chafee is anti Israel. Well, he just struck again in an interview with NBC's David Gregory. He went on to blame Bush for not pushing Israel into creating a Palestinian state. He asserted that this was the main cause of the war and not Hizbollah's attacks. Readers note: Chafee's primary challenger Steve Laffey, an ardent supporter of Israel, is five points ahead in the polls.

2:35 PM EST: The Israeli DM Peretz issued a closure on Judea and Samaria. This is due to the increase in terrorist activity there.

In diplomatic news, John Bolton sharply condemned the liberal demands for a cease fire. He asked how there can ever be a cease fire brokered between a legitamate state and a terror group. Also, Tony Snow responded to a barrage of anti semitic questions from White House reporter Helen Thomas, "thanks for giving us Hisbollah's view". These are great statements and a welcoming sign that our government is totaly backing Israel.

2:20 PM EST: Debka File has another exclusive report on the fact that Hizbollah is sub-contracting Palestinian terrorist groups Islamic Jihad and PELP to help them launch rockets: "DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Palestinian Jihad Islami, Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP-General Command and Palestinian crime gangs based in S. Lebanon’s Burj Shimali east of Tyre are leading the rocket offensive against Nahariya and coastal Galilee. Early Wednesday, an Israeli air raid struck a village house in this sector east of Tyre, causing 10 deaths, according to Lebanese officials." I would point out that Hizbollah is a Shiite group while the Palestinians are Sunni. But the pointy headed talking heads will still assert that they will never work together.

2:00 PM EST: There is literally a 3 front war occuring in Israel. The IDF and IAF are fully engaged in combat in Gaza and Nablus along with their special forces battle in Metulla, on the Israel-Lebanon border. Reports are that they were successful in stopping the infiltration and the two terrorists were killed. In Nablus, there are reports that the IAF might bomb the compund in which scores of terrorists are hiding out in. INN has a great roundup of the three front battles.

1:45 PM EST: There is a reported infiltration on the northern Israeli border, another special forces battle under way. Debka reports "In second Israeli-Hizballah ground battle Wednesday, Israeli troops are fighting to repel a Hizballah incursion at Rosh Hanikra on the west coast of Galilee." Also, MDA emergency personel report that a total of 76 Israelis were treated today for varying degrees of injuries.

12:50 PM EST: Haifa warning sirens are goin off again. In regard to the Lebanese Hizbollah operations, I don't understand how Israel is continuously getting surprised with more rocket attacks, border raids, tunnles, tactic, weapons, and motivation on the part of the terrorists? I really hope that their Intel. services have some elaborate plan that we are unaware of.

12:15 PM EST: News Roundup: 37 injured in Nazareth along with the fatalities, hundreds of rockets landed throughout the Galilee today. The fatalities were Israeli Arabs. More injuries in Nahariya, water pipes and supply were damaged in Afula from rockets. Also, Assad just called for a cease fire of the IDF so he can attack Israel without impeadement. More rockets just landed in Haifa. Things are happening very very quickly.

11:30 AM EST: Exclusive report: INN has now officially printed the report of two IDF KIA's in a firce battle on the border. Debka File just came out with an exclusive report that this was a special forces battle being fought along the border. Israeli commandos were originally sent to destroy weapons tunnels along the northern border, but were surprised to find scores of Hizbollah fighters waiting for them. A firce battle erupted in which an IDF tank was destroyed killing two and injuring an unspecified amount of others. The two sides were locked in such close combat that the Israelis were constrained from bringing their helicopter gunships into play for decisive strikes against Hizballah fighters. The same difficulty confronted IDF tank guns. It makes sense why they are not reporting on this, as they usualy leave any details concerning special ops battles unclear. CBN reporter Eric Stakelback was reporting that Israeli special forces have been painting rocket launching sites with lazers and beaming them to aircraft above Lebanon.

Debka also reports on the disturbing reality of well armed and trained fighters hunkered down in other tunnels along the border. Also, Hizbollah commandos have been carrying out raids of their own along the border against IDF posts. All border towns are evacuated.

In other military news: I heard a CBN correspondent claim that the US airforce has SR 135 Recon. planes over the Mediterranean that are watching an Iranian submarine off the Lebanese coast. I haven't heard this anywhere else.

BREAKING: Rockets strike Nazareth and Afula 50 km into Israel, 3 killed, two of them children. Many more fall across the Galilee. A number of civilians suffered from shock when rockets landed in Tiberias. They are now reporting that 2 children and one adult were killed and scores more wounded from shrapnel. Meanwhile, the IAF just struck a bunker in the Dahiya terrorist area of Beirut.

9:50 AM: We have been repoting on a third front in the war located in various west Bank cities. Well, the IDF has just completed a massive counter terror operation, arresting 200 terrorists that were hiding in a Nablus compound. They are now in the costody of the Israeli intel. services. I hope they give them real interogations without John MCain rights.

Update 9:15: It is unclear yet if there were any casualties from the last barrage. Meanwhile, a rocket has landed in the Golan Heights. In other big news, police have caught the would be suicide bomber that placed several Israeli cities on high alert. Thank G-d.

8:30 AM: More rockets are currently falling in Tiberias, Haifa, and many other places. Developing..... So far no injuries reported, but there is a lot of damage. There were some direct hits on residential homes in Tiberias and Carmiel. A total of 72 rockets were fired the past hour.

The major fire in Tivon is now spreading to many homes, people are being evacuated.

8:20 AM EST: Police are reporting that they have lifted the suicide bombing terror alert from some Israeli cities. They have detained the suspect.

Inside Lebanon: I have been saying throughout the conflict that there is a lot that the IDF is probably doing that we are unaware of. The reports are just too vague and repetitive. Here is an exclusive Debka File report that confirms my suspicions:

"Israeli spokesmen speak only of small ground crossings into the south and air strikes against several war material trucks crossing in from Syria. However, according to DEBKAfile’s military sources, those ground incursions extend to central and eastern Lebanon as well as the south, targeting Hizballah strongholds and launching sites, and include several cross-border raids into Syria in pursuit of fleeing Hizballah terrorists and for the interception of incoming groups. Weapons convoys destined for Hizballah are also being struck on the Syrian side of the border. To conceal the extent of their losses, Hizballah has instructed its people not to hold burials."

8:00 AM: One person critically injured in rocket attack near safed. Also, several fires are raging in the Haifa suburb of Tivon. There is a major fire outside of an old age home which is preventing the rescue workers from evacuating it. There has also been widespread shortages in supplies throughout northern Israel.

BREAKING: Two soldiers were killed on the northern front, 10 wounded. Heavy fighting continues along Israel's border with several Israeli sodiers hurt. Here is a video of some of the action.

6:40 AM: Don't forget about the third front in the West Bank. The IDF is laying seige to a compound housing Al Aksa terrorists (Abbas's guys) in Nablus.

In other news, Javier Solona, from the UN delegation, said in a press conference with Israel's FM Tzipi Livni that Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization. Oh, OK.

6:10 Am EST: Rockets are now falling in Nahariya and other towns, people are entering shelters. Update: more rockets landed in Safed and Nahariya, thankfully no injuries were reported. So far today, there have been 21 rockets launched and few injuries reported. Also, in the city of Sharon, there is a suicide bomber alert. Police have set up checkpoints and roadblocks and are looking for a terrorist.

Also, there are large gun battles taking place between Israeli ground troops and Hizbollah terrorists on Israel's northern border. The IDF reports that the terrorists seem to have good intelligence on IDF military positions. Helicopter gunships are joining the action. One terrorist has been killed with several Israelis injured so far.

On the diplomatic front: PM Olmert has expressed no will to speak about diplomacy until the terror ends. It appears that his FM Tzipi Livni is more inclined to negotiate. They are going to meet today and iron out the differences. It seems that their State Dep't is as far to the left as ours.

Inside Lebanon: The IAF bombed more roads leading to Syria and struck 4 trucks in Beirut that were carrying long range rockets.

5:50 AM EST: Over night American time and in the morning Israeli time here are the latest developments. The war is heating up on both fronts. More rockets were fired into Haifa with damage reported but only a few lightly injured, no major casualties. Also, a bus was struck in Haifa, slightly injuring the driver. The big news is that on the southern front there were numerous rocket attacks on Sderot. One resident died of a heart attack as a result of trauma when a rocket hit his home. Also, there are now confirmed reports that one of the rockets fired from the south towards Ashkelon was a katyush not a kassam. This means that they do have some unspecified amount of long range missiles in Gaza.

12:00 AM EST: Israel is fighting on 3 fronts. They are currently involved in a major operation in Gaza in which the details are murky. 5 IDF soldiers are reported wounded. Also, there are troops in Nablus on numerous counter terror operations. Inside northern Israel, after the quiet night hours, the vermin have resumed their rocket attacks for the morning hours. Sirens are ringing throughout the Galilee with rockets beginning to land in Kiryat Shemona and other towns.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, there are reports that the IDF entered a small area in the south on the ground for a second time. The details are obviously unclear at this point as to their mission, but Israeli officials continue to defensively declare that this is just a measured, temporary incursion. Also, overnight Israel has again been reported to have struck the Beirut airport. This is again another example of ambiguity during war, because they already bombed it numerous times. We will not know for a while what their real targets were.

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