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Israel at War: Day 3 of Exclusive Coverage

Updated Friday, July 14th

(Note: This post will be continuously updated with breaking news as it occurs)
It is now early in the morning in Israel as they continue to deal with the new reality on the ground. We will continue our streaming coverage and commentary for the new day, but first a brief summary of day 2.
Day 2 Summary: Over 120 rockets were fired out of Lebanon into numerous northern cities including Haifa. In the most unprecedented and unprovoked Hizbollah attack in Israel's history, over 120 civilians were injured with two fatalities and several critical injured. Tzevat and Nahariya took a tremendous hit as did all of the smaller border towns. The big story is that they are now reaching as far as 20 kilometers into Israel including the major city of Haifa. Israeli intelligence believes that Hizbollah has 10,000 Katyushas with 100 that have a 40-70 kilo range; placing 2 million Israelis under siege. The rockets continue to fall even during the night, forcing many Israelis to evacuate the north or remain in bomb shelters.
The Palestinians have also fired more kassams from the south, but thankfully nobody was injured.
Israel has continued to blockade Lebanon by striking roads, airports, and harbors, along with threats to go after Hizbollah dominated neiborhoods in Beirut. My view is that this has been insufficient in stopping the imminent peril of constant rocket attacks. As Newt Gingerich said they are retaliating not destroying and uprooting. They must destroy the rocket launchers and issue an ultimatum to Syria by holding them accountable through actions not words.
All of the European nations and Russia have brazenly condemned Israel with only the US standing in the way of a formal resolution in the UN. I will keep everyone posted as the news breaks. Click here to stream the audio-photo summary of the days events.
Day 3 of the War on Terror
9:00PM: It is early in the morning Israel time. They are now getting serious about striking the terrorists. The IAF is launching multi prong air strikes in Both Gaza against Hamas targets and in Southern Lebanon against Hizbollah stronghold, particularly in the Bekka valley. YNet is reporting that Israel is currently bombing all main roads leading to the Beirut Airport. Night attack in Beirut: Israeli planes struck a bridge in the southern suburb of Beirut, a Hizbullah stronghold, and the fuel stores of the Jiyyeh power plant south of the city early on Friday,Keep in mind, this airport has been used as a supply depot from Iran for years.
Also, a top Hamas leader residing in Egypt is fleeing to Syria after being tipped off by Egyptian authorities about an imminent Israeli targeted strike. Yeah, some ally those Egyptians are!
11:00PM: Israel continues to strike Hizbollah offices and strategic targets inside of southern Beirut. Debka is reporting 700,000 Israelis spent the night in bomb shelter. There is a total media blockout in regard to the peril of northern Israel.
Don't forget that another 9 Kassams were launched on the southern front today. Again, a total media blockout.
Australian PM, John Howard just made a statement in regard to Israel. He joined Bush as being the only ones not to blame Israel. He's a good man.
11:30PM: Canada is backing Israel. Only the third nation to do so. All three of them are conservatives. Go figure. Meanwhile, the Iranian Hitler is offering compensation to Hizbollah for the damage incurred by the IAF.
By the way, I haven't heard anything from the drive-by media about an Al Reuters reporter injured in Nahariya. I guess they don't want to mention anything about Arab attacks.
6:00 AM: Its now early in the afternoon Israel time. After a relatively quiet morning there, rockets have just begun to fall on Nahariaya again several minutes ago. no injuries reported, but it's still developing. YNet has more info. Tzevat, and other northern cities are reporting power outages due to damage on electrical grids.
Also, the IDF just foiled another infiltration attempt by Hizbollah on the northern border. JPost has the details. They have also been active in Lebanon during the past several hours, bombing their airport for the third time.
Southern Front: Meanwhile, Hamas, not wanting to be outdone has fired a barrage of rockets from the south at Sderot this morning resulting in structural damage in the city. 8 people were treated for shock.
In other news, Tony Blair gave another anal dissertation on the importance of a Palestinian terror state. But he did add that there is no point in condemning Israel because "we are just outside observers". At least he got one thing right. Also, shockingly, Saudi Arabia expressed anger at Hizbollah for their escalation. Now I don't know what has gotten into them, but it appears that they are less pro terrorist than Europe.
Other big developments: There are now several Christian Lebanese sites blogging on the situation there. They are very supportive of Israel. Many of them commented on this article at YNet begging the IDF to free them of the Mullah rule. Here is a letter written to the Israeli PM by Free Lebanon congragulating Israel on their defense and begging them to wipe out terror in their midst.
8:00AM: Breaking- Rockets are being launched every few minutes. Two were launched at Tzevat and 5 more at Nahariya causing damage and one serious injury. Fires have spread throughout the city as a result of the rockets. Also. katyushas have landed in several smaller villages in the north including Ma'alot with some injuries reported. Developing...
YNet report: Katyusha rocket hits house in Safed, wounding 12 people. One person in serious condition after sustaining head injuries; some 14 rockets hit town Friday afternoon. Simultaneously rockets fired at Nahariya, land in heart of town; two lightly injured in strike.
8:15AM: Israel is under attack. Two more rockets landed near Haifa. Over twenty have been fired during the latest barrage causing widespread damage. They are still falling....
This is from Debka: "Two were seriously hurt in barrage aimed at Safed town and nearby military installations. The IDF base at Biria took a direct rocket hit from Lebanon and suffered casualties. Another hit a house, setting it on fire. Two Israeli civilians were seriously injured in another targeted house near the IDFÂ’s Northern Command HQ. Two Israeli civilians were killed in Nahariya and Safed Thursday and nearly a hundred injured by more than a hundred Hizballah rockets." Why are they still not taking out the launching sites?
In other news, an IDF brigade pulled out of central Gaza this morning eventhough Hamas continues to attack. The IDF is claiming that it is just logistical. I hope its not a retreat.
8:30AM: Haaretz is reporting that Israel plans to bomb the Hizbollah HQ in adenselyy populated area of Beirut. They have been dropping leaflets to warn civilians and are hoping that it will prevent civilian casualties. All liberal vermin media outlets are lying about civilian casualties. The magic number of 55 casualties that they keep reporting are almost all terrorists. Meanwhile, they continue to cover up the rocket barrage on Israeli civilians eventhough many are landing near the repoters themselves with one Al Reuters reporter injured.
Also, IDF announced that they struck 17 targets in Lebanon since this morning. Again, it is not clear how important these strikes were. They definitely have not stopped the rockets. Israelis as far south as Carmiel, near Haifa are being told to enter their bomb shelters.
8:45: 3 more rockets fall on Kiryat Shemonah. This is the largest border town which is currently a ghost town.
Here is a must read editorial in today's WSJ ridiculing the moral equivalence between terrorist attacks andIsrael's limited responses.
9:15: More rockets launched from the south by Hamas into Sderot. Fires are spreading as a result.
News Agencies are reporting that Bush spoke over the phone from Russia with the Lebanese PM and promised topressuree Israel to limit their airstrikes. Now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is privately signaling a different view. However, one has to wonder, is this the message that he should be sending in middle of the war on terror andunprecedentedd attacks on Israeli civilians? It is especially troubling that he is conveying such a message from Russian soil, a country which has been virulently anti Israel.

Breaking: 3 Katyushas acore direct hit on building in Ma'alot. Injuries reported. Several small towns were hot too. Developing... JPost reports that a total of 49 people were treated for injuries today throughout the north. These injuries range from serious to light.
10:00AM: CNN tried to instigate John McCain into condemning Israel in an interview. He didn't take the bait. Instead he said that they are acting appropriately and that we would respond in the same manner. At least the king RINO got something right. Although, I would venture to say that if Canada were to lauch a barrage of rockets at us and maim scores of civilians, we would be doing so much more.
Conversly, the French frog Chirac just said that Israel's response was "totally disproportionate".
10:50AM: More rockets launched in the north sparking widespread fires, damage, and several injuries. Details to come...
US announced 50 milliom more in aid to the palestininas! Outragous! Congress needs to rain in the terrorist supporting State Dep't.
Also, IAF planes just bombed another bridge on the Damascus-Beirut highway to prevent the smuggeling of the captured soldiers out of the country.
11:50AM: Several more wounded as rockets continue to fall in the north. Over 50 total injured just this afternoon. Nahariya hospitol is reporting that several hundred shock victims are being treated in a seperate emergency room.
BREAKING: Palestinian terrorists blewup a hole in the Gaza/Egypt fence. Hundreds are going over the border to enter Gaza from Eygpt. These were terrorists that were previously banned from entering after Israel closed the Rafiah crossing last week.
Lebanon Update: The al-Arabiya news network said the Air Force struck the "noor" radio station of Hizbullah in a southern suburb of Beirut. No injuries were reported.
It was also reported that Israel gave a two hour ultimatum to the residents of village of Aita al-Shaab in southern Lebanon to evacuate ahead of an apparent attack.
Diplomatic Front: White House Spokesman Tony Snow announced that "Bush does not make military decisions forIsrael". This is great news. Also, Bolton told the UN Security Criminal Council that Hizbollah must disarm period. Go John Bolton!
12:10PM: Rockets are currently bombarding Tzevat in an increasingly dangerous situation. IDF reports a total of 800 rockets and mortars fired at Israel over the past 2 days.
They are also hitting Nahariya, Kiryat Shemona, and other towns. One truck driver is injured so far... Another 4 just hit Nahariya.
Report: There is a great Lebanese Christian blog that is pro Israel and has been updating us on the situation from their perspective. They say that Hizbullah has launched rockets on IDF barracks in the Golan Heights. It shows that Syria is Hizbullah's patron.
1:00PM: Two Developing Stories
BREAKING Mother and daughter killed in Moshav Meron in Hizballah rocket attack Friday evening as strikes spread to Acre and Carmiel regions. Many more injured including women and children. Here is some video coverage.
Also, Israeli air force destroys Hizballah HQ and Nasarallah's House in S. Beirut Friday after Olmert approves new targets to stem escalated Hizballah rocket offensive. Hizbollah announced that Nasarallah was not present during the attack. He is probably in hiding. I don't understand why they have never taken him out when his location is known. This guy is the most relevent terrorist in the world.
1:30: 8 More Rockets fell on Nahariya hitting a gas canister and injuring 8 civilians.
BREAKING: Jewish teen stabbed in the heart of Jerusalem by an Arab terrorist. He's in moderate condition.
Things are happening very quickly. The IDF just fired on the Gaza/Eygpt border to prevent more penetration and weapons smuggeling. Also, Army Chief Halutz just announced that they are not trying to assasinate the terror leaders!! What?! After taking so many civilian casualties he won't even go after Bin Ladin style terrorists? And the "world community" thinks that they are being heavy handed? If only that was true.
2:30: Israeli naval ship slightly damaged by Hizbollah mortar. Nasarallah promises more attacks.
3:20: 1,500 Palestinians enter Gaza from Eygpt. One has to wonder how many terrorists and weapons are coming over? Also, Nasarallah declared open war on Israel. As if he didn't already.
WND is reporting that Syria might have fired small arms at the Golan. We previously reported on this from the Lebanese Christian group. They have sources in Lebanon that expect Syria to instigate attacks from thei side of the border. This is why i believe that it's time to hold Damascus accountable. They are harboring every terrorist organization!
Breaking: Israeli War ship hit by Hizbollah missle, sustains heavy damage. 4 sailors missing. The ship was operating 16 kilometers off the shore. Al Jezeera is reporting that Israeli special ops were spotted on the coast searching for the missing sailors. YNet has all the details
and an exclusive video.
Update: JPost has unconfirmed report that the ship was struck by an armed UAV! It is common knowledge that Hizbollah has UAV's, but if this is true then that means they have high tech ones too. Update: IDF confirms that it was an armed UAV.
Meanwhile more rockets fall on border towns.
Update 4:40: Bibi Netanyahu is on Hannity. He says that Hizbollah is firing rockets from civilian areas. That answers our question of why they are not taking them out. So lwts get something straigt. Israel is letting their citizens be killed and maimed from rockets because they don't want to kill muslim civilians to take the launchers out, and the Europeans still claim that they are being overly aggressive???
Bibi coined a great phrase, "the world's reaction is not a double standard but a triple standard". The terrorits get to kill and maim at will, western governments can defend against them, and Israel can get pummeld by rockets and isn't allowed to respond.
He also hinted to the fact that Olmert has not dealt with terror enough until now. I just don't understand why he doesn't stand up and challenge Olmert? He is so articulate and says all the right things. Why does he flip flop so much?
5:30: JPost reports Senator John Warner (RINO-Virginia) says Israel should show restraint. This is not surprising fron an open borders liberal Republican. All conservative Republicans are against the peace process garbage except for the RINO's like Warner and Chafee who complained that his primary challenger Steve Laffy is too pro Israel.
5:50: Top Hamas terrorist Mohammad Deif is reported to be paralyzed from the hip down by a top IDF commander. Also, in Gaza the IAF just struck the PA Finance Ministry.

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