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Israel At War: Day 12 of Exclusive Coverage

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- 2 dead, 14 injured in massive rocket attack on Haifa, more severe injuries in Kiryat Shmona, Akko, and other towns, over 60 injuries today
- A second attack in Haifa destroyed an apartment building, 6 injured
- Border area and bunker complex finally under IDF control, no casualties

- IDF prepares to target Bint Jabel, the "Hizbollah capitol", captures strategic ridge
- UN observer seriously injured by a Hizbollah bullet
- US is shipping more laser guided bombs to Israel
- Iranian Gen. Safavi is suspected to be commanding Hizbollah

11:10 PM EST: Well, Condi is set to arrive in Jerusalem in several hours. Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I really hope and pray that there won't be any Clintonian foreign policy maneuvers on her part.

7:55 PM EST: For anyone who thinks that Israel doesn't have it's share of liberals, they should check out this story. Members of the ultra leftist, pro terrorist Meretz party are criticizing Bush for supporting their war and not negotiating with Syria! This is while the whole north of the country is in peril. Here is a great editorial from the editor of that describes the state of northern Israel in a very emotional and passionate tone.

6:50 PM EST: WND is reporting that they were told by Jordanian and Egyptian officials that 6-9 bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen who were killed in fighting on the border, were flown back to Iran through Syria. This is yet another indication of the already known fact that not only is Iran helping Hizbollah, but they actually have their boots on the ground.

In other news, 7,000 people rallied for Israel in London today. I didn't here too much in the liberal media about that.

6:40 PM: In northern Israel it is in middle of the night so its pretty quiet. The subhumans only attack during the day so they can kill civilians. In Lebanon, the IDF cartured their first two Hizbollah POW's. I really hope that they don't apply the MCain anti torture rules. Meanwhile the IDF is prepared to invade Bint Jabel, the Hizbollah stronghold that is believed to be holding many fighters and weapons caches. They estimate that only 20% of the civilians remained in the city to fight alonside their terrorist brothers. The IDF is now trying to clean out all of the border towns to create a 1 km buffer zone.

6:30 PM EST: Top Saudi officials met with the President in Washington to demand a cease fire, a.k.a. for Israel to commit suicide. It boggles the mind how a country that funds suicide bombing against Israel can be taken seriously and given an ear in Washington in regard to that very country that they want destroyed. This is just another example of Bush's contradictory foreign policy. It also has a lot to do with liberals that prevent us from drilling for oil and building refineries that keeps us dependent on those Islamofacists.

3:15 PM EST: Brigitte Gabriel, the outspoken right wing Lebanese American of the American Congress for Truth was on Israel National radio. She spoke about her interview on CNN where she supported Israel's operation in Lebanon and expressed support for bringing the Lebanese Christians back to power. She said that immediately following her interview on CNN she received an anonymous call from a Lebanese (Muslim) official who said that her Lebanese citizenship had been revoked. She is a stronger supporter of Israel than any of the corrupt leaders in Israel's gov't. She was an ardent opponent of the Gaza expulsion.

1:15 PM EST: Bibi Netanyahu condemned British diplomats on international TV by saying that Britain's response to rocket attacks during WWII was tougher than that of Israel against Hizbullah. He needs to step up to the plate and take on Olmert.

Other big news, doctors are saying that Sahron's medical condition is deteriorating. They are seeing "a worsening of organ functions and of the collection of fluids in his body."

12:20 PM: For those who think that the Christians in Lebanon support Hizbollah read this article from a Christian Lebanese blog describing the sickening tactics of the terrorists.

12:10 PM EST: Here is an exclusive Debkafile report on the intentions of Condi Rice's visit and the difficulties that Israel faces in fighting Hizbollah. They claim that US officials are disappointed with Israel's lack of a smashing victory in one week, thus dragging out the conflict and creating more diplomatic problems. This explains what is behind the big headline the past few days that the Condi will give Israel a one week period to finish the job. I can't confirm that this is completely accurate, but Debka has been prety much on target the past few weeks. if this is true than it is very disappointing news, however, I think that the IDF needs to peruse the most aggressive campaign against terror ever seen regardless of a deadline or not. We always here the administration ridicule those that want to set a deadline for Iraq. Well, now is not the time for a double standard. Hizbollah is just as much our enemy as it is Israel's.

11:10 AM EST: Another round of rockets struck Haifa about 45 minutes ago. One rocket scored a direct hit on an apartment building resulting in serious damage and 15 injuries. There was reported to be a big fire on the scene. There are also reports that the rockets are getting closer to Haifa's big oil refinery. Over 60 civilians were treated for injuries today. Update: Many of these rockets are coming from the coastal city of Tyre. The IAF has just struck 46 launching positions there. They have also renewed their bombing raids over the Dahiya terrorist area of Beirut.

Also, I was watching some of the drive by Sunday talking heads and I was struck by the fact that they make no mention of any of our big stories. There was not one word about the Iranian General commanding ground operations or about the weapons and supplies landing in Syrian military airfields that are being smuggled over the border. They actually spoke about how Syria isn't interested in getting into the conflict! These fools are too busy reporting on nonsense to realize that they are the conflict! They are not "encouraging" or funding Hizbollah. They are Hizbollah!

10:15 AM EST: There is a large fire raging in Tiberias as a result of rockets fire.

9:55 AM: Haaretz is reporting that 80 rockets were fired so far today. There were many casualties in Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, and Akko.

9:30 AM EST: One UN observer was seriously wounded after being shot by a Hizbollah terrorist. I'm wondering how many in the drive by media will report on this. More Kassams continue to fall in the south.

9:15 AM EST: Another rocket barrage on Kiryat Shmona scored a direct hit on a building injuring 3. Also, 3 rockets landed in Tiberias. No information on casualties.

8:40 AM EST: More rockets are falling throughout the Galilee. There was just a major attack in Akko resulting in one civilian severely injured and several more lightly. Two residents were injured from shrapnel in Kiryat Shemona. In other news, the BBC anti semites finally admitted that many of the "Lebanese casualties" are terrorists. A reporter said that "its difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian".

7:30 AM EST: The Mideast Newsline has confirmed that Hamas has some variation of the Katyusha rocket. Remember that last week Hamas fired a rocket 13 miles into Israel that was suspected to be an upgraded Kassam. This is no doubt due to Israel's lack of full control of the border. Another success of that cursed Gaza retreat.

7:20 AM EST: The British, French, and German foreign Ministers are in Israel today to do what they do best; dump on the Jewish State. Unfortunately, Israel's marxist DM Amir Peretz said today that he is open to the idea of placing an int'l force in south Lebanon. Only a far leftist Israeli can invite an int'l force that has helped Israel's enemies in the past.

6:45 AM: More sirens are sounding in northern Israel. In Lebanon, the IDF just captured a strategic ridge overlooking Bint Jabel, the Hizbollah stronghold. They plan to take the city today. There were no reported casualties. Meanwhile, the IAF has continued it's bombing campaign including a textile factory near the border with Israel along with some of the usual targets. You really have to start wondering how many times they can hit the same targets, or are they telling us the whole story?

6:25 AM EST: Two killed in Haifa in the latest massive rocket attack in the north, at least 12 injured. Over 25 rockets fell during the night scoring direct hits on homes in Nesher and Carmiel resulting in a lot of damage and several injuries. Two children were among the injured in Carmiel. But the worst of the attacks were in Haifa. One was killed when a rocket scored a direct hit in his car while he was in middle of driving. Another was killed in his home, several homes were destroyed, resulting in at least 12 injuries, some of them serious. This attack occurred right after the French FM visited the city. Also, in the south, 7 more kassams struck the Negev, ending any speculation about a rumored "cease fire".

In other news, the Deputy Army Chief of Staff confirmed today what we have been reporting on in depth, that Syria is resupplying Hizbollah, but the IDF is hesitant to strike so close to the border. He said that they don't want to widen the conflict at this point. I hope that they will go after them at "another point. I'm not sure if his statement was in response to the Syrian Information Minister's threat that if Israel approaches their border, they will attack. Also, Intelligence chief Major General Amos Yadlin said that Iran is involved "up to its neck" with Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon. No surprise there, as Iranian Gen. Safavi is running the show. Also, a French paper quoted the Lebanese FM as saying that the two kidnapped soldiers are in good condition.

1:15 AM EST: Column Update: Here is a must read Michelle Malkin column in yesterday's Washington Times. She discusses the unsettling fact of Hizbollah operators inside America. Keep in mind that we are now bringing back 7,000 more hizbollah sympathizers to our shores.

1:00 AM EST: Here is the latest military report from Debkafile:

"Syria placed its army on war preparedness, pointed Scuds at Israel from
Thursday, July 20, the day Tehran took control of Lebanon War.
sources add Syrian fighter pilots are sitting in their cockpits.
orders went out from Syrian president Bashar Assad July 20 when Iran's
Revolutionary Guards commander Brig.-Gen Yahya Rahim Safavi assumed
command of the Lebanon war from Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Tehran's
direct military intervention in the conflict was accompanied by an Iranian
weapons airlift which began landing Wednesday, July 19, at the Abu Ad Duhur
military airfield north of Homs. The deliveries include large quantities of new
missiles, including the long-range Zelzal and Fajr 3 and Fajr 5 missiles,
Katyusha rockets, anti-tank and anti-air missiles sent out from RG HQ in Bandar
Abbas on the Persian Gulf.
Assad acted on the assumption that Israel, whose
air force and ground forces are already hammering the cross-border supply routes
north of the Litani River to block the passage of Iranian hardware to Hizballah,
will soon decide to go for Iranian military operations in Damascus and Abu Ad
Gen. Safavi has set up two forward command posts which coordinate war
operations with Hizballah chief of staff Ibrahim Akil.
One center is working
out of a cellar of the Iranian embassy in Beirut to regulate Hizballah rocket
fire against Israel and direct the groups of 3 or 4 RG officers taking part in
every Hizballah face-to-face engagement with Israeli ground troops in the south.
The second, housed in the basement of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, is in
charge of communications, intelligence and getting hardware into Lebanon.
The deliveries were made to the Abu Ad Duhur airfield because it belongs to
the joint Iranian-Syrian Scud missile factory which employs a large number of
engineers and technicians. "

The Syrians and Iraninas are clearly engaged in this conflict in more than a monetary way. This is a direct act of war. Hopefully, Israel will go after Damascus when they are done in Lebanon.

12:50 AM EST: On the southern front, rockets are falling in Sderot again. There were ridiculous rumors yesterday that Hamas agreed to stop the attacks. Indeed, seeing is believing.

Interesting news: John Kerry went on a rampage against Rush Limbaugh yesterday for stating the obvious, that Republicans are better friends of Israel than Democrats. The rule is that people only get insulted about something that is true. WND reports that Arafat ostensibly endorsed Kerry for President in 2004. Go figure.

12:15 AM EST: For those who missed Saturday's news, here is a great roundup from INN.
Here is the latest news: Rockets have just landed in the northern town of Rosh Pinah. This along with yesterdays record barrage of rockets indicates that Hizbollah still has extensive operating capabilities despite the successfull IDF operations on the ground in Lebanon yesterday.

In southern Lebanon, Israel is constructing a massive prisoner of war camp. This is indicative of what Israel expects to deal with in the coming days. Also, the IDF is systematically targeting Hizbollah villages and rocket launching sites, capturing weapons and ammo. They are now prepared to target Bint Jabel, the "Hizbollah capitol". There have been no IDF casualties since the major three day battle in the bunkers near the border. Here are some pictures of the bunkers that the terrorists were holed up in. It is important to point out that Hizbollah can still have some surprises on hand, as they have had years to prepare for this. The area is mined and there are bombs powerful enough to destroy the underbellies of Israel's tanks, as was seen ten days ago when the crew of a Merkavah-3 tank was burned alive when a 200kg (120 lbs) bomb was detonated near Israel's northern border. It is also known that Russian-built Kornet missiles were sold to Syria. The laser-guided missiles manufactured in the 1990s are equipped with a thermal sight. They pose a threat to even the most advanced tank.

Meanwhile, thousands of left wing nuts rallied in Tel Aviv against the war together with Arab instigators! Talk about an enemy within! This is taking place while Israeli citizens are being maimed every day. Liberalism is a mental disorder and these clowns need to be locked up.

In other big news, the New York Slimes is reporting that the US is sending Israel more laser guided bombs because they are running low. This is something that is quite obvious to anyone who is following the situation closely, but do they really need to publish these things? I guess they want to stir up more hatred for Israel.


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