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Continued Exclusive Israel Reporting @ Commentary (updated)

Full Coverage: Day 2 of the 6th War on Israel.
(Note: Watch for breaking updates)
Breaking: Hizbollah just launched four Katyushas at a western Galilee town scoring a direct hit on a civilian house. 60 Are reported injured. Update: One fatality is now being reported. The rocket was fired 25 kilometers into Israel, the farthest rocket attack ever. All northern town residents are in bomb shelters. INN has the details here. Now is the time for Israel to kill Hizbollah chief Nasallia and issue an ultimatum to Assad. Unfortunately, I just heard Israel's commander of the North declare that this is between them and Lebanon, not Syria. This is another strategic blunder on their part.
Update: Tens of rockets are currently being fired at Israel's Galilee. These are all long range Katyushas. All residents are in bomb shelters. We must continue to pray for their safety and the eradication of the Islamonazis. BetBender blog, live from Israel has the specifics:

"A volley of at least five Katyusha rockets hit downtown Nahariya near a main
avenue Thursday morning just after 0700. One woman, in her 40s, was killed in
the strike, and several other residents are being treated for wounds, according
to Channel 2 News.One rocket slammed through the roof of the victim's top floor
apartment, killing her outright and causing damage.Nahariya is a coastal city
several kilometers south of the border with Lebanon: A second barrage hit
near a major avenue shortly before 0800. There are reports of wounded in this
attack as well.Officials halted commuter railway traffic to the city, due to the
severity of the bombing of similar attacks are being reported along much
of the northern border, including an Air Force bases on Mt. Meron near Zafed and
Kiryat Shmoneh in the Galilee panhandle. Some 250,000 northern area residents
spent the night in in bomb shelters and security rooms, and remain there, as
this report is posted."

In other news, JPost is reporting that the IAF just struck a runway at Beirut Int'l Airport. Israel Army Radio explained the strike to be a message that" if there is no tourism in Israel there will be none in Lebanon either". INN explains:

"In the meantime, the northern resort areas are beginning to empty as visitors to
hotels, bed and breakfasts and the many other locales feel the situation istoo
dangerous. Area operators on Wednesday night reported that cancellations forthe
weekend were quick in coming as the news of the heavy fighting dominated
theairwaves during the day."

Hopefully, this will be the prelude to something more than a symbolic strike. A full photo and audio roundup can be viewed here.
Update: 16 reported wounded in rocket attacks. IAF just bombed the Hizbollah TV station. This should have been done yesterday.
Update 4:30 AM: There was another rocket barrage about an hour ago, 10:00 AM Israel time directed mainly towards the resort city Nahariya. Close to 40 civilians have been wounded from over 60 rockest fired. They are continuing to fall. Many civilians are fleeing Nahariya, which has taken the bulk of the casualties, and the remaining residents are told to stay in bomb shelters. About a quarter million residents of northern Israel are cooped up in these shelters.
The IDF has placed a full closure on Lebanon with a sea blockade on their harbor in addition to their strikes on the Beirut Airport. This is a positive first step, but they need to follow up onit by eradicating Hizbollah into submission.
In other news, Israel has retrieved the remains of the dead soldiers in the exploded tank.
Update: Rockets have just struck another small northern town, disrupting it's water and electricity. Fires have been sparked as a result. The IDF has just received orders to shoot anything that crosses the border. Top IDF officials are threatening to target the Dahiya neiborhood of Beirut, a Hizbollah stronghold, and eliminate every terrorist including Nasrallah himself, regardless of "civilians". This campaign is being dubbed Operation Just Reward. This is the right message. Lets hope that they follow up on it and deliver the just reward to these subhumans.
Meanwhile, the Russians just issued a condemnation of Israel, not the terrorists for their barbaric seige and attacks on a quarter million civilians for no reason! This, after Israel has not even exacted a sizable price for these dastardly attacks. You can always count on these Russian anti-semites. I hope that the Chechan terrorists give them hell!
Also, Carl in Jerusalem is reporting on his blog that Women in Black, a leftist Israeli enemy within, is planning a candle vigil in protest of Israel's response. Keep in mind that Olmert's daughter is a member of this group!! Olmert must resign!
New York Slimes Update: The pro terrorist vermin at the Slimes just published an op-ed titled"Gazans once again displaced by Israeli occupiers". Oh, and this is the same paper that buried the Holocaust!
6:00Am: Defense Minister Peretz demands that the Lebanese government oust Hizbollah from it's borders. This will be the real test whether Israel finally has the resolve to back up their threats. Only time will tell.
Latest from INN: The IDF has created a one kilometer buffer zone on the border which ostensibly bans any Hizbollah movement there. They are now bombing the terrorist stronghold of Baalbek, a small city 100 kilometers north of the border. Army officials are saying that this operation will last for several weeks.
Update 8:00 AM: More rockets launched throughout northern Israel. Over 70 total. There are now reports of 7 rockets fired at the major city of Tzvat with numerous injuries reporting Update: 13 injured in Tzevat alone, some very seriously. The whole Galillee region is shut down. There is a constant threat of rockets like never before in Israel's history. Watch an exclusive 4 minute clip of the Israeli navy shelling targets in Lebanon here.
Hizbollah is now threatening Haifa. Also, the French have now joined the Russians in condemning Israel's weak response! Surprise? The EU has also joined the party. Thankfully, our President has not completely become a liberal and has expressed full support for Israel.

INN is now reporting that the Health Ministry is evacuating the elderly from the north.
In regard to the captured soldiers, Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz has announced that they are alive and in good condition. He must have some inteligence that we are not privied to. The names of the soldiers have been published.
Update 9:00: Latest details on Tzvat attack. Over 20 wounded, a bus stop, an absorption center, and a college all received direct hits. JPost is now reporting that 11 people were wounded in the latest barrage in some smaller northern towns. Over 70 total casualties since last night. Debka File has tallied the total rocket barrage on IDF instalations to be about 20.
9:40AM: INN reports that a Katyusha just struck Carmiel, a town that is some 20 kilometers from the border.
Breaking: 25 more rockets fall on northern towns. A second woman, a 70 year old resident of Tzavet, dies of her wounds from shrapnel. This brings the total to close to 100.
Also, the IAF just struck a major Lebanese Air Base near the Syrian Border. Now is the time to go after Syria. They must begin flattening southern Lebanon. Civilians are dying!!
YNet is reporting that the Italian FM just joined the party and condemned Israel. Keep in mind that the recently elected Italian government is far left and anti American. Norway is now flatulating too!
10:30 AM: Lebanon now calls for an Arab style "cease fire". They are intensifying their rocket attacks but want Israel to stop defending against it. Meanwhile, Kiryat Shmonah, a border city, is now a ghost town. All southbound highways are jammed with traffic.
Other Big News: The Wash. Times is reporting that 3,000 Christian Conservative Zionists will be gathering in Washington to meet with Congressional leaders and push the Bush adminitration to stop this "piss process" nonsense. Staunch conservative Senators Santorum and Brownback will be in attendance. Where will the Democrats be?? Read the full story here.
11:15 AM: Southern Front Update: Hamas just fired a Kassam from the south towards Ashkelon but luckily there were no injuries. It looks like they don't want to get outshined by their brothers in the north. There have also been an assortment of rock throwing and firebomb attacks in Judea and Samaria. Israel is now reaping the results of their suicidal retreat. This is now a three front war.
Breaking: An Israeli Foreign Ministry official just revealed at a press conference that they have information that Hizbollah plans to move the soldiers to Iran. This is more proof that the source of the problem is Damascas and Tehran. An ultamatum to Syria is needed immediately!
12:00 PM: US navy ship that was docked at the Haifa port was just ordered to evacuate. Also, full roundup and video coverage of the Tzavat attack can be seen here. Notice that all the foreign media is reporting terrorist casualties as civilian and they make no mention of the 100 unprovoked Israeli casualtis.
Tom Sullivan is sitting in for Rush today and is right on target with his analasys. He fully understands that it is the Israeli leftist vermin that has blood on their hands for bringing this upon them. He cited an Israel newspaper editorial today blasting Israel's limited defense.
Meanwhile, Mashaal, the top Hamas guy, just came out of hiding to give his two sense on the situation. He declared, "I'm the man" to deal with. Well, we need to show him that he indeed is the man and cut him down in Damascus.
Breaking: More rockets just launched at Nahariya and Metula. President Katzav is in Nasariya right now. At least three more civilians injured. YNet is reporting that 6 rockets were fired and scored a direct hit on an apartment building. Developing. Also, the IAF just struck the main route leading to Damascus from Lebanon.
Anti War protestors gather in Tel Aviv. Sound familiar? They should be arrested, but unfortunately Israel is more interested in arresting right wing patriots than the enemy within.
1:15PM: Israeli military officials tell WorldNetDaily the Jewish state has "completely neutralized the Lebanese air force."
BREAKING: First rocket just struck Haifa. Developing... Inn reports 2 rockets were fired there. Thank G-d no injuries, just one treated for shock. Haifa residents are being asked to stay close to shelters. Keep in mind that this is Israel's third largest city. To summarize; there have been over 100 rockets launched causing over 100 injuries and two fatalities. 31 were from Tzevat with one in critical condition. During the last barrage, 9 were injured in Tzevat and 3 in Nahariya.
Inn is reporting that a child is feared to be trapped under rubble in Tzevat from the last round of rockets.
2:20 PM: BREAKING: Another rocket hits Haifa, two injured. Reuters news reporter injured in Nahariya, Israeli reporters injured in Tzevat.
IAF just struck a southern Beirut gas depot. Why are they striking these things? Bomb the rocket launchers! People are dying! They know where they are located. It is all but a 10 mile radius in southern Lebanon.
3:00 PM: Hundereds of tourists are streaming out of Lebanon to Syria. The IAF has been dropping leaflets warning civilians to stay away from Hizbollah strongholds.
3:30PM: 122 injured so far. Also, Qatar just submitted a resolution of condemnation of Israel and is demanding a vote tonight. France has said they would vote for it. Nazis! This is a fastball up the middle of the plate for John Bolton. Update: Fox is reporting that Bolton just vetoed it! The vote was 10-1 in favor of the motion, put forth by Qatar, the Council's only Arab motion. Britain, Denmark, Peru and Slovakia abstained. American Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton slammed the motion as being "untimely and already outmoded."
6:00PM: Condi Rice issued a carefully worded statement in Germany saying that "exercising restraint is very important." Obviously, she didn't engage in pro terrorist talk like the Europeans, but why does she need to mention restraint in the context of a day with over 100 Israeli casualties? Newt Gingerich got it right on Hannity "you don't retaliate against these guys, you destroy them". There is a profound difference between the two and so far Israel has done more retaliating. Time will tell.


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