Thursday, July 06, 2006

Exclusive Israel Report:Israeli Soldier Killed in Gaza

Breaking: There is some bad news coming out of Israel today. An Israeli soldier was shot dead by an Arab sniper in Gaza several hours ago. The sad irony is that it took place on the soil of a former Jewish community. This is all due to Israel's indecisive campaign of PC warfare. They are treating this operation as a domestic highway patrol instead of a full blown war. JPost has the details:

"An IDF soldier was killed on Thursday when he was shot in the head during
clashes with Palestinian gunmen in the northern Gaza neighborhood of Atatra.
The soldier was evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital where he died of
his wounds.
Another troop was lightly wounded during the fighting in the
northern Gaza town.
In the bloodiest day since the IDF invaded Gaza over a
Shalit's capture, troops seized empty Jewish settlements abandoned by Israel
last year and pushed toward densely populated towns, killing at least 13
Palestinians. "
We will continue to pray for Cpl. Shalit and the rest of the IDF. Click here to view exclusive video footage via of the IDF retaking north Gaza. Here is israelreporter's exclusive coverage of the casualty.
Update: The Zionist Organization of America just came out with a report on their meeting with officials of Congress last week. Majority Whip Roy Blunt agrees that the expulsion/retreat from Gaza was a grave mistake:

"Roy Blunt (R-MO), the House Majority Whip, paid tribute to the correctness
of the ZOA past warnings on the risk of unilateral concessions to the
Palestinians, saying, “You were right about Gaza last year.”
Another Republican echoed his sentiments:

"Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Member of the Homeland Security Caucus, said, “You
cannot engage in the peace process by giving up land for peace -- it will never
Update: The Jewish Press, a right- wing weekly publication has an exclusive interview with Ann Coulter. Regarding Israel and the West Bank she remarked, "if you start a war and lose, you lose your land". If only the Israeli leftists would understand this simple concept.
Update: Bridget Johnson of National Reveiw has a great column on the situation here. This is a great quote:

"And those sympathizing with the Palestinian government and its not-so-distant
terrorist cousins had better wake up, because what happens in Israel does not
stay in Israel. "
Another Attack: Arab terrorists throw stones and injure young child in Hebron. Also, three more rockets launched at southern towns in Israel. The Arabs are smelling blood.
Friday Update: Rockets fired from the Arab terrorists on an hourly basis. Five civilians injured in the Israeli town of Sderot. INN has a roundup here and here:
"At least seven Kassams have been fired since late last night, with at
least five landing in Israel. Among them were two that hit populated areas in
the city of Sderot, sending three people to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon with
shrapnel wounds. Four people were reported suffering from shock."

Update: Great news! After the IDF has taken over northern Gaza, conservative activists in Israel call for "reengagement" of Jewish settlement there to create a buffer zone. Ynet reports:

"Right-wing activists told Ynet Thursday that now that the IDF has recaptured north Gaza, they too plan to resettle the
“To gain back Israel’s deterrence we must prove that
our concessions are reversible, but the settlement enterprise will remain
forever. Therefore we must impose Israeli sovereignty in these areas. A military
maneuver is only temporary and will therefore give temporary results. We are
willing to rebuild our homes in north Gaza.”

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