Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel At War: Day 7 of Exclusive Coverage

(Note: This post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Massive rocket barrage in north kills a civilian in Nahariya, others seriously injured, over 60 total casualties over the past few hours
- IAF planes bombed supply lines and convoys coming from Syria
- Israel coordoniting Beirut evacuations with US
-Over 100 rockets launched into Israel Tuesday afternoon
- PM Olmert meets with UN envoy, rejects cease fire
- IDF: 40-50% of hizbollah's infrastructure destroyed

10:00 PM EST: A French Frogman member of their parliament just called for military action against Israel. I guess they want to finish off what the Vichy failed to do in the 40's.

8:00 PM: The IDF is entering central Gaza for another counter terror operation. In other news, the vermin of South America, Hugo Chavez demands Israel end aggression against Palestinians, Lebanon (Reuters) Also, there will be a rally for Israel in Washington tomorow. Details here.

7:45 PM EST: Congressman Peter King (R- NY) was on the Mark Levin show tonight. He is one of the best guys in the House. He stated what we have been reporting on, that the Democrat establishment is in a very "akward" postion in regard to Israel. On the one hand, there is such a high level of support for Israel in the US that they are forced to toe the line. However, on the other hand, they always side with the Europeans over Bush and for the same reasons that they oppose him on Iraq they should oppose him on Israel too. He said that Congressman Weiner, a liberal from NYC, stated that Bush gets it wrong on almost every issue, but he is dead on here. The liberal plan is to attack Israel through their media and blogs but have their viable public officials express "support" for Israel.

King went on to state that Israel is showing amazing restraint because they could easily level half of Lebanon and Syria. Side note: Peter King needs help for reelection because he is being targeted for taking on the silence of the Muslim community and the illegal aliens. He is a great American patriot that deserves our support.

7:00 PM EST: I must say that we can really see the hand of G-d working that through the 1,200 rockets launched that there weren't more deaths. Here is a great WND story about many miracles and near misses that have taken place across Israel.

In regard to the Lebanese "Americans" Debbie Schlussel has a must read report that details the origin of these misterious people. Why would they be in such a dangerous place? Well, it turn out that aside from some college students seeking an exotic place to hang out, most of them are Hizbollah supporters; many of them from from Deerborn, Michigan. Read the whole thing here.

Update: Condi Rice decided to stay home until conditions are conducive for a cease fire. This is a welcoming change. Also, during the first few hours of the night in Israel there have been several rocket attacks in the north and south with no casualties. Also, IDF officials are reporting that the terrorist vermin are setting up roadblocks to prevent civilians from fleeing southern Lebanon.
In other news, Senator George Allen was on Hannity and was very supportive of Israel, a sharp contrast to the other Senator from Virginia who is blocking the pro Israel resolution. He said, "I hope that Israel takes as big of a bite and chunk out of Hizbollah as possible." Allen also went on to declare that we are not just fighting against terrorism but the Islamofacist ideology. He stated that he liked Newt Gingrich's analogy of our hypothetical response to a rocket attack on Miami. This is why I support George Allen for President in 08'.

2:30 PM EST: In the south, more rockets strike Sderot and Ashkelon. They were reported to have reached the farthest north ever.

1:40 PM EST: White House Spokesman Tony Snow said that a ceasefire that would return the situation (on the northern border) to how it was is not acceptable to the United States. In your face you French frogs!

1:00 PM EST: Ann Coulter was on the Gordon Liddy show with Joseph Farah. In regard to Israel she said, "we can take a lesson from them", and "we need to ask them where we can get one of those fences from".

On the American front, Congress is planning to pass a resolution commending Israel and lending her our full support. It is currently being held up by liberal, open borders, pro gun control Senator John Warner (RINO-Va) who has objections about fully supporting them.

12:45 PM EST: Fires are raging in the Golan Hights and Galilee as a result of the rocket attacks. Helicopters are being sent to aid the firefighters. Over 100 rockets were launched this afternoon.

11:45 AM EST: Thousands of foreigners and Americans are being evacuated from Bairut by air and sea. Israel has suspended their campaign during the evacuations. In Israel, Ma'alot is being bombarded, two people injured.

Also, inside Israel, IDF soldiers are suing Israel's leftist channel 2 news for broadcasting the positions of the rocket impactions. These broadcasts helped the terrorists pinpoint their accuracy on subsequent barrages on IDF positions. These guys are the real enemy within, much like our liberal media which is not much better than Al Jezeera.

11:15 AM EST: The Israeli Attorney General Manny Mazuz orders another investigation into a bribary allegation directed at PM Olmert. Go figure.

Breaking 10:45: Major rocket attack throughout the north. One killed in Nahariya, others seriously wounded. Rockets also struck Haifa, Safed, Kiryat Shemona, and Akko. Update: Rockets are currently hitting Tiberias and sirens are sounding in Haifa. 8 reported injured in the latest barrage. Update: A rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Haifa causing injuries. Israeli rescue workers reporting that 36 were injured in total.

On the Diplomatic front: Bolton said "you have to ask how would this multinational force be more effective in Lebanon than the current one". Thank G-d for John Bolton.

10:15 AM EST: Column Update: Here are two must read columns on the Israeli war. These are real conservatives who have predicted this very peril that has emerged from Israel's suicidal concessions. Unlike other fake conservatives, Caroline Glick and Frank Gaffney consistantly opposed the Gaza expulsion plan. Glick makes the point that Damascus is not only harboring Hizbollah, but also Hamas along with it's leader Mashaal. She criticizes Olmert for declining to go after Mashaal and Hamas in Syria. These are the ones behind the death of scores of Israelis and they refuse to take out their Syrian bases?!!

Here is an excerpt from Gaffney: "It is time for the U.S. and the Free World to adopt anew the Bush Doctrine (as opposed to the negotiation uber alles "Burns Doctrine" promoted by the undersecretary of state). Essentially, that means no territory for terrorists".

9:30 AM EST: The IAF just struck a convoy of weapons near the Syrian border. It was clearly coming from Damascus. They also hit two more rocket launching sites. In other news, Ireland has joined the chorus of condemnation of Israel. This, after the Israeli leftists are barley defending their country. Meanwhile, Saddam warns Syria `not to go too far` with Iran alliance, blames Iran for crisis (DPA). He must really hat the Iranians.

9:15 AN EST: Israeli Knesset members speak out. Even ultra liberal Shimon Peres has said that he doesn't trust International forces to protect them. Keep in mind that this is coming from the biggest internationalist in Israeli history. Meanwhile, it looks like some right wing MK's are apprehensive about a perceived relunctantness on the part of Olmert to commit ground troops. Likud MK Katz said on a tour of Haifa that the IDF cannot finish the job without a ground effort. Also, Bibi Netanyahu announced at a Likud conference, "a partial solution of ceasefire is forbidden." According to him, "our objective needs to be the expulsion of firing sources. We do not want to leave Nasrallah with a finger on the trigger. We need to behave like the United States in the Cuban Missile Crisis. We also need to continue without international backing."

8:00 AM EST: The JPost is reporting that the IDF believes it destroyed 40-50% of Hizbollah's infrastructure. They are predicting that they need another week to finish the job.

6:20 am EST: Safed and Haifa under attack. 4 injured in Haifa, large fires are raging there. Two firefighters injured in Safed and 7 suffered from shock.

In the media: A Washington Post editorial today debates whether Israel is a crime and a mistake. I wouldn't expect anything different from this anti American anti-Semitic rag.

6:00 AM EST: Safed is hit striking a gas tank. 3 more rockets strike Haifa, several are treated for shock, no casualties reported. Update: Debka is reporting: Five rockets hit major city of Haifa, 6 explode in Safed midday Tuesday. Tiberias and Shlomi also hit. Casualties reported, fires and substantial damage.

In other news, I am starting to get the feeling that Israel is backing down. Their internal security Minister just announced that they might consider a prisoner swap. Also, Israel's Foreign Minister Livni just hinted that they would not rule out an Int'l force in Lebanon. This is also in addition to statements made by top military brass that they don't plan to invade Lebanon. Something doesn't smell right. Meanwhile, right wing members of Knesset are starting to subtly criticize the government. One of the opposition leaders Avigdor Lieberman totaly rejected the idea of a cease fire and demands that Israel go after Assad while he is weak. He also said that Israel's posture towards Iran is reminiscent of the behavior of the Jewa when hitler first assumed power.

Also, in regard to future Israeli withdrawals, another right wing MK Aryeh Eldad, perhaps the best one in the Knesset, has proposed legislation entitled "Personal Example," by which members of a government that votes to evacuate citizens from their homes would be thrown out as well. Unfortunately, there aren't enough legislatures like Lieberman and Eldad.

5:30 AM EST: It's around noon time in Israel and they have been under attack for the past hour. Over 70 rockets were fired into the north with many landing in Safed. Miraculously, only one is moderately injured.
Also, in other news, a female soldier was stabbed in the Negev and her gun was stolen by the terrorist.

12:00 Am EST: Former CIA chief James Woolsey, a staunch supporter of Israel believes that we should strike supply lines in Syria. He told WND: "I think we ought to execute some airstrikes against Syria, against the instruments of power of that state, against the airport, which is the place where weapons shuttle through from Iran to Hezbollah and Hamas. I think both Syria and Iran think that we're cowards. They saw us leave Lebanon after the '83 Marine Corps bombing. They saw us leave Mogadishu in '93."

11:30 PM EST: It's now early morning Israel time. It has been a relatively quiet night on the northern front because the vermin only attack when civilians are up and about. However, in the south, Hamas just fired 3 rockets at Sderot, injuring a Thai worker. Here is a great map of northern Israel and the route of the rocket attacks.
In other news, the Israeli DM is calling up an additional 3 battalions for duty.


Pirx the Pilot said...

Are they using incendiary materials in the warheads (white phosphorus, for example)?

12:45 PM EST: Fires are raging in the Golan Hights and Galilee as a result of the rocket attacks. Helicopters are being sent to aid the firefighters. Over 100 rockets were launched this afternoon.

Daniel said...

I don't think the warheads have any soecial materials on them yet. However, many experts are claiming that they might have them in their arsenal and are waiting to unleash them, G-d forbid