Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sec. of Commerce Gutierrez Advocates Amnesty Before Congress

Another Bush cabinet member demands open borders.

Sec. of Commerce Carlos Guitierrez testified before a special Senate hearing on border security today. He paid tribute to his Cuban roots by invoking the typical moral equivalence between immigrants and aliens. He also espoused the exact same lies, cliches, and misinformation about illegals that every Bush official has been touting for the past few months. He arrogantly declared:
``We have jobs today that either American citizens aren't willing to do or aren't able to do''

Yeah, when you import slave labor that drives down the wages so profoundly, then what do you expect? Then, he went on to disseminate the lie about the honor of illegals:

``Immigrants aren't crossing our borders to look for a handout. They're seeking jobs that are available.''

Really??! What about the 29% of all federal prisons that are filled with aliens? What about all of the heinous crimes and disproportionate numbers os murderers and rapists that are illegal? What about the 95% of all most wanted criminals in LA being illegal? Have you ever taken stock of the desaterous state of our education system and hospitals in border states due to illegals?
Anyway, he ended off with an anal dissertation of why amnesty is the only way to secure the border!

``The biggest thing we can do for our border is have a temporary-worker permit for the interior of our country,''

Yep! And the only way to stop the flow of gushing flood waters in your house is to let the water that is already present stay there. Unfortunately, it appears that the liberal mental disorder has penetrated every member of the Bush administration.

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