Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Heritage Foundation 2006 Candidates Platform

For red meat conservatives its the issues that count. Everything else is hot air.

The leading Conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, has published their list of important issues for the 2006 elections along with their platform and recommendations. While I strongly believe in voting for the Republican in every general election regardless (except for Chafee), it is important to know who the "red meat conservative" is in the primary. Here is a list of their issues and platforms that every conservative candidate should take an unambiguous stance on:

Domestic Policy The Courts» Crime» Higher Education» Immigration» K-12 Education» Poverty» School Choice

Economy Energy & Environment» Federal Budget & Spending» Jobs & Labor» Pensions» Regulation» Social Security» Taxes» Technology

Foreign Policy Africa» China & Taiwan» Energy Supplies» Foreign Aid» Iran» Iraq» Israel» Latin America» NATO» Public Diplomacy» Russia» Trade Policy» United Nations

Healthcare Medicaid» Medicare» State Initiatives» The Uninsured

Social Policy Abstinence» Marriage & the Family» Marriage Promotion» Religion & Civil Society» Same-Sex Marriage» Welfare Reform

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