Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Doing the Crimes that Americans Won't Do

Here is a sickening story about two Aliens that brutally raped and tortured a Texas girl last Thursday. With all of the news reports about the alleged rape in Iraq by an American soldier we haven't heard a word from the drive-by media about this. Even much of the conservative media has been silent.

"A Central Texas woman was recuperating at a Temple hospital after she reported
being run off a rural road, kidnapped and then raped and beaten by her
abductors, authorities said.
The suspects began following the woman
late Tuesday night as she left Mexia, about 40 miles east of Waco, where she was
visiting friends, authorities said. The suspects did not know the woman.
woman told investigators she was driving at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday on a state
highway toward her home in a Limestone County town when a car rammed her sport
utility vehicle and forced her off the road, Wilson said."

Only later do they inform us of the identity of these subhumans.

"The woman told investigators that the men forced her into their car, and
drove around rural county roads while they sexually assaulted, stabbed
and beat
her, Wilson said.
Martinez was being held in the Limestone
County Jail while
Hernandez was to be transferred to Limestone County from
McLennan County,
officials said. Wilson said both men are apparently in the
United States
illegally and will be held without bond on immigration
charges. Hernandez is
from Honduras, and Martinez is from Mexico, Wilson

We have all heard El Presidente and John McKennedy declare arrogantly how the illegals are doing the jobs that Americans won't do. But they fail to mention all of the violent crimes that they commit at a diproportionate rate. 29% of all federal prisons are full with aliens. 95% of the most wanted criminals in LA are aliens. There is a tremendous amount of "undocumented" rapists and pedaphiles amongst them.

This President is in clear violation of his constitutional duty to protect this country. Article IV, Section IV clearly states "and shall protect each state against invasion;.....and against domestic violence".

This is yet another example of how liberal policies of mercy to those that are undeserving of it wind up being cruel to those that are.

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