Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lincoln Chafee Pro Palestinian?

There is yet another reason to send Lincoln Chafee into retirement this year. In light of the recent attacks on Israel it is important to point out a little known fact about Senator Chafee. Aside from being the only Republican to oppose Bush's reelection, the Iraq war, and the nomination of Justice Alito, Chafee also holds the distinction of being the only Republican Senator who is pro Palestinian. The Providence Journal reported several months ago that Israel has become a divisive issue between the pro Palestinian Chafee and the ardently pro Israel challenger Steve Laffey. In regard to Chaffe they write:
"Chafee, chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the Middle East,
is among a handful of senators who often dissent from measures calling for
support of Israel and sanctions against its enemies. Supporters call Chafee a
courageous voice of independence from the pro-Israel lobby who is willing to
prod Israel to take difficult actions needed for peace."
Chafee has consistently criticized the President for declining to pressure Israel. He was also one of the only Senators to vote against the Syrian Accountability Act passed by Congress two years ago, and is the only Republican who has vocally opposed Israel's security fence (he opposes our fence too). Chafee voted against the nomination of John Bolton as UN Ambassador for this reason. He has recently denounced Steve Laffy's opposition to the "peace process" and Palestinian aid as an ideology of the religious right. Chafee believes that even after Israel's appallingly suicidal concessions in Lebanon and Gaza have turned out to be disaterous, they should still retreat from Judea and Samaria.
Chafee has justified his criticism of Laffy's position by issuing an unbelievably ignorant and dangerous statement. He asserted that "the whole premise of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is the West Bank and trading land for peace."
This is just another proof that not only is Chafee liberal for a Republican, his views are on par with those of the European radicals.


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