Thursday, July 27, 2006

Exclusive Coverage of Israel at War

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
- Another Israeli civilian kidnapped and murdered in Samaria
- Iran has resupplied Hizbollah with 3,000 more rockets through Syria
- Al Zawhiri came out with another tape referencing the Israel-Hizbollah/Hamas war
- Olmert's cabinet is opposed to a real ground war, but call up 3 more reserve divisions
-Over 100 rockets and mortars fired today, extensive damage and 70 injuries reported, Kiryat Shemona suffered the brunt of it
- Terrorist shot dead after opening fire on two policemen in Jerusalem

8:20 PM: Yesterday, we reported on the unbelievable hypocrisy of the Democrats claiming that Iraqi PM Maliki is anti Israel while they supported every anti Israel cause and figure including Arafat. Well, its important to point out that their all time hero Bill Clinton, slammed Israel's disproportionate response to terror. Do I need to say any more?

8:00 PM EST: Some good news: The IAF just destroyed the missile command center in Tyre that has been wreaking havoc on Haifa. The problem is that they have many more of them and are constantly being resupplied through Syria. Until Syria is given an ultimatum to stop their supplies, the rockets will continue.

Other good news is that Israel has ruled out allowing the UN to send troops to southern Lebanon. The problem is that NATO is almost as bad.

5:00 PM: More Israeli Arab treachery! The Mayor of Carmiel, which has been bombarded by rockets the las two weeks announced today that he has proof that local Arabs are informing Hizbollah where the rockets are landing. This is more proof that the Israeli Arabs are just as murderous as the Palestinian ones even as they benefit from the welfare of the State. They must be deported if Israel plans to survive as a country.

In other news, it has been confirmed that Hizbollah has fired mortars at Israeli border towns in addition to the rockets.

On the UN front: Here is a video of UN ambulances picking up terrorists in Gaza. Just one more examples of the fact that not only are they a bunch of appeasers but they are part of the terrorist problem itself.

4:40 PM EST: Big News: Terror Attack: Israeli security forces found a burnt body of an Israeli civilian in the trunk of a car near an Arab village in Samaria. They were acting on intelligence that an Israeli was apparently kidnapped and murdered. This is a growing trend in Israel today and it further shows a joint cooperation between Hizbollah and Palestinian terrorists.

In the north, Kiryat Shemona has been pounded with dozens of rockets today. There was tremendous damage incurred and a school was destroyed after sustaining a direct hit about an hour ago.

1:50 PM: Yet another potential suicide bomber was caught in Gaza. This is the fifth foiled attempt in the past two weeks. Also, an Arab terrorist opened fire at a Jerusalem checkpoint. Two police were wounded in the gunfight and the terrorist was killed. This just goes to show that Israel is under a constant threat from many directions.

1:10 PM EST: The intense barrage on Kiryat Shemona continues into the evening. Meanwhile WND is reporting that Iran has supplied Hizbollah with 3,000 more rockets which is more than the amount that they already fired. This is not a surprise, the only surprise today is Israel's lack of will to go after Syria who is helping Iran's resupply efforts.

12:30 PM: After rejecting the idea of a full scale invasion, Olmert's cabinet voted to call up an additional 3 reserve divisions to be prepared for a future battle. At least they agreed to do this much. Also, rockets continue to fall throughout the day resuting in several shrapnel injuries but no major casualties. Kiryat Shemona continues to receive a lot of damage from the impacting rockets.

10:20 AM EST: CBN is reporting that the IDF captured a treasure trove of intelligence in a bunker in Bint Jabel last night. They found many weapons and computer data that might be helpful towards defeating Hizbollah. They are also reporting that 6 Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen were killed there yesterday.

9:40 AM: A massive round of katyushas just struck Kiryat Shemona causing extensive damage. A factory was directly hit, sparking a large fire. Several people were lightly injured. 5 more were injured in attacks on Carmiel.

9:10 AM EST: Rockets are still raining on the Galilee with another reported injury. With this in mind, it has now been finalized by the cabinet not to call up more reserves and send in more fire power. They said no to the IDF commanders! The rockets are continuing to destroy a third of the country, displace their citizens, and disrupt their economy, but Olmert says no to the war! How are the rockets going to stop? They also declared that they have no intentions to deal with Syria even while they are resupplying Hizbollah with rockets! What does this tell Syria and Iran about Israel's will to fight? It tells them that they can rape their country with rockets, Iranian ground troops, kidnappings, and border raids, and Israel will not deal with them! Again, Olmert must go! Here is a roundup of comments by those that oppose Olmert's leftist stance.

8:20 AM: A Kuwaiti Newspaper is reporting that Nasarallah plans to secretly meet with Assad in Damascus. i would think and hope that if this were true the IDF would go after him and Assad.

8:00 AM EST: More rockets have struck the Galilee, damaging several home in Nahariya. There were no reported casualties. Meanwhile the IAF has destroyed two more rocket launchers. The unbelievable news of the morning is that the ultra leftist cabinet of Olmert has expressed it's opposition to a full ground war!! So basically they will continue to operate in southern Lebanon with few soldiers and little firepower, along with a half hearted, undefined mission. This will continue to lead to mass casualties and do absolutely nothing to end the siege of northern Israel. The right wing members of the Knesset need to come out of their slumber and start voicing their opposition to Olmert.
In other news, Al Quieda's 2nd in command, Al Zawhari has come out with another tape. He said the usual stuff while showing that he is up on the current events in Israel. He said that he realizes who is supplying Israel and they will be punished for it. The funny thing is that the British FM seemed to say similar things about America's shipment of arms to Israel.

6:00 AM EST: Inside Israel, the miracles continue. About 30 rockets were fired into the Galilee this morning but there were no serious injuries. There was some damage and fires that were blazing as a result of the impaction.
There has been nothing new on the ground after a quiet morning in southern Lebanon. Olmert is scheduled to meet with his security cabinet today to decide whether to expand the ground operation and call up more troops. I hope they finally realize that this is their only option at this point.

12:10 AM EST: There is some news on the diplomatic front. The UN, headed by the terrorist depicted above, has quickly drafted a resolution of condemnation of Israel's alleged deliberate strike on the UNIFIL post. Needless to say, John Bolton shot it down immediately. It is now clear that Hizbollah was firing out of the UN post and there is no doubt that they were helping Hizbollah. As always, there is a total media blackout on this issue. In other news, some British officials are complaining that the US is using their bases in the UK to send weapons to Israel. I'm wondering if they are concerned about all of the European weapons that have made their way to Syria over the years?
On the ground in Lebanon, many people are wondering how the terrorists managed to ambush the soldiers and inflict many casualties. Well, it now appears that the answer is the usual culprit of a war between the West and the Islamofacists. They hid fighters and weapons in a mosque along with several civilian houses that they were using as human shields. It is incontrovertibly clear at this point that the only way for them to root out the terrorists is to stop fighting a PC war and start bombing any and every last thing that shoots at them, regardless of where it is emanating from.
In other news regarding the battle in Bint Jabeal, several troops were injured while trying to rescue others, and the evacuation took more than six hours. Helicopter rescue pilots endured enemy fire, and several soldiers carried stretchers more than one mile because they were scared to land the Blackhawks to close to the battlefield for fear of enemy fire.

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