Sunday, September 19, 2010

The RINOs Declared War on us Long Ago, It's Time We Reciprocate

The liberal Republicans were never on our side, and the events of this year only prove the obvious.  They are not moderates.  These government statists are  literally Republicans in name only.  They fundamentally agree with the Democrats on almost every core issue.  These are not the people that we can have an inclusive tent with, or any tent for that matter.

I used to be one of those pundits who saw value in RINO's on a very limited basis, in a situation "where the conservative cannot win".  The circumstances surrounding Arlen Specter, Bob Bennett, Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum, Lisa Murkowski, and Mike Castle, in conjunction with the lessons of the failed Republican congress of the Bush era, teaches us that there is no use for RINO's in the party.  Quite the contrary, they are more destructive to our image, messaging, and long term goals than the Democrats.  They score more points for the other team than the Dems would dream of on their own.

Then we waste millions of dollars on their reelection so they can officially become Democrats or run on another ticket to ensure that the Democrat wins.  While conservatives always unite to reelect these bums in the general election, the RINO vermin refuse to support the conservatives.  They are not Republicans at all, they are leftist ruling class people who will not part with their power.  We must defeat every one of them.

In light of the recent historical failure of Republican congresses, we began questioning the purpose of garnering the majority if it will only serve to tarnish our values and set us back even further in advancing a conservative agenda.

Therefore, we must be prepared for the eventuality of the Republicans winning back one or both houses of congress.  In order to ensure that it will be a conservative congress we must start focusing on two things.  1.  Being that the 2010 primary season is over, we need to begin targeting the RINO's who are up during the next two election cycles.  2.  We must start campaigning for leadership positions and committee chairmen.

List of Republicans up in 2012/2014 that need to be targeted

  • Richard Lugar-2012
  • Pat Roberts- 2014- I hope he retires.  Obviously he is not that bad, but we can do better for Kansas.  Tihardt or Kris Kobach would be excellent choices. 
  • Mitch McConnell-2014
  • Olympia Snowe-2012
  • Susan Collins-2014
  • Thad Cochran-2014- We can do better than this big spender for a state like Mississippi
  • Lindsey Graham-2014- Big Time!
  • Lamar Alexander-2014
  • Bob Corker- 2012
  • Kay Baily Hutchison- 2012
  • Orin Hatch-2012
I could have put a few more names there, but there would be nobody left!

List of Committees that we need to watch for if Republicans win control of Senate

Appropriations- Thad Cochran
Armed Services- John McCain
Banking- Richard Shelby
Budget- Judd Gregg is currently Ranking member but is retiring.  It's a very mixed committee and we must make sure one of the good guys becomes chairman.
Commerce- Kay Bailey Hutchison
Energy- Erick has already called for Murkowski to be stripped of her Chair.
Finance- We can do better than Chuck Grassley
Foreign Relations- Dick Lugar- enough said
Homeland Security- Susan Collins- the chair should go to Coburn
Rules- Bennett- He will be gone.  This committee is full of jerks.  There is nobody good on it.
Small Business- Olympia Snowe- Vitter should get the chair

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Wil said...

To paraphrase, "... RINOs are worse for 'us' than 'Demoncrats'..." You are so darned right!! I have lost many "friends" pointing this out. But I have told them that I am OK without them if they cannot understand this. If we do not take back Congress until 4, 6, 8 years from now, because we do not have true conservatives running, that is fine with me! We need to take a longer view of what we want to leave our grandchildren. If the Republicans cannot understand this, then they do not deserve to control the reins of power. And I suggest we replace hollow phrases from Bill Buckley, an elitist of the first order, if ever there was one, with the words of Sir Ronald Reagan, who was anything but an elitist. May God bless him; I hope he is looking down on the conservatives and smiling in November 2010 and 2012.