Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Charlie Crist's Senator Helps Break Filibuster on Tarp Jr.

In light of the heated debate over voting for RINO's like Mike Castle, it is important to illustrate in real time why these frauds are more dangerous than the Democrats.  The RINO's score more points for the other side than the Democrats.

Florida (Crist appointed) Senator LeMiux joined Senator George Voinovich (Rino-OH) in voting for cloture on the latest unconstitutional bailout for Democrat special interest groups. (H.R. 5297)  Even Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins voted against cloture!  Yet, we are now about to pass another budget busting, economic retardation bill with the help of a Senator who was appointed by someone who should have never been governor.  The good news is that this charade is about to end.  Both Senators LeMiux and Voinovich will gone and replaced with Marco Rubio and Rob Portman in the 112th congress.  The problem is that time is running out for the extension of the tax cuts and Voinovich is now saying that he will vote against it.  I wonder how Charlie Crist's Rino will vote on the tax cuts?

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