Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Stunning Primary Night for Conservatives

Christine O'Donnell
Carl Paladino
Last night, conservative tea party candidates toppled RINO's or uninspiring establishment Republicans in almost every consequential race across several states.


Delaware will forever be known as the Waterloo of the RINO's.  Although we have been crushing them throughout the primary season, this is the most direct and dramatic defeat we have ever dealt them.  After Lisa Murkowski was defeated in Alaska, she called Mike Castle to warn him that Christine O'Donnell was a potential threat and that she needs to be eradicated.  Murkowski lamented the fact that she didn't run a vicious campaign to tear down Joe Miller, thus allowing him to eke out a razor thin victory in a low turnout primary.  Their rationale dictated that the only way for O'Donnell to pull off the same thing would be for her to slip through the back door in a low turnout environment.

So Castle proceeded to launch the most vicious campaign of the election season against O'Donnell.  Even more poignant was the fact that the state and national Republican Party tore into O'Donnell in a way that has never been done to a member of the same party.  They publicly declared her to be crazy and unelectable, while promising not to support her in the general election.  All this mudslinging had the effect of driving up turnout to almost 60,000 voters, twice the turnout of a typical GOP primary in Delaware.  The result:  O'Donnell won by a decisive 6% margin!  The lesson in this race in clear.  The issue at hand is not O'Donnell's personal flaws or electability.  We are sick and tired of the governing class of elitist statists in the Republican Party.  Delaware is the place were we decisively declared that we will win or die with conservatism.  We already have a Democrat Party.  We need a party for liberty and freedom, and that party will be the new GOP.

There are two more important points two consider:

1. It is often amusing to hear the Republicans argue about the vitality of garnering 51 seats.  For What?  For What, I ask?  These are the same people who do everything they can to give cover for all of the big government statism of the Democrats when congress is in session.  Yet, when it comes election time these people lecture us about the importance of having enough seats to defeat the Democrats!  For what purpose?  So that they can give more cover to the Democrats?  It is always entertaining to receive mailings from the RNC and NRSC decrying everything that the Democrats are doing to our country, even though they are complicit in those actions.  Do we really want to revert back to the early part of the decade when we had 55 Senators full of RINO's who let the Democrats control the agenda, yet let us recieve the blame for being responsible for those decisions?

The reality is that these RINO traitors want big government statists in power.  It's hilarious to watch them contrast O'Donnell and her "unelectable baggage" to the stellar background of some other tea party candidates like Joe Miller and Ken Buck.  They speak as if they supported these guys all along, and it's only O'Donnell who concerns them.  The truth is that these clowns opposed us at every turn, and we were only victorious despite their egregious efforts to sabotage conservative candidates.

2. Why is the big tent mentality always a one-way policy?  When RINO's win the primary, conservatives soldier on to coalesce around the Republican nominee in the general election.  That is exactly how people like Specter and Caste consistently won reelection.  I don't know about you, but I certainly don't see RINO's out in the trenches during campaign season.  Unfortunately, when conservatives win the primary, the RINO's do everything they can to undermine the nominee.  Castle joins Murkowski, Bill McCollum, and Wayne Gilchrest as the latest treasonous Republican.

-In other good news, tea party candidate Glen Urquhart upset social liberal Michelle Rollins for the Republican nomination to fill Delaware's at-large House seat.  Meanwhile, the conservative warriors at the NRCC might decide not to fund Urquhart.


Two staunch conservatives, Delegates J.B. Jennings and Chris Shank, won their respective primaries for state Senate.  Chris Shank is the conservative tea party Delegate who knocked off RINO, old bull Don Munson in Maryland's own epic "Toomey vs. Specter" battle.  This is a good first step in our goal to gain 5 seats in the state Senate so Bob Ehrlich would break Mike Miller's veto proof majority.

Voter Turnout:  Eventough Democrats outnumber Republicans 2.1 to 1, their turnout last night only exceeded that of the GOP by 1.6 to 1.


CD-10- Conservative state Rep. Jeff Perry crushed RINO state Senator Joe Malone 2-1 in the race to win the open seat being vacated by Democrat William Delahunt.  Perry ran a red meat campaign on illegal immigration.  He is now in a solid position to become the first Republican congressman from Mass. in over a decade.
New Hampshire

Kelly Ayotte won her Senatorial primary by a slim one point margin over tea party candidate Ovide Lamontagne.  Ovide was polling in third place for a while and he surged to almost a thousand votes of knocking off the party favorite.  It's important to note that Kelly Ayotte is no RINO.  She had the endorsement of Sarah Palin and will probably be a better conservative than retiring Senator Judd Gregg, who was offered the position of Sec. of Commerce by Obama.  While we would rather have had Ovide, nobody can compare Kelly Ayotte to Mike Castle.

Also, GOP turnout was more than twice as that of the Democrats even though the two parties are about equal in statewide party registration.

New York

Tea party candidate Carl Paladino absolutely crushed establishment candidate Rick Lazio, who has a track record of losing.  Paladino has shown that he has the fire in the belly (and the money) to go after Cuomo with bare knuckle tactics.

Voter Turnout:  Eventough Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1, their turnout last night only exceeded that of the GOP by 1.3 to 1.


In the purple state of Wisconsin, 614,000 Republicans turned out to vote in the Gubernatorial primary, while a mere 233,000 voted in the Democrat one!  That's a ration of 2.6 to 1.  We are now in strong position to win the Governors race, know off Feingold in the Senate, and pick up 2-3 House seats.

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