Friday, September 17, 2010

House Update: Castle Votes for Green Bailout

The first bill that passed the House since returning from summer fun was HR 4785, The Rural Energy Savings Program Act.  This bill ostensibly expands the fed's involvement in rationing our energy use by providing loans to those Democrat special interests who gave loans to consumers using "green energy" a.k.a. no energy.  This was the only major legislation passed before the House recessed for another week so they can spend some of that special interest money to campaign, so they can save their seat, so they can..... spend even more money!  Just another day in DC, another corporate cronyism piece of legislation.  6 Republicans joined almost every Democrat in passing the legislation.  Guess who one of the culprits was?  Mike Castle!  But don't worry, he had help from Bob Inglis (RINO-SC).  Presumably, once the RINOs are defeated, they work extra hard to stick it to us.  Just wait until the lame duck session begins!

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