Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rating that Ever Growing List of House Races

Here is a list of the 39 Democrat held seats that are the lowest hanging fruit.  If the Republicans are to take back the House, the pathway to victory would probably run through these districts first.  The amazing thing is that there are dozens of other relatively easy pickups beyond this list of 39.  This list doesn't even include many of the Democrats that are occupying deep red districts.  Some of them, like Boren in OK or Minnick in ID will be harder to knock off, but many of them are just behind those listed here.

 Ark-1 (open-Berry), Ark-2 (open-Snyder), AZ-1 (Kirkpatrick), AZ-5 (Mitchell), CO-4 (Markey), FL-2 (Boyd), FL-8 (Grayson), FL-24 (Kosmas), IL-11 (Halverson), IL-14 (Foster), IN-8 (Ellsworth), IN-9 (Hill), KS-3 (open Moore), LA-3 (open-Melancom), MD-1 (Kratovil), Mich-1 (open-Stupak), Mich-7 (Schauer), Mis-1 (Childers), ND-At-Large (Pomeroy), NH-1 (Shea-Porter),NH-2 (open-Hodes), NM-2 (Teague), NV-3 (Titus), NY-29 (open-Massa), OH-1 (Driehaus), OH-15 (Kilroy), OH-16 (Boccieri), PA-3 (Dahlkemper), PA-7(open-Sestak), PA-11 (Kanjorski), SC-5 (Spratt), SD-At-large (Sandlin), TN-6 (open-Gordon), TN-8 (open-Tanner), TX-17 (Edwards), VA-2 (Nye), VA-5 (Perriello), WA-3, Wis-7 (open-Obey)

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