Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Md-2: Donald Munson is a Leftist Coward

We previously reported on Maryland's own version of Toomey vs. Specter in the 2nd district Senate race between RINO Donald Munson and conservative Del. Christopher Shank. This race is our own local "hill to die on" for conservatives. If we are to have any chance of making Maryland a two party state, it is imperative that we replace Sen. Munson with Chris Shank. The more we observe the behavior of RINOs the more it is clear that not only do they vote with the statists, they also engage in political cowardice like their Democrat counterparts. This Senatorial race is one of the most hotly contested and momentous elections in western Maryland in many years. Yet, RINO Munson refuses to debate. Even more astounding than his rebuff of Shank's repeated calls to meet, is his elitist and condescending excuse.

Throughout this election, Shank has been calling on Munson to join him in articulating their views to the public. The Hagerstown Herald-Mail reports that on Tuesday, Shank dropped a letter at Munson's office requesting a debate. “The citizens of Washington County need to hear directly from both of us,” Shank wrote. According to the Herald-Mail, Munson gave the following reprehensible retort to Shank's offer:

“I never considered debating him because of his terrible, terrible record,” “I think the citizens clearly understand how bad his record is.”

Well, Mr. Munson if he is such a terrible legislator, then isn't it most prudent to expose him in a transparent public forum so everyone can see what you purport to know? I think the real answer is that you are a coward and are terrified that your "terrible, terrible" statist record will be exposed in front of the good conservative citizens of Washington County. These are stereotypical comments of a member of the governing class. Let's put a man from the citizen's class in the Senate and help Christopher Shank defeat this RINO on September 14th.

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