Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chris Shank will be the next State Senator in western Md, RINO's are Sore Losers

Conservative Maryland Delegate Chris Shank defeated super RINO Don Munson in the western Maryland battle for state Senate. 

But wait, RINO Don Munson is refusing to concede to Chris Shank, and is entertaining the possibility of running as a write-in candidate in November.  How reflective of the national RINOs!!  They are all cut from the same cowardly cloth of elitist government statism.  They simply cannot fathom the idea of being shut out of government.  Let's contrast these sore losers to conservative Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne who not only conceded to Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, he agreed to forgo a recount for the purpose of uniting the party!

Also, in Fredrick's district 3A, O'Malley appointed Delegate Charles Jenkins is refusing to support conservative Michael Hough who unseated him last night.  Maybe we should consider reciprocating the favor when they win primary elections?  Then again, the way things are changing within the Republican Party, it appears that we won't have to worry about such a dilemma in the near future.

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