Sunday, September 05, 2010

MD-2: Munson vs Shank Update

Over the past few weeks, the Hagerstown Herald-Mail has done an excellent job exposing state Senator Donald Munson's refusal to debate his conservative primary challenger Del. Christopher Shank.  As we reported earlier, this 2nd district senate race is shaping up to be an epic battle between a RINO and a tea party candidate.  Yet, RINO Munson thinks that there is no need for the public to hear from the candidates in a transparent setting.  Now, that very newspaper has endorsed non other than .... Donald Munson!

The Herald-Mail was so eager to endorse Munson that they broke with their tradition of not endorsing in primaries.  Their main rationale is that Munson gets along so nicely with the Democrats and is able to bring home more beacon to Washington county, while Shank actually battles the socialists in Annapolis and is therefore persona non grata with Mike Miller and the statist mafia.  Well, this might come as a surprise to those journalist elites, but we as conservatives, would rather have a man of the people fight against the governing class in Annapolis instead of being co-opted by it.  Also, they make no mention of Munson's arrogant rebuff of any opportunity to debate Shank.  This is not a general election.  It is a Republican primary to sort out who can best make this a two party state.  We need a choice; not an echo, and Christopher Shank is the man for the job.

It is extremely important to keep in mind the unusual context of the political dynamic surrounding this race.  Chris Shank is a young legislator, who rose to the rank of minority whip and had a bright future in the party.  He is risking his entire career to challenge this radical RINO dinosaur who has the backing of almost every party person in the state.  That takes a tremendous amount of fortitude and courage.  This is the type of courage that is lacking in today's political class.

In case there is any ambiguity in terms of which candidate deserves our support, let's compare their statements concerning the budget deficit.  During an interview with the two candidates, the Herald-Mail asked each one how they would close the budget gap.  Here is their exact responses:

Donald Munson

"The state’s budget gap was not created in one year and it will not end in one year. It will probably take 5 to 7 years to close it. Working in a nonpartisan way, the General Assembly must come up with a plan to close the gap and stick to the plan until the gap is gone. Slots revenues will help and so will the economy as it picks up. The state needs to take a leading roll in creating new jobs by aggressively pursuing new businesses to locate in Maryland and assisting existing businesses in expansion."
 Christopher Shank

"Maryland’s budget deficit needs to be dealt with once and for all and not be perpetuated by over-spending. In the 2010 Session I, along with my Republican colleagues, proposed a plan that would reduce state spending by curbing entitlements and waste, eliminate the budget deficits permanently, and allow for a repeal of the 07/08 tax increases. We proposed the elimination of nearly $830 million over the next fiscal year. This package included many tough choices, not unlike the choices Maryland’s families face when they decide how to spend their money in tight financial times."
The striking thing about Munson's statement is that there is no mention of cutting spending!  Keep in mind that the state of Maryland funds even more egregious, unconstitutional projects than the federal government, yet Munson is dead set against any cuts.  How about going after illegal immigration, which costs Maryland 1.72 billion annually, almost as much as the entire budget deficit?  Then again, Munson even voted against denying funding to Casa de Maryland.  If the editorial board of the Herald-Mail would only read their own news reports they wouldn't fall into the antiquated political trap of automatically endorsing the incumbent.


Coastersgr8stang said...

Delegate Shank is the only true conservative for this position. Don Munson has wore out his welcome and votes 52 percent of the time with the liberals in Annapolis. Thats horrid.

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