Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Castle is the Only Republican Senate Candidate Still Supporting Climate Fascism

I usually don't plug left wing websites, but this blog post from Think Progress is phenomenal.  It details the statements of all Republican Senate candidates as it relates to Anthropogenic Global Warming.  They note that all of the candidates are at least skeptical of AGW except..... you guessed it, Mike Castle.  Here is what Castle writes on his congressional website:

Believing that we must act now to mitigate the impact of global warming pollution, Rep. Castle supports U.S. participation in international agreements and a cap-and-trade program based on the best available science, which will deliver the kind of reform business and industry need to grow the economy, stabilize the climate, and create more diverse and secure sources of energy.  Since 2004, Rep. Castle has supported the Climate Stewardship Act.  Rep. Castle believes we can achieve 15-20% reductions in global warming pollution by 2020 and reductions on the order of 80% by 2050.
Christine O'Donnell signed the Contract from America which pledges to oppose any climate tax. The choice tomorrow is clear.


Roald A. said...

But there is one rather annoying problem with too many GOP'ers, that they take the easy approach and say cap & trade is prohibitively expensive. This only cedes the moral high ground to far left environmentalists who'd say the GOP is too cheap to rescue the planet.

Skeptic scientists and others are constantly showing the faults in the IPCC assessments, but the one barrier to the public hearing this is the mainstream media who simply repeat the idea that such people were bought off by big industries opposed to CO2 regulation, thus there is no need to listen to them.

What happens if this long-term accusation was never supportable in the first place? See this article, "Smearing Global Warming Skeptics" ( ), and the problem soon becomes apparent - those skeptics could have been whistle-blowers on the IPCC and Al Gore long ago.

The leadership issue for the GOP now is not about financial cost, but rather that the issue would have died ages ago if the mainstream media had done their job instead of mindlessly supporting environmentalist extremists.

blogagog said...

Bah. I think you're suffering from wishful thinking. The Broads of Maine will fall for pretty much anything that makes the federal government larger. Graham from SC will as well.