Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Obama's Moral Relativism is Immoral and Lethal

What do the murders of four Israelis and the deaths of 22 U.S. servicemen have in common?  They are both the result of Obama's immoral pandering to terrorists and islamofascists.

Last night Obama celebrated the victory in Iraq during a prime time televised address to the nation.  This was a victory that occured as a result of the new rules of engagement implemented by President Bush and General Petraeus during the "surge".  It was a policy that Obama vociferously opposed, yet has taken credit for its success.  Now, we are reaping the fruits of the "Obama surge" which sent our troops into a meat grinder, while tying their hands in a way that prevents them from killing terrorists.  This has resulted in a record number of deaths.  Whether we call them casualties of political correctness or fatalities of Islamic-pandering, they are a direct result of Obama's morally dyslexic priorities.

Yesterday, on cue from Obama's push for a Arab terror state in Israel, Hamas terrorists gunned down four Israelis near the city of Hebron.  In response, Obama said that both sides have "legitimate claims", and declared that the terror attack "is not going to stop us".  Think for a moment of the implications of this remark.  Obama will not let the killings prevent him from granting the killers more territory, weapons, and concessions from Israel, so they can kill more people.  Sadly, the terrorists followed Hussein's implicit advice and shot two more Israelis a few hours ago.

As bad as Obama's economic policies are, his foreign policy is even more nefarious and perverted.  If Republicans take back the House we need to implore them to hamstring Obama's Afghanistan and Mideast policies with the same vigor as they will apply to his economic policies.

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