Sunday, December 19, 2010

A U.S. Tourist Killed by Religion of Pieces in Israel

One tenet of the Bush Doctrine is that nations that fund terror should be held as accountable as the actual terrorists.  Well, based upon that judgment, we should be punishing ourselves for aiding the so called "Palestinians" with hundreds of millions of dollars, equipment, and military training.  These same peaceful loving recipients of U.S. aid, decided to brutally kill a random American tourist in Israel.  The NY Daily News has the scoop:

An American tourist was brutally stabbed to death in Israel as she hiked with a friend who says they were attacked by a pair of Arab men.
Israeli officials found the body of Christine Logan, a U.S. citizen whose age and hometown were not immediately released, Sunday morning outside of Jerusalem. She had been bound and stabbed multiple times.
Logan's friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, who hails from England but has lived in Israel for decades, was also bound and stabbed numerous times but managed to escape.
Wilson, 46, said the two men had attacked with murder in their eyes.
"They came to kill," she told Israeli news agency Ynet from her hospital bed.
She said they had been hiking in a mountainous area between the southern Jerusalem suburb of Tzur Hadassah and the nearby town of Beit Shemesh on Saturday when the men approached.
I would note that these mountains are not even in the area that the left and the media refer to as the "occupied West Bank".  The story continues:
"Two Arabs passed and asked, 'Do you have any water?'" she said. "I felt something was wrong. I turned to [Christine] in English and told her something doesn't feel right and that we should return to the path."
Wilson said she pulled out a small knife, but the men followed and quickly gained the upper hand.
"They came and attacked us. One of them pulled out a very long knife - like a bread knife with a sharpened edge," she said.
She said Logan immediately offered to hand over all their money and jewelry but the men seemed to have other intentions.
"They took everything. One of them took the Star of David necklace off my neck like a gentlemen, and then stabbed me 12 times," she said. "Nobody walks around with a knife like that for no reason."
Wilson said she played dead and when the men left, she bolted until she was able to find help.
A massive manhunt was launched, and Logan's body was found Sunday morning alongside a road. The killers were not found.

These are the people who receive more foreign aid per capita than anyone else in world history.  It will be interesting to see if the Republicans will keep their promise of restructuring foreign aid in the 112th session.  We should not be giving them anything.  Any weapons and munitions should be used on them, not given to them so they can murder Israelis and Americans.  The bottom line is that we should not be dolling out taxpayer cash to Islamofacists.  Any foreign aid should be expended only to fund those countries that serve our strategic interests (Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the new Honduran government, etc.).  This will be yet another test for the new Republican majority.

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