Monday, December 27, 2010

Political Zingers and Musings for the End of 2010

-  Senator Scott Brown famously declared his Massachusetts Senate seat to belong to the people and not the Kennedy family.  Yet, after voting with the Democrats on almost every fiscal, social, and defense issue, it appears that it is the Kennedy seat after all.

-Eight Republicans, including Senators Ensign and Burr supported the repeal of DADT.  Richard Burr attributed his support to the changing times, while many others in the GOP conceded that the change was inevitable.  Really?  The Democrats only had 58 votes and just a few days left until the end of the session.  Based upon the electoral dynamic of 2012 and 2014 the GOP is slated to easily win control of the Senate and hold it for quite a while.  The only thing inevitable was the capitulation of the RINOs.  Now, Joe Biden is saying that gay marriage is inevitable, as American values deteriorate rapidly.  Will Mr. Burr support gay marriage as well?  What about socialized health care?  What about liberalism and Marxism in general?  Hey, that's what the cool guys are experimenting with, and it's inevitable anyway.  Why not join them?

I've got news for you RINOs.  The Democrats are fighting vociferously to make their full agenda inevitable, and if we don't respond with comparable indomitability, it will indeed be inevitable.  If you can't handle the heat; get out of the political kitchen and let real fighters take your place.

 -  Speaking of wimpy Republicans, I think we can all agree that there is a problem with Senate Republicans when Lindsey Graham thinks that they capitulated too much during the lame session.  But fear not, Graham is doing his own capitulation.  Not to be outdone, Senator Graham is announcing a renewed push for cap and trade climate fascism during the next session.  I guess it is only a vice when the Republicans play second fiddle while backing left wing legislation.  There is no problem at all when they are the ones introducing the extreme agenda.

- The Republicans' behavior during the lame duck session, which followed their huge electoral victories, reminds me a lot of the Israelis.  They win huge victories in defensive wars, yet they are the ones who are immediately conceding territory again and again.

- The Democrats have imported millions of illegal aliens to undermine this nation and swell the ranks of the Democrat Party.  Well, for the time being, the strategy has backfired.  The illegals have augmented the population of the red states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.  Their unconstitutional inclusion in the census has given Republicans more electoral votes and congressional seats.  Unfortunately, the Democrats, like their Chinese counterparts, implement long term strategies.  They figure that the metastasizing illegal population will eventually overtake the red states and turn them deep blue.

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