Friday, December 31, 2010

Maryland Democrats Push In State Tuition for Illegals

As Maryland lawmakers prepare to begin the new legislative session in January, we must be vigilante of the impending assault on our state.  While other states will pass laws to crack down on illegal aliens, the Maryland General Asylum is already planning to give in-state tuition to illegals who graduated high school. State Senator Victor Ramirez (Marxist-Prince George's County) is  threatening to introduce such legislation at the beginning of the new session.

Victor Ramirez has served as the de facto ambassador for the criminal CASA de Maryland for eight years in the House, and will now have an opportunity to influence the immigration debate in the Senate.  Due to the efforts of Ramirez and his compatriots in the legislature, Maryland pays more per capita on illegal immigration than any state of comparable size.  Ramirez's bill would give illegal aliens a 67% discount on college tuition over out-of-state American citizens.

Conservatives throughout Maryland need to mobilize quickly to defeat this push for amnesty and handouts to illegals.  While most state legislatures swung heavily towards the GOP in November, Maryland's actually became more Democratic.  The Democrats picked up two seats in the Senate, giving them a 35-12 super majority.  Until now, Republicans were able to count on several moderate Democrats to block such legislation by joining a filibuster.  During the upcoming session, it would take seven Democrats to defy their party leadership in order to block this legislation.  Without a deluge of outside pressure, that is simply not going to happen.  And although the Republicans picked up seven seats in the House of Delegates, Democrats still enjoy an unstoppable 98-43 majority.  There is no doubt that Governor "new Americans" O' Malley would eagerly sign any pro-illegal alien bill that passes the legislature.

In addition to mobilizing local tea party groups to fight this proposal, we must push the new Republican House to enforce their budget power against states that aid illegal aliens.  They must immediately cut funding from states and jurisdictions that subvert federal law and encourage illegal aliens.  Also, they must pass a resolution clarifying the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 to explicitly deputize states to enforce immigration laws.  This will preempt any lawsuits from the Obama Justice Department against the many states that will follow Arizona's example of tough enforcement against illegal immigration.  Congress must reward those states that follow the law and punish those who implement a 'don't ask don't tell' policy towards illegals.  Then again, in Maryland, they can live openly as illegals and still receive more benefits than other legal Americans.

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