Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey EPA, Don't Mess with Texas

As Americans continue to shiver during this record cold December, the government continues to implement its regressive energy policies under the guise of global warming.  Over the past 40 years, the regressives have successfully blocked the construction of the most modern, clean, and efficient power plants and oil refineries in the world.  They have also mounted a full scale assault on coal and oil exploration.  In addition, the green energy subsidies and mandates, along with the regulations on fuel transportation and blends, has kept the price of energy near all time highs.  But, it appears that the Obama administration isn't satisfied with preventing the construction of new power plants and refineries.  The EPA is now ordering existing power plants and refineries in Texas to curb their carbon emissions.  The regressives obviously feel that the "little guy" isn't paying enough for his basic needs.

Here is the report from the Houston Chronicle:

The federal Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday effectively declared Texas unfit to regulate its own greenhouse gas emissions and took over carbon dioxide permitting of any new or expanding industrial facilities starting Jan. 2.
The EPA also set up a framework for regulating greenhouse gas emissions in seven other states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon and Wyoming. In addition, the agency set a timetable on establishing regulated levels of greenhouse gas emissions.
The action will give the EPA permitting authority over refineries, power plants and cement facilities in Texas, the agency said, but will not affect small pollution source facilities, such as restaurants and farms.

Luckily, they are picking on a state with a solid conservative Governor.  Here is Rick Perry's response:

Perry spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said the state's lawsuit against the EPA is continuing in an effort to prove the agency never was given authority by Congress to regulate greenhouse gases.
"The EPAs misguided plan paints a huge target on the backs of Texas agriculture and energy producers by implementing unnecessary, burdensome mandates on our state's energy sector, threatening hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs and imposing increased living costs on Texas families," Cesinger said.
She said the state's flexible air quality permitting system led to a 22 percent reduction in ozone and a 53 percent decrease in nitric oxide emissions since 2000.

While it is important that states take the initiative in the fight against unconstitutional administrative fiats, they need assistance from Congress.  When the Republican House majority is sworn in, they need to immediately curtail the EPA's illegal activities.  This is the time for Energy Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hasting to fulfill their campaign promise of reigning in the EPA.  Republicans have a golden opportunity to educate the American people on the regressiveness of the progressives, by illustrating how their anti-growth policies are destroying manufacturing jobs, while raising the cost of living on vital goods and services.  We will need our eventual presidential nominee to grab the mantel of true energy reform.  Until then, Texas will have to pave the way.  As the state with the most job creation, they have the right to declare, "don't mess with Texas".

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