Friday, December 17, 2010

A List of Red District Dems Who Voted for Social Engineering in the Military

There is a broad misconception among the election handicappers that the Republicans picked the electoral map clean.  The fact is that there is still room to grow, as there are blue dogs who were almost defeated and will be prime targets in 2012.  We need to start keeping a tally of these Pelosi lapdogs and publicize every instance in which they vote with the far left.  Let's start with their support for social engineering in the barracks during a time of war.  Here is a list of 14 Dems who reside in culturally conservative districts, and will stand for election in 2012, that voted for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (H.R. 2965).

Jason Altmire (PA-4)
John Barrow (GA-12)
Sanford Bishop (GA-2)
Leonard Boswell (IA-3)
Ben Chandler (KY-6)
Jim Cooper (TN-5)
Joe Donnelly (IN-2)
Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8)
Tim Holden (PA-17)
Larry Kissell (NC-8)
Bill Owens (NY-23)
Gary Peters (MI-9)
Heath Schuler (NC-11)
Chuck Yarmuth (KY-3)

Now, there are obviously many more blue dogs who supported this bill, but were defeated in November.  They figure that they can flip the birdie to their constituents one more time.  It is these 14 however, whom we must remind their constituents in 2012 that they are not the social conservatives that they profess to be.

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