Tuesday, December 14, 2010

John Thune Attacks Conservatives, Ignores Ethanol Support

Potential presidential candidate John Thune (R-Ethanol) lashed out at conservative critics of the Porkulus II (Obama tax deal) today.  Thune said on the Senate floor,"Inaction is not an option, and advocating against this proposal is no different than advocating for higher taxes.”

It's funny that Thune makes no mention of the ethanol subsidies that he so emphatically supports.  He has supported subsides, tariffs, and mandates that have driven up the costs of food and fuel on every American.  If this is not a tax, please explain to us what is. So, Mr. Thune, who is the one who is raising taxes after all?

Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) was on the Sean Hannity show last hour and expressed the same arrogance as Thune.  It is all about deal making and working with the political reality of Democrat control.  But here is the dirty little secret.  Even if these guys had 70 Senators, they would still support big government programs.  Thune and Hatch support ethanol subsidies even as a stand alone bill.  It has nothing to do with the tax deal.  They are always demanding that we support big government bills under the guise of it being "the best political option at the time".  Well, I'm waiting for a time in which the Republicans will finally stand on principle.

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