Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If Republicans Were Democrats

As an observer of the 2010 midterm elections and the subsequent lame duck session from beginning to end, I am absolutely dumbfounded.  After hearing the news about a plethora of Republicans who committed to pimping away our national security for Obama and Putin, I am flabbergasted.   It's as if the midterm elections never occurred.

The Democrats successfully strike out at our social values, military (DADT), national security (START), liberty (FDA takeover), and economic freedom (FDA takeover, green mandates) in a matter of just a few weeks following an electoral rout.  They come close to passing amnesty, even while our border agents are being killed and nobody demands action.  They also seek to control the internet by administrative fiat in an effort to circumvent the courts.  As gas soars beyond $3 a gallon, they destroy coal and oil exploration, while pushing "green measures" which destroy our economy and impoverish American consumers.  Worse yet, the Republicans help pass almost every one of those legislative calamities.  As a bonus, the margin of passage for all of these bills was achieved through the support of members who no longer belong in the Senate.  It appears that every retiring member is voting for START except for Sam Brownback. There comes a point in time when it's hard to comprehend why we should continue fighting.

To alleviate the agony of watching our nation bleed to death, I figured that I would allow myself the comic relief of dreaming about an alternative America.  The political dynamic in this American would be something like this.

The Republicans get crushed in an election as a repudiation of an overreaching conservative agenda.  They return to congress and extend the lame duck session for as long as they can.  During that session, every single Republican amalgamates to pass a Life Amendment, Marriage Amendment, drilling in ANWR, tort reform, private social security accounts,  a flat tax, an end to energy subsidies, a moratorium on immigration, and cut off all foreign aid to non friendly nations.  Oh, and 10-20 Democrats join every Republican in passing most of these bills.

Then again, in order to execute such an audacious agenda the Republicans would have to behave like Democrats for once.  Would that be such a bad thing?

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