Thursday, December 02, 2010

Six Republicans Sign Letter Demanding Ethanol Subsidy Extension

The ethanol mandates are one of the most regressive socialist interventions into the free market that have been peddled by the progressives. [Here is our editorial on the costs of ethanol]  Unfortunately, many Republicans, red state ones at that, are signing onto the extension of these backdoor taxes on food and fuel.  6 Republicans joined seven Democrats in penning a letter to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell demanding that the subsidies be renewed before the end of this congress. 

Here is a list of the Republicans who signed the letter together with their socialist compatriots.

Chuck Grassley
Kit Bond
Sam Brownback
John Thune
Mike Johanns
Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk is no surprise.  He has wasted no time in voting with the democrats on virtually every issue since the minute he took office.  The rest of these guys are from red states.  Did we gain anything from the midterm elections, or did it never take place?  Kit Bond and Sam Brownback are retiring and it remains to be seen if Moran and Blunt will be any better on this issue.  Chuck Grassley?  Well, he is .... Chuck Grassley after all.  Johanns and Thune are really upsetting.  Is this the best we can do from ruby red states?  John Thune should kiss his bid for the presidency goodbye.

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