Monday, December 06, 2010

Baltimore Crime Update: White Patrols Are Racist and Must be Disbanded

Anyone who is familiar with the sociological orientation of Baltimore City knows that there is a a very troubling cycle of violent crime throughout every corner of the city.  Due to the Soviet style one-party rule for so many years, Baltimore has become one of the most criminally oriented cities in the country.  The laws that were passed by the legislature over many decades make it extremely difficult to lock up repeat offenders so they cannot hurt others.  The juvenile laws are non existent.  There are thousands of outstanding warrants in the city that are not pursued by the state's attorney.  In addition, Maryland has some of the most morally perverse anti-self defense laws in the country.

Now, the liberal media and prominent "black leaders" (creations of the media) are calling for the disbandment of a local Jewish patrol called Shomrim.  They claim that a recent incident, in which a patrolman roughed up a 15 year old black juvenile delinquent, is proof that the local Jewish community is racist and a threat to "community relations."  Worse yet, the police have arrested the patrolman for first degree assault.  Here is the report from the extreme leftist Baltimore Scum.

"Black community and civil rights leaders are calling for a Jewish neighborhood patrol group to be disbanded pending an investigation after one of the patrol's members was charged this week with assaulting a black teenager walking through a Northwest Baltimore neighborhood.

Fearing racial unrest, Jewish and black leaders are planning to meet next week so members of their communities can discuss long-standing concerns. Both groups have lived in the neighborhood for decades, but they respectively claim the north and south quadrants of the Northern Parkway corridor.

The alleged assault by a member of the Shomrim neighborhood patrol is "a horrific situation, and quite frankly, this kind of activity has caused riots in other parts of the country," said the Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, a pastor working to organize the meeting. "What we need to do is fully explore this with the community and ease their fears, to ensure that this is not a culture."
It's interesting that nobody ever heard from these local Jeremiah Wrights at any point in the past 50 years when their "constituents" burglarized, mugged, robbed, and viciously assaulted those in the Northwest Jewish community in front of their own homes.  Instead they are worried about the local patrol apprehending criminals who wreak havoc on those victims.  Here is the Sun's version of the alleged assault (from the mouth of the juvenile delinquent):

"According to the police report, the boy, a student at nearby Northwestern High School, was walking about 12:45 p.m. when a car pulled up alongside him. When he asked why he was being followed, the driver of the vehicle, who police say was Werdesheim, reportedly said, "You're the guy from yesterday on Park Heights, you want some problems?"

The report says the boy picked up a stick to defend himself when two men got out of the car, then dropped the stick when they approached. He said he was knocked to the ground and held down as the men patted him down and went through his pockets.

Charging documents say Werdesheim told the teen, "You don't belong around here," and struck him in the head with a radio, causing cuts to his head. Court records say the boy also suffered a broken wrist.

The police report states that the men fled but that another Shomrim member arrived, helped the boy and talked with police.

The teen's mother said that the family would not comment until they retained an attorney."

Now, anyone who is familiar with that neighborhood knows that it is an upper-middle class white community that is predominantly Jewish.  According to other reports, the Shomrim received several complaints from local residents concerning someone who had been climbing up porches and attempting to enter homes.  They then found this juvenile who fit the description of the complaints, roaming around this neighborhood at 1 AM with a two by four.  Yet, the Sun reports the story as if a bunch of rugged Jewish thugs decided to pick on a meek little innocent black kid who was merely admiring the scenery.  Oh, and one more thing missing from this story.  WBAL TV reports that this same juvenile was arrested for auto theft in the same neighborhood just one month ago!

What's even more appalling here is that the only witnesses were the victim (burglar) and Shomrim patrolmen, yet the Sun takes the convicted larcenist's story and runs with it.  The local patrolman was an upstanding member of the community with a background in security and law enforcement.  

There are several things that are amazing about this story.  After following the style of reporting from the Sun's crime beat for many years, I get the impression that they believe that the Jew should always be victimized.  How dare they decide to defend their neighborhoods and prevent thugs from disrupting their family oriented communities.  Don't they know that it will cause the local blacks to cower in fear from those intimidating Joooos!

While the liberal media relishes over any story involving a white being changed for assaulting a black (even in self defense), they seemed to be fixated on any such story involving a Jew.  This was the leading story on the front page last Friday. Folks you can't make this stuff up.

It is also amazing how quickly the media is able to dredge up these no name black spokesmen to condemn the Jews.  I've lived in or near the city for many years and have never heard of the Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon or Marvin "Doc" Cheatham.  Do these guys have any knowledge of American history in which prominent Jewish lawyers were at the forefront of the civil rights movement?

The black Mayor also wasted no time in convicting the patrolmen in the media before the trial had been held.  A spokesman for criminal loving Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, "But this individual allegedly took the law into his own hands, "And she will not tolerate acts of vigilantism or other abuses."

So let's get this straight.  Members of the urban community will violently assault and ravage the few taxpaying and peaceful neighborhoods in the city and yet the police will not apprehend them, the state's attorney's will not prosecute them, and the legislators will release them.  Meanwhile, the people cannot defend themselves because Maryland violates the constitution and bans carrying concealed weapons.  And now, they are coming after the patrols as well.  I guess this is the price one has to pay for living in urban America.

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