Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6 Republicans Oppose Permanent Extension of Tax Cuts

Today, the Senate voted on the DeMint amendment to the tax deal (H.R. 4853).  This amendment would have extended all of the Bush tax forever and would have permanently eliminated the death tax.  The amendment was forced through a suspension motion which required 67 votes because Harry Reid has once again filled the amendment tree.  The motion only garnered 37 votes.  Ben Nelson was the only Democrat to support DeMint, but 6 Republicans opposed him:

Scott Brown
Susan Collins
Mark Kirk
Olympia Snowe
George Voinivich
Lisa Murkowski

Thank you Scott Brown for stabbing those who elected you in the back.  There is one thing to support this "compromise" on the premise that it is the best deal we could get.  However, now that they opposed a stand alone measure to permanently extend the tax cuts, their true colors are exposed.  These five Senators are nothing but socialist, class warriors.  With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Tom Coburn offered another amendment to pay for the unemployment welfare, but failed by a 47-52 vote.  Luckily, every Republican supported it along with Democrats; McCaskill, Bayh, Tester, Lincoln, and Hagan.  Noticeably missing from this list is Joe Manchin.  We knew all along that he would be a lap dog for Harry Reid.  So far, he hasn't disappointed.

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Van Halen said...

Brown seems to be playing this game of supporting every other big issue that comes along. A true fence-sitting RINO centrist. Worthless.