Thursday, December 09, 2010

The EPA's War on.....Bed Bugs!

Liberals always like to feign indignation towards government regulation of marriage by exclaiming that "the government should stay out of our bedrooms."  Well, it appears that the EPA is doing just that.  Accodring to The Hill, the EPA will be holding a summit next year to "help find solutions to the nation’s bed bug problem.”  They report:

At the Feb. 1-2 meeting, government officials will review the progress made by the Federal Bed Bug Workgroup, which includes representatives from the Department of Defense, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture. The EPA held the first bed bug summit last year.

The EPA said the summit’s agenda includes “identifying knowledge gaps and barriers to effective community-wide bed bug control, proposals for next steps in addressing knowledge gaps and eliminating barriers, and developing a framework for addressing the highest priority needs.”

Talk about the nanny state!  Well, Fred Upton, the incoming Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee is now provided with an opportunity to show that he is serious about reducing the mandate of the EPA.  He might want to start with cutting their budget for bed bug summits.

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