Monday, October 04, 2010

Md-Senate:The Washington Post and Their Fraudulent Poll

Anyone who didn't believe that last week's Washington Post poll showing O'Malley leading Ehrlich 52-41 was pulled out of a cereal box is sure to admit it now.  They are out with the second half of their new poll of the Senate race which shows Barbara Mikulski leading Republican Eric Wargotz 61-29!  That's a 32 point margin!  Now, I admit that Wargotz doesn't have much of a chance to defeat Mikulski, but does anyone really believe that she will do better in 2010 than most years?  The last Rasmussen poll had Mikulski leading by just 16 points.  Then again, what do we care if the liberal media convinces themselves that they are ahead.

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Michelle said...

Cool blog post: "Interesting but in stark contrast to Rasmussen Poll results and others which give Wargotz an 11 to 16 point trail behind Mikulski. Perhaps its the methodology the Wash Post uses. A methodology which has already raised controversy and debate regarding the assumptions it makes about election turnout. This very issue has been the subject of a number of very good articles and critiques particularly in reference to the identical issues regarding the very wide double digit gap reported by the Wash post for O'malley - Ehrlich race on last Tuesday.

If you take into consideration the same "subtraction and division" factors regarding the Wash Post assumptions on both races, then Ehrlich is trailing o'Malley by a few points as independent pollsters report and Wargotz trails Mikulski by only 11 to 16 also as independent pollsters show. Interesting indeed!"