Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NY-9 Bob Turner for Congress, Another Sleeper?

Over the past few weeks, we have tried to highlight some potential sleeper races.  (The full list can be found here)  In our continuing campaign to swing for the fences and leave nothing on the table we now move to New York's 9th district.  This district covers parts of southern Brooklyn and Queens, but it is surprisingly rated only D+5, the most favorable of any NYC district besides for Staten Island (NY-13).  NY-4, Carolyn McCarthy's seat is rated D+6 and is already on our radar.  You can donate to her opponenet, Fran Becker, here.

NY-9 has been misrepresented by Anthony Weiner since 1998.  Although this is a Democrat district, Weiner is much too radical for his constituents and is ripe for defeat.  Obama only won this district by 10%.  His opponent, Bob Turner, has raised $340,000 dollars.  That's more than some other challengers in sleeper districts.  There is no reason why Weiner should get a free ride.  Bob Turner is an Army veteran who has fought for this country.  Let's help Bob Turner fight for us again and send Anthony Weiner packing. 

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