Friday, October 08, 2010

The One Sided Debate Over the Weather

It's amazing how certain weather phenomenon seem to automatically "prove" Anthropogenic Global Warming, yet the counter-occurrence of those weather conditions are of no interests to the climate fascist lobby. Every year since the record hurricane season of 2005 the liberals have been predicting impending doom from the Atlantic hurricanes as a result of global warming (or climate change, as they now conveniently say). Max Mayfield, who was the director of the National Hurricane Center and is widely regarded as the hero of the 2005 season (for his accurate predictions), was forced to step down in 2006 after he expressed doubt about the permanent presence of active hurricane seasons. Well, as it turns out, the past five years have been uneventful, while several of them have been completely docile. After predicting dire devastation from this year's semi active season, there was virtually no major disruption as a result of hurricanes. So, does this prove global cooling?

Here is another case in point. When several major US cities set record high temperatures over the summer, the eco-socialists were out peddling their myth of global warming like never before. Now that Polish scientists are predicting the coldest winter in Europe in over one thousand years, nobody is talking about global cooling. Hey, if it is really true that industrialization permanently changes the weather, then they better start cranking out that productivity in Europe before the onset of the winter! Then again, they already shut down so much energy production due to global warming that when we experience a period of cooling, many who can't afford the high cost of eco-socialism will be left to shiver.

Update:  Drudge is now reporting an article that claims that California greenies lied about state pollution levels to pass their cap and trade laws.

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tom t said...

agw will indeed be a case of self-fulfilling prophecy... man will regulate fewer and fewer powerplants, more and more people will seek to heat their homes through other means, ie wood burning... cities will be stripped of their trees, temps there will rise and a whole lot of mayhem will ensue... spreading to the suburbs, destroying forests, increasing erosion, flooding, desertification of areas...
electricity has its environmental costs, but the benefits out weigh the disadvantages... God help us all.