Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obama and O'Malley are Hurting the Poor in Md by Shutting Down Nuclear Power

 Recently, there have been several pieces in the Baltimore Sun concerning the news that Constellation Energy is pulling out of their project to build a third nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliff's in Calvert County.  They currently have two reactors in this rural county on the west shore of the Chesapeake Bay, and have been trying to secure a permit and federal loan for the proposed third reactor since 2007.  The government originally promised Constellation a $7.6 billion loan, but Obama's anti-nuclear power, Nuclear Regulatory Agency is demanding an $880 million fee to proceed on the deal.  These federal loans are absolutely vital to any construction of nuclear facilities to shield the contractors from costly legal battles with the eco-socialists.  However, the demand by the Obama administration for an extra fee has put a halt to any plans to proceed with the project.  Even though Gov. Martin O'Malley supports Obama's no growth, regressive, anti-nuclear policies, the Baltimore Sun is portraying him as the savior of the project.  They report:

"O'Malley is one of several state and local officials who hope to keep the project alive and save thousands of jobs to build and operate the $9.6 billion reactor in Southern Maryland."

The problem is that O'Malley supports the administration's heavy handed energy policies as well as the environmentalists anti-energy growth lawsuits that have led to the collapse of this project.  In fact, it is the very environmental policies that he advocates (all to save the Chesapeake Bay, of course) that have prevented the construction of super modern and efficient nuclear power plants for over thirty years.  The clear indication that the left's war on oil and coal is really designed to cripple our economic growth, inhibit job creation, and regressively raise fuel costs on poor consumers, is the fact that they oppose nuclear power.  In addition to being efficient and cheap, nuclear power is also clean.  However, any astute political observer knows that their environmental policies are not designed to improve the air, they are orchestrated to retard economic growth, in the hopes of filling the vacuum with a socialist utopia.  There is no doubt that Obama and O'Malley will continue to pay lip service to popular nuclear projects.  It is their silent, but deadly energy policies that will kill any meaningful progress, as seen from the circumstances surrounding the Constellation deal.

Bob Ehrlich needs to make this an issue in the campaign.  He must link O'Malley's support for Cap n' Tax and other radical environmental policies to the job killing actions of the Obama administration in southern Maryland.  But don't tell any of this to the Baltimore Sun.  They believe that it is our failure to pass Cap n' Tax that has led to the collapse of the nuclear reactor project:

"But it's hard not to primarily blame the world's failure to do anything much about climate change. Last year's global summit in Copenhagen ended with little action on reducing growth in the carbon-dioxide emissions that are slowly cooking the Earth. A few months ago, Congress gave up on any effort to cap or tax carbon emissions, a measure that would have made (virtually) carbon-free nuclear energy an economic winner."

Wow!  If we would only tax productivity even more, then it will be worthwhile for Constellation to proceed with the construction of the nuclear reactor!  You can't make this stuff up folks.  Unfortunately, until we remove the disincentives that the Democrats have placed upon construction of nuclear sites, we will continue to needlessly pay exponentially more for food, gas, and home heating.  So much for looking out for the little guy, socialists.  Yet another example of the regressiveness of the progressives.

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