Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Liberal Polls?

Normally, when one wishes to alter reality, they do so in a way that won't obviously expose their charade.  However, when it comes to left wing media outlets conducting polls, they are so committed to electing Democrats that they don't care how ridiculously they are perceived.  There were two great examples over the weekend.

Maryland Gubernatorial Race

The Baltimore Sun published a poll that was posted on their front page showing Martin O'Malley leading Bob Ehrlich by 14 points!  Folks, you can't make this stuff up.  The Baltimore Sun has had a visceral hatred for Ehrlich for eight years and has done everything in their power to sabotage his campaign.  Now, they come out with a totally fabricated poll so they can provide O'Malley with some false momentum and dry up Ehrlich's fundraising base.  Gonzales Research, the only respected independent polling outfit in Maryland, had O'Malley leading by 5 during that same period.  The Sun provides no information about their sample other than this:

"The Sun's pollster, OpinionWorks, approximated the racial, gender, geographic, partisan and age breakdown of the state's voting population as a whole, based on turnout patterns averaged over the last four Maryland general elections. Results were weighted to reflect a higher-than-average Republican turnout this year, and slightly lower African American participation than in recent elections."

So let's get this straight.  In 2006, which was the worst year since Watergate for the GOP, Ehrlich lost by 6%, yet, in 2010, which is shaping up to be the best year since 1894, Ehrlich is losing by 14?  Not only that, but the extra enthusiasm for the GOP is already factored in?  I know that the Sun is written for those who can't do basic arithmetic, but do they really think that all of those types will vote?  Or maybe they are simpley factoring in the illegal alien vote. ("New Americans" as O"Malley says)

Newsweek Generic Ballot

Both Democrat and Republican pollster agree that Republicans lead Dems by 8-12 on the generic ballot question.  But wait, we got everything wrong.  There is a news publication that was bought for one dollar named Newsweek, and they say that it is actually the Democrats who lead by three.  What's even more amazing is that the Democrats lead by 10% in early voting and Obama has a 54% approval rating!  These leftist publications are truly pathetic.  Luckily, Newsweek and the Baltimore Sun are not subsidized by taxpayers and are struggling for readers.  Imagine if National Palestinian Radio was privatized?  Would they even be bought for a dollar?

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