Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are Democrats Pretending to Switch Parties?

Throughout this election season, Democrats across the country are employing all sorts of tactics to shed their D label.  Some call themselves "independent" on their websites, others bash Pelosi and Reid, and some like Joe Manchin would make you believe that they are Sharon Angle or Rand Paul.  Now, NRO's Battle '10 reports that Congressman Gary Peters (MI-9) erroneously tagged his congressional website with the R label.  Here is their report:

"Rep. Gary Peters (D?, MI-09) is facing a tough reelection this year after being swept into office in the Obama wave of ‘08. But to what length is he willing to go to save his seat?
A routine Google search for “Gary Peters” brings up a link to his Congressional web site, under which the tag line reads “Official web site for Representative Gary Peters (R – MI).”
When BATTLE ‘10 contacted Rep. Peters’ office, a spokeswoman said Peters is in fact a Democrat, that they had just learned of the error today and are working to correct it. Curious."

I find this to be mighty suspicious given the timing and the fact that I don't recall this sort of mistake occurring before.  Anyway, let's help his opponent, Rocky Raczkowski remind Peters who he works for and votes with.  In fact, being that he might get canned in just three weeks, it might be worthwhile to leave the R tag line on his website.

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