Thursday, October 14, 2010

Latest Polling Update

The liberal media is elated at the latest CNN/Time poll which shows Patty Murray leading Dino Rossi 51-43 in Washington.  But wait... before everyone gets all wee-weed up over the latest shocking poll, let's remember that this same polling outfit had Murray up 53-44 a month ago.  So there is basically nothing new.  CNN along with the Elway poll has consistently had Murray up by unrealistic margins that neither campaign believes.

Here is another crazy result from this poll.  While it shows Murray leading by 8 among likely voters, Murray is leading Rossi by just 4 among registered voters.  In the polling field, that is the equivalent of saying 4+4=6.

In other good polling news, Pat Toomey has grown his lead by 49-39% according to the latest Rasmussen poll out today.  Also, in Nevada, Angle has maintained her 48-46% lead in the latest LVRJ/Mason-Dixon poll.

PA looks to be in the bag.  The biggest races we need to focus on are Washington and Nevada.  Illinois is also just as close but the truth is I would much rather fight for Rossi and Angle over Mark Kirk.  He is the only Senate candidate who I am not sending any money.

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